The character Becky was not originally to be hearing-impaired, but after an outstanding audition, the role was given to Aryana Engineer.

While filming a fight scene with Milla Jovovich, a mishap occurred causing 16 actors to fall off a scaffolding and sent to the hospital. As a result, filming was shutdown for a few days and Jovovich visited some of the actors in the hospital out of respect.

Bingbing Li's entire dialogue was dubbed by Sally Cahill who voiced Ada Wong in the video games (Resident Evil 2 (1998), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009) and Resident Evil 4 (2005)).

(at around 52 mins) During the car chase with the Zombie Russian army the music playing is called 'Phantom Chase' by tomandandy. This references music from the original Resident Evil (1996) video game, particularly 'Second Floor Mansion'.

Michelle Rodriguez played a third character. Apart from her good and evil versions she also portrayed a zombie doppelganger. As Ada Wong explains Umbrella tests every clone in different levels of Biohazard. The scene was cut in the editing process along with many scenes in the suburban house with Alice and her family.

The idea of cloning the umbrella soldiers may have stemmed from a comment made in an audio commentary of the original Resident Evil (2002) film. Michelle Rodriguez said that Colin Salmon should be brought back in a sequel as a clone. Ultimately, this came true for Salmon as well as Rodriguez and Oded Fehr.

The first movie of the series not to feature the Cerberus AKA Undead Dogs.

The scene between Ada Wong and Alice in the underground office is a re-enactment of the scene in Resident Evil 4 (2005) where Leon S. Kennedy meets with Ada for the first time in the Salazar Family castle bedroom. Wong wears the exact same outfit in both the game and this movie. The film also includes Ada's climbing pistol and her interactive sunglasses from that game.

The voice over for the trailer of the film is Patrick Stewart.

This is the first time in Resident Evil history that Jill and Leon have ever met. Canon or otherwise.

Las Plagas is a parasite in the video games (first seen in Resident Evil 4 (2005)) that takes behavioral control of the host it infects. The infected humans do not become zombies and retain their normal appearance. However, its depiction in the film is different, since in the games it doesn't typically grant immunity to injuries. There is one exception though, a type of enemy called the Regenerador that has multiple parasites implanted; it can quickly heal and regenerate, but it looks only vaguely human in the games.

The original plan of Paul W.S. Anderson was to film this movie simultaneously with the upcoming sixth installment in the series, making essentially a two part finale. In the early stages of development Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller were slated to be included in the cast list. When the studio backed out of the concerted filming for two movies, Claire and Chris Redfield were scrapped from the production plans and the filmmakers made it clear that _Resident Evil Retribution_ would be a standalone film. The only carryover from the initial conception is the tagline which bills the 5th film as the beginning of the end.

In the scene that takes place in the Oval Office, the Great Seal of the United States on the ground is modified so that the eagle's head faces its left foot, which is holding 13 arrows (symbolizing war), as opposed to its normal pose where it faces its right foot holding an olive branch (symbolizing peace).

(at around 51 mins) In what may be an intended pun, a licker crashes into a liquor store in the Moscow simulation.

Although Carlos Olivera has a major role in the plot, Oded Fehr's name is curiously absent from the opening titles.

Jensen Ackles was considered for the role of Leon S. Kennedy, but the role later went to Johann Urb.

(at around 12 mins) Suburbia is actually Raccoon City as evidenced by a brief shot of a crashed helicopter. The helicopter belonged to the local news station.

Despite the fact that it is one of the first scenes in the film, Alice's fall in the water was one of the last sequences to be filmed. There was an extra shot of Jill Valentine and Umbrella soldiers pulling Alice out of the water which was cut in the editing process.

The idea of using environmental simulations references the 4th game based novel Resident Evil Underworld, where there were 4 environmental simulations; a forest, a desert, a mountain, and a city.

Every other Resident Evil film had a different composer for the soundtrack. This is however the first time that the music was written by the same people in two consecutive films. tomandandy (a duo of composers) scored Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) and returned to write the soundtrack for this film as well.

Unlike the films, Barry and Leon are not partners in crime. Barry and Leon have not appeared together in any canon-games. Barry is a very close friend to the Redfield family (Chris and Claire especially). He appears alongside Chris in Resident Evil (1996) and Claire in Baiohazâdo reberêshonzu 2 (2015). It is possible he knows Leon in the games through Claire (Claire and Leon both debut in Resident Evil 2 (1998)). Chris and Leon know each other through Claire Redfield, however they first appear together in Resident Evil 6 (2012) where the two already know each other.

There are 3 scenes from Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) that were reused in this movie: 1. J-pop girl attacking Japanese businessman 2. The scene showing A serum flowing through Alice's veins 3. The Ospreys approaching the Arcadia to attack.

Won the Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Visual Effects (2013)

Leon and Ada are the only Resident Evil couple to debut together and have their romance hinted in the films. Nearly all Resident Evil games features a heterosexual couple with romantic hints. Resident Evil Zero (2002) - Billy Cohen and Rebecca Chambers (neither have appeared in the films) Resident Evil (1996) - Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (both have appeared in the films, have not met until off screen at the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)) Resident Evil 2 (1998) - Leon S.Kenedy and Ada Wong Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) - none (Carlos Olivera hints an attraction to Jill Valentine, however in the films he is the love interest of Alice) Resident Evil: Code: Veronica (2000) - Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside (Steve does not appear in the films) Resident Evil 4 (2005) - Leon S.Kenedy and Ada Wong Resident Evil 5 (2009) - Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Excella Gionne, Josh Stone and Sheva Alomar (the latter three never appear in the films) Resident Evil 6 (Commercial) (2012) - Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin (neither appear in the films though Angela Ashford replaces the latter in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004))

Alice and Becky and especially the scene which Alice frees Becky from a cocoon was written as an obvious nod to Aliens (1986), mostly the characters of Ripley and Newt and the scene which Ripley frees Newt from a cocoon in the confrontation with the Alien Queen.

Is the only film in the series to feature characters Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, Ada Wong, and Becky. Except for the latter, all of these characters appeared in the video games. The name Becky could be a reference to Rebecca Chambers (nicknamed Becky by fans of the games), a character that featured in Resident Evil Zero (2002) and Resident Evil (2002) but never in any of the movies.

According to the script, the chronology of the film's events allegedly take place some weeks after the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010).

The only movie in the series thus far not to contain any flashback scenes.

Bad Rain makes herself unstoppable with the Las Plagas parasite, ironically she later dies at the hands of several Las Plagas Undead.

(at around 18 mins) Although not mentioned in the finished film the back-story reveals that the majority of the Umbrella soldiers are clones. This accounts for their vast numbers and explains their allegiance to Umbrella. The only time that this is hinted at is during the scene after the reboot in the facility systems. Jill Valentine is activated through the Red Queen and all the soldiers seem to wake up simultaneously.

The ending of the 4th film was shot on the exterior of a real abandoned ship. When it came time to film the opening sequence of this film however, the crew were surprised to discover that the ship had been back in use and therefore was no longer available. As a result the Arcadia battle was eventually filmed on a soundstage replica of the real ship.

According to the official novelization Alice intended to dock the Arcadia ship in the nearest island, Katalina. She believed it would be a safe place with few undead creatures. The trip was never realized because of the attack. The novelization clarifies that during the gunfire Alice lost the Redfields from her eyesight and never knew what happened to them.

The film would not reveal who was the instigator of the simulations and the imprisonment of Alice. Since Wesker is now a renegade agent, someone else had to be in charge of Umbrella. The Red Queen was finally chosen as the main antagonist in the final stages of scripting. This provides an explanation for both the governance of the Umbrella soldiers and the betrayal of Wesker.

The Executioner scene was not scripted to appear in the film. However it was added during filming.

(at around 37 mins) When Alice and Ada fight the two Executioners, one of them throws his axe and sticks it into a fuel truck. The label on the truck is "H. GORENSTEIN GASOLINE AND FUEL". Hartley Gorenstein is the production manager for this film.

There was footage filmed of a flash back scene with Luther West wandering in the streets of Los Angeles until a chopper picked him up. He was an eyewitness to the Arcadia battle and the capture of Alice. This was the incentive for Leon Kennedy to save Luther. The crucial information about the imprisonment of Alice helped West join the rescue team. The extra scenes of Luther in Los Angeles were removed from the final cut.

An early version of the script reveals that the entire elite Unit that infiltrated the Hive in the first film were clones. This explains more fluently the reappearance of Rain and One. Although this subplot was eliminated from the film there is still a hint. Ada Wong explains to Alice that Umbrella utilizes 50 basic models for the clones by simply changing their memories and their predicament. Alice herself is one of the 50 prototypes. This information actually foreshadows the revelations about Alice's past in the sixth film.

The Theatrical Cut implies that Alice has some vague memories of what happens to her clones. This is corroborated in the Extended Cut. This subplot is taken one step further and the telepathic link is revealed to be working in reverse as well. Subarban Alice seems to have imprinted memories of her prototype which come in the form of nightmares.

The demise of Rain was the fall in the icy water. It was Milla Jovovich's suggestion that the swimming zombies had to appear as well and it was added during production.

This is the second Resident Evil spin-off to feature Leon Scott Kennedy and Barry Burton working together in an "anti-umbrella" unit. The two also collaborated in the non-canon Resident Evil Gaiden (2001). Although, the story reveals that the Leon in that game was an impostor and the real Leon had died.

Kaplan and the female Medic (from the Hive infiltrating team) were originally scripted as Jill Valentine's squad members. The actors from the first Resident Evil film did not reprise their roles and the script was rewritten. When they finally secured Oded Fehr and Colin Salmon the additional troopers accompanying Evil Rain became Carlos and One respectively. Although it was not the original intention Oded Fehr was cast in the role of the Suburban husband as well.

The fake name of Alice's husband played by Oded Fehr, who also reprises his role of Carlos, is never revealed in the film. The script and the film's novelization however reveal his name supposed to be Todd.

Among the test floors appearing in the holographic maps (like Tokyo,Moscow etc) there is also one more entry in the facilities. It is Berlin which never appears in the film. There was a brief sequence in a simulated Berlin in some drafts of the script. The scene was set to take place immediately after Alice's escape from the cell and before the Tokyo revisiting sequence. It was eventually scrapped.