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  • The BTS short subject reveals that this ode to surfing was shot in a very cold season at Malibu, the cast complaining about the circumstances and the final result turning out to be limp tea.

    Unlike many other of his Sin City productions, Raven opted for an all-sex approach with this project, having the gals voice-over set-ups to the scenes, but dispensing with actual dialog, story or characterizations. Asia Carrera stars in the title role, but it is Finnish contract girl Karina who is featured on the video box and marketing.

    Karina is merely one of three blondes who play sort of groupies who hang out on the beach with wet-suited surfer Asia, humping the various surfer dudes and each other. Some moments of actual surfing interrupt the otherwise generic parade of girls in their bikinis or having outdoor sex.

    Asia's husband Bud Lee is along for the ride as the show's production manager, but he evidently had little input into the dreary final result, that clearly doesn't do justice to the beauty and talent of his superstar spouse.