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  • roelsemail25 August 2014
    This is a mockumentary
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film was just an abomination of information.

    I started watching this movie with the expectation of a good film about the African heritage. But this was NOT what I got. Rather, this movie is some militant, black power propaganda.

    The film maker does not know the difference between race and culture. The African continent, has a lot of different cultures. The cultures in the west of Africa are entirely different from the cultures in the East. But the film maker just grabs them all together and calls them 'black people'. He claims inventions and doesn't contribute them to the Nigerians, the Somalians or the Angolians. No, just black people seems to be enough.

    None of the claims in this movie are substantiated or backed up with sources. The film literally claims that the piano is invented by black people. While it's documented that the piano as we know it today, was invented in Italy... And that the piano has evolved from the Harpsichord. An instrument invented before the year 1400... I know instruments, so I know for certain that this claim of Hidden Colors is more then just ridiculous, it's outrageous!

    Furthermore, the film claims that the clock is invented by black people. Which is also an outrageous claim. Clocks were invented all over the world in the form of sundials, water clocks and candle clocks. The first mechanical clock is invented in China, around 800 AD. But the film maker just says: Nope, black people did it.

    To me, this shows the true goal of the film. It is not to inform or to educate. It is not to inspire or to entertain... It's to arouse the militants. I would call this film straight up propaganda.

    The high rating this movie gets on IMDb, is obvious but very undeserved. In my views, this film is a farce... A joke... Laughable... Don't watch it if you want to enjoy African cultures, don't watch it if you want to learn or to be entertained... But do watch it if you are a militant or sympathise with the Black Panther movement.
  • trevor-okafor27 January 2015
    False Information
    I heard so much about this documentary and finally got around to watching it a few months ago. I would have to stay I was quite disappointed. Im sure even tariq nasheed doesn't believe all the information he presented in the film. As being someone who is pro black and always seeking to learn more about my African history, I would have to say this is a big disgrace. It is a shame that so many blacks are watching this and believing it verbatim without doing any fact checking. It's as if what was presented was put together by a basement, weed head, conspiracy theorist. The only reason why I gave the film two stars is because I believe it discusses some current issues and address how us African people can overcome our oppressed history.

    We gotta do better!
  • Adia McKenzie18 November 2013
    Not Impressed
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know where to start with this "documentary". First, I think it covers WAY TOO MANY topics. The first hour is like a list of accomplishments being rattled off with no evidence to back them up. It claims that black people invented everything - clocks, pianos, classical music, wheels, algebra...At times, race and culture are spoken of as if they are the same thing.

    Most of the views expressed in this documentary are simple. They say Buddha was black because some ancient sculptures of him have a flat nose and African features. That's not enough to prove anything. They also say there's no such thing as Seminole Indians because they were really just Native Americans that ran away and the word Seminole means runaway. Um, could it be possible that the Seminole tribe was formed from Native Americans that broke away from other indigenous tribes? According to one "scholar" the modern system of education is feminine and therefore does not challenge men which is why so many black men drop out of school and why so many black women outnumber them in higher education. This is absurd! If this were true, every other race would have the same disparity in education by gender.

    Feminism is blamed for the deterioration of black relationships. On the surface this could seem true, but the way they explain it is non-sense. They present the theory that destroyed masculine principle is to be blamed for homosexuality and feminism in black men. Basically, black men feel like women get everything so the best thing they can do is act like a woman. So what explains every other race of homosexual and feminine men? This "scholar" seems to think that black men are somehow immune to the psychological and biological things that can trigger certain behaviors. Like, "We only behave like this because of what was done to us."

    From the very beginning I felt weird about Naseem Tariq. Watching him felt like I was watching a fraud, like he was forcing himself to speak properly. I paused it and Googled him. Sure enough, he's a fraud! This man runs an online talk show about pimping where he gives "mack lessons" and has veteran pimps give advice to young pimps on how to be smooth. Some sites even accuse him of promoting violence against women. REALLY? How is one to believe that he is genuinely concerned with promoting black history and finding solutions to the issues in the black community when he has a hand in the current destruction of black women?

    There's way too much I could say about this. A lot of black history is skewed and in comparison to every other race, blacks have been discriminated against and violated the most. We need a responsible, factual account of black and African history. This certainly isn't that. This comes off as a weak attempt to be "deep". I would like to see a documentary that simply tells a story and gives some little known facts on African history instead of an emotional attack on Europe and white America for the state current state of black America. Give us a past we can feel proud of and knowledge of what's happening now so we can be better equipped for the future, not more reasons to blame the white man.

    Booker T. Coleman is the only reason I gave this documentary more than one star. His parts made the most sense to me.
  • 2/10
    Really a Terrific Piece Of Fiction
    Warning: Spoilers
    My review is relatively short. I am a black woman who is descended from Ivy League educated people. Emerson and M.I.T I wanted this "Documentary" With no prior skepticism about it's subject matter. I own LOTS of documentaries and fount this one to be MOSTLY, a work of fiction. Black people have done much in the world. Black Americas as well as other blacks, But to make statements like the blacks being the progenitors of classical music or inventing the piano is like saying that Stradivarius was really descended from a black man!The things that the Europeans have done stand as their own, as should ours. Pumping false pride of fictional or UN-proved accomplishments to inflate black peoples ego is sad and pathetic! And to promote this as an educational experience is sad as well. JPC
  • James Dylan2 August 2013
    Is this movie a joke? I thought it was a mockumentary!
    I am interested in black history, so rented this "documentary" because I thought I might learn something. What happened was, it turned into a comedy! To sum up the entire film; Africans invented everything from the wheel to space travel, and white people (and the Catholic Church) have buried and suppressed all this to "keep the black people down".

    I had it on when some friends were over, and some of the statements are so absurd and ludicrous, we were laughing out loud.

    According to some of the "historians" in this film: The Buddha was African (because they interpret the statues with the thick lips and "nappy hair" as being so. Now THAT'S proof! Even though he is known to have been an Indian man named Siddhārtha Gautama, they don't talk about this.

    The Japanese are actually Africans who had sex with Korean people (because in ancient paintings, the figures are painted in dark pigments).

    The Africans are the basis for all Asian people and culture.

    On and on and on. We were all laughing out loud at this point.

    Basically, the film is nonsense and it's purpose seems to be to simply make people of African descent feel good about themselves as a race. This movie is so ridiculous that is seems like something produced by Saturday Night Live. Something from the movie "Undercover Brother", that Conspiracy Brother would watch.

    Anything European people have done is history was stolen from Africans, or Africans did it first. Greece, Rome, England, all that culture and discoveries.....stolen from the African.

    Forget that "myth" that Arabians invented Algebra. Nope. It was an African. (Algebra was invented by the Muslim mathematician Al-Khwarizmi in the book he wrote in 820. Algebra is the Arabic word (aljabr) for "equation". Some people say Babylonians invented it, too.) The production value is crap, some of the interviews are horribly recorded, you can hear the echo in the room they are in. Most of the people are smug and act like "How can you not know this? Are you stupid?" This page seems to be filled with paid reviews, or reviews written by friends or family members, and all of them should be reported to IMDb.
  • brooklyn718-31-61196818 April 2011
    The rawest documentary of the 21 Century....
    I attended the NYC Premier of Hidden Colors on April 17, 2011 and both the 7PM and 9PM shows sold out with LINES AROUND THE CORNER of East 12th St. and University Place. From Beginning to end this film breaks down the unjust 'burial' of the information that the people of the world have the God given right to know. Governments across the planet should be ashamed of themselves for their Totalitarian mindset. Thankfully, what wallows in the dark shall eventually come to light, and "Hidden Colors" is a shining beacon of enlightenment. If people of all races and ages saw this film, we wouldn't have as many folks out here walking around with a false sense of entitlement. Tariq Nasheed, you did again! Kudos to you Sir :-)
  • Jo Lee13 June 2013
    Thought provoking
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen reviews that absolutely praised this documentary and others that absolutely denounced it. My view is somewhere in the middle. I think itis an important work, it is an important discussion to have: the issue of race and how ingrained these twisted concepts of worth and entitlement are. However I agree with some of the reviews that the presentation of some of the perspectives lacked coherence or even empirical corroboration. Maybe the format did not allow for detailed proof of the claims but the absence hurts the film. I am an educated Black-Caribbean woman and I found this documentary to be thought provoking, inspiring and worth the time. I also experienced some emotions that gave me pause. When the presenters spoke of black people's impact on civilization, i experienced disbelief, incredulity, fear and then shame that history could make someone who should know better subconsciously accept mediocrity as a more comfortable alternative to excellence. There are remnants of the slavery and segregation eras that still mark us all and we need to confront these issues if we are to move forward as a people, but I have a problem with exchanging one idea of supremacy for another. Even if other people did it that way, we don't need to climb on another's back to elevate ourselves. We just need to understand our own worth. Watch the film, at the very least, it generates discussion and asks you to think of some of your preconceived notions.
  • saggittarius-a-star31 July 2013
    A movie made once again to divide blacks and whites by creating a group-identity-pride based purely on propaganda.
    This movie has a lot of false historical details due to oversimplified and superficial overlooks of facts (and often images and paintings). But what I find really ridiculous is that there is a global conspiracy to hide the fact that much of culture and civilization was invented by Africans. I can accept propaganda by politicians but not from the scientific method of antrophology and documented history. In fact a real egiptologyst from Oxford or Harvard will tell you that there is yet no proof about he fact that the pharaohs were either black or white although it is probable that at least the generation from Kush (the Nubian Pharaons) were black. The movie put a lot of stress about skin color as a proof of cultural identity. For example In the movie we see a statue of a Buddah that looks black and such should be enough to trace the roots of buddism in Africa. I let your self draw the conclusions about this childish method of scientific research. But more important: is this issue of the skin color really the way to find an identity as group? If you are African you are African regardless of your skin color. For example: do the new generations of white south-africans have to think themselves today as alien colonists? And if you are a black guy from a low class struggling against racism in United States, does it really help you to still fantasize about your identity by thinking yourself as being an African deeply inside?.
  • flynesspublishing18 April 2011
    Everyone needs to see this
    This film was phenomenal. Each of the scholars featured in the film brought in a breadth of knowledge and left me wanting more. The movie was informative, captivating, and intriguing. I learned more about African History during that film than in my entire schooling and I will be getting the DVD to show to my nieces, nephews, and cousins. It is a shame that films like this are not broadcast on major networks and public broadcasting stations. They owe it to their viewers to broadcast more films like this and keep it "real". There is so much misinformation out there and I'd like to applaud Tariq Nasheed, the producers, the scholars, and all who played a role in making this happen! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to see this.
  • douglaslewis77717 March 2013
    Actually very accurate documentary, which could upset some...
    I tried to research as many of the facts as I could. I researched almost everything I saw and could not find any problems with what was discussed. I challenge you to do the same. It's shocking, but a very accurate documentary. The problem with a movie like this is that it is so foreign to Americans of all cultures. It's foreign because in the US we are only taught mostly about European / American history which doesn't include much on any other races. We are not taught history in American schools in depth. American history is inherently limited in nature. I think we have to do a better job with this.

    If you actually take the time to research the information covered here, it is scarily accurate. One of the previous posters mentioned Queen Charlotte and was appalled at the fact that she cold be considered black. However, PBS did a special on her that proved this fact. Do your own research.

    I think that all "histories" should be taught so that we can understand everything about every race. Blacks in America, more than any other group of individuals have lost more history than just about any one because of slave trade. Blacks make up prisons, unemployment, and significant poverty. As humans, we need to understand what really happened. Thus, Blacks especially should watch this. In general, all people should watch this. It can be healing to individuals who were stripped of their culture to understand that there were some significant achievements by people that look like them. You do walk away asking yourself some interesting questions. It should be OK for anyone to achieve anything and get credit for it, regardless of color.

    I couldn't actually find anything I could say was untruthful or hateful in this movie. The problem that I believe people will have with this movie is the shock to find out so many places in history that were affected by Africans. I recently looked up a youtube video regarding Asians which mirrored the facts in the video.

    If you want to stifle racial tensions in America, a good place to start is by dealing with and correcting inconclusive historical data.
  • chicagodogrow21 May 2011
    Hidden Colors was a MUST SEE for all people, Globally
    This was an excellent film done by Tariq Nasheed Productions. With it, you get a really in-depth and vast overview of what peoples of Africa's contribution to the entire planet, which in large part today remains "Hidden." In this 2-hour documentary, we visit the Black/Moor history through the scope of these people's descendants - THEMSELVES. Being that this film was 100% financially backed by a contingent of "Male Blacks of Westernized cultures", we get to experience a rare perspective, sans any typical American/White-Superiority-complex "misinformation." The film is shot in High-Definition and the DVD looks great on your HDTV. The editing is very clean and precise, and the score throughout the entirety of the movie did not intrude upon the speaker's crisp audio. This is a movie you must buy, see, recommend, hold viewing-parties for, and just overall acknowledge that this film will change the way that "misinformation" is tolerated by society going forward.
  • Traepusher2318 April 2011
    Excellent Documentary, proud to help contribute!!
    I've learned many things from this documentary that school teachers don't even hint went on during the ancient times. Displays actual documents and pictures of African and/or Moorish influence. It also tackles on the problems that we face today as a people and how it came to be. This is definitely an experience ALL people of color should watch. And if there is any disbelief, the documentary opens up for people to seek these sources themselves and find out the truth!! A Must Have for every home! And avoid anyone who will try to tear down the image of the film, especially if that person does not give you a legitimate reason why they have disliked the movie. This documentary is intended to teach more importantly the younger generation of the history they do not or know very little about.
  • kantspel4 November 2012
    sheer lunacy
    Warning: Spoilers
    Did you know that Van Gogh was a plagiarist who copied west African art? Or that Moctezuma was a Malian prince who came to American in an enormous flotilla from west Africa?

    If you believe that as face value and want more, you may want to check out Hidden Colors. Between the simplifications, half truths and outright lies is a poorly produced "documentary" made up of a handful of interviews and an overbearing, unceasing soundtrack.

    It starts with defining "us" as all people of dark skin across the globe and "them" as white skinned people. If you can get beyond this gross simplification, you quickly run into a raft of conspiracy theories including:

    • Egyptology as a science was created and exists for the sole purpose of hiding the fact that the ancient Egyptians were black

    • gifted programs and the modern educational system are designed with a focus on stunting the development of young African American minds

    • all of the moors in Europe were black and Leonardo just ripped them off

    • the "white establishment" is in control of African American fashion and that baggy, low worn jeans are an attempt to feminize black men and stop them from breeding (no joke)

    The purpose of the film is ostensibly to inspire a sense of black pride and an ownership of history, but that shouldn't include inventing it wholesale or resorting to homophobia.

    This an embarrassing film, from form to content there is almost no reason to see it unless you thought zeitgeist was a monumental achievement in creative research that didn't push the envelope far enough.

    On the plus side, very few people will see this. If you're thinking about it, don't. Do something more worthwhile like reading a book, taking a nap or watching some paint dry.
  • stenino25 February 2013
    Horrible falsification of history
    This "documentary" is so ridiculously not in accordance with the historical facts and the reality and so outrageously racist that I did not know whether to laugh or to cry while I was watching it. I can't imagine who can watch and seriously like it. Don't waste your time on this falsification of history, spend these two hours on educating yourself about the World History from reputable sources. I don't even believe this documentary is worth a discussion, definitely nothing to discuss for 10 lines that are required on this page. I don't expect to change the opinion of those who loved the movie, but just want to suggest to those who have a doubt to search for true historical facts and seek education and information. Actually, there is one true fact in the documentary - we all originated from Africa! But.... Did not we know this already? Duh!
  • Terrek Whitaker8 March 2014
    All negative commentors
    Its nice to see all the agents of the system are still trying their hardest to discredit everything that is said about black history. The way you try so hard to debunk everything without any evidence to support your claims other than how funny it is. All you have to do is do a damn google search to find out if what these people are saying is true and as far as I've seen its 100%. Do your own research people. Agents love taking one negative comment others have said about someone and running with it. There is so much I want to touch on in this comment it burns me up. jdylan-1 "siddhartha gautama is an Indian man and he is real bhudda there's proof..." siddhartha gautama is just like white Jesus no evidence that he even existed. most of bhudda's ancient statues ARE COMPLETELY BLACK!!!! just do a damn google search.... Im gonna end here because I could go on and on about the deliberate propaganda these people are spreading simply do your own research... this whole movie i 100% true.
  • edu-stew21 February 2016
    Proves that fascism is not endemic solely to the white race
    Its hard not to draw parallels between this "documentary" and Nazi propagada that pushed the concept of white superiority on the weak minded of 1930s Germany, or the recruiting tactics of radical Islam. The only difference is "Hidden Colors" can be borrowed from your local library from the "history" section, whereas citizens of all skin tones would take to the streets if the film's message was reversed.

    If there is a conspiracy, it would be that the filmmakers are offering this fanatical take on human history to alienate the fair, intelligent, and open minded in order to make a mockery of, and ultimately, undermine real black progress.

    The fools interviewed for this movie only serve to demonstrate that lust for power and dominance is not exclusive to those with white skin.
  • mccrea1048522 September 2012
    Great Documentary
    This documentary is brilliant. With accredited scholars and factual information, this documentary has changed history class curriculum in many schools.This film show another side of the intellectual debate from critics that certain genetic traits are "superb". With ill repute from many critics. This documentary effectively disputes Hollywood illusions of centuries past. Let me help you understand that the marketing of this film was started at the grassroots level. I will not write a review that sounds discrediting searching for flaws. Because with this film you will find none. With well respected scholars from different fields of study, makes this documentary well rounded. A must watch
  • April Nowak28 April 2013
    Reply to bd74
    In response to bd74 from USA regarding Queen Charlotte, I suggest he or she watch PBS' well-researched documentary, 'The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families-Queen Charlotte.' Queen Charlotte was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House. Six different lines can be traced from the English Queen Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa, in a gene pool which because of royal inbreeding was already minuscule, thus explaining the Queen's unmistakable African appearance.

    "...the Royal Household itself, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, referred to both her Asian and African bloodlines in an apologia it published defending her position as head of the Commonwealth."

    Located on the PBS Frontline website.
  • bd7423 January 2013
    A preposterous and ridiculous documentary
    Warning: Spoilers
    Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this documentary is that the cast members claimed that several famous historical figures were black even though there is no actual proof that any of those figures were black. One of the examples given of a supposed "black" historical figure is Queen Charlotte of England (wife of King George III). First of all, she lived in the 1700s, and there was no photography at the time. The cast members claimed that because Charlotte's facial features in paintings make her appear to be part-black, she was therefore a "black woman". Mind you, not only did Charlotte have white skin, but she was also the daughter of a DUKE. She married a KING. What's the likelihood that a black or biracial woman was born into a European royal family and ended up marrying a king? And not just any king. The king of then-powerful England. To put things in perspective, Queen Victoria who was born in the following century married a man who just happened to be her first cousin. That's how royal marriages typically happened: royals married other members of royal houses, sometimes their own first cousins. It's completely ridiculous to think that a black person could somehow have sneaked their way into marrying into a royal house. Mind you, there's no actual proof that Charlotte was either black or biracial, yet this documentary runs off with the claim that she was. And that's just one example of some of the ludicrous claims made in this movie.

    Also, one of the cast members is Shahrazad Ali, who is a very controversial black author with an absurd black-centric mentality. I remember her from the late 80s and early 90s when she used to be an occasional guest on talk shows. Her presence in this film, along with the outrageous claims made in it, make this simply a preposterous documentary that only the idealistic and gullible would take seriously.
  • robert_nathan20016 January 2014
    to all negative reviewers
    Warning: Spoilers
    To all negative reviewers please cite a legitimate source that proves any of what they said in this film wrong. This was a great film that spoke the truth about African history. I hear a lot of people saying it's not right so please provide sources to disprove them. This is what happens when our true history is revealed. People scream lie yet no one provides real proof of that lie. It happens to Obama, it happened to Martin Luther King Jr. and it is happening now. I have told many of my friends about this movie and it is spreading like wild fire. I was actually fact checking a lot of this as i was watching and it is accurate. Especially the part about how Africans that come to this country now are told to keep away from African Americans born in America. They need to be told the truth about African Americans history from us(black people) just like should be told about African history from them.
  • Honey Love13 October 2016
    Always do you research
    I enjoy the receipt of information, but i also do my research. I feel like the film is a collection of theories & makes some really good reference points. I myself have long ago concluded some of the things stated such as "the agenda to dissolve the black family by ripping away the male figure, and making the female feel independent"... this was done in slavery, and still done today with the prison system.

    Drugs & Guns were brought into the black communities by Europeans to invoke self destruction.

    History has been dumbed down in the school system

    The System has created "legalized slavery".. not to help you prosper but to give you almost enough... to live.

    The credit system, FICO (which can not be clearly defined) is all a sham and secret society scored and based on race & sex.

    I could go on and on...
  • tim-845-8054515 November 2013
    Absolutely A Must See
    This documentary was an eye opener to how America is still trying to cover up all the wrong doings of their past, present and future. Anyone that says it is a joke is probably, well you already know. I guess when you are not creative enough to create on your own you have to steal ideas from others in order to feel important. Why is it so hard to believe that African Americans are responsible for so many of the great inventions and creations. Why is their so much hate when African Americans speak out about who we are. America will NEVER reach it's full potential until it truly starts respecting all races and have true justice for every living human being. We as a country could be leading in every area of technology. medicine, creativity you name it. that can't happen because it's too much hatred and racism. And yes It Still Exist. But wait until the tables turn, and yes they will turn. Or better yet wait until Corporate America get real greedy and wants even more...then they'll starts taking from their own. That's when reality will kick in.
  • rmcintosh-8647021 April 2015
    Very good documentary
    As a Black American I found this documentary to be extremely informative and entertaining. At first I was perplexed by the number of negative reviews on this site, then the obvious came to mind, and I knew who was leaving the negative reviews. Living in America it's virtually impossible to convince many Whites that there are severe flaws in their history and that much of what they speak of are total lies based on White supremacy. You can't win with people who are both narcissistic and racist, it's totally impossible. If what is spoken doesn't entail White folks be the smartest, greatest, best of anything, then they aren't trying to hear it. I don't have any hatred towards Whites whatsoever and don't support racial supremacy of any one, but I refuse to believe in totality what I was taught by White America. They control all the institutions and have always danced to their own tune, so what do you expect? Having someone Whites watch these documentary objectively without them getting upset is impossible. To all the White folks, lost Black folks, and others, that gave this documentary a negative vote, what is your basis, other than a bias opinion, that what was spoken in this film is false? Then again, never mind.I suggest to any Black American who is seeking truth to watch these documentaries and don't let these racist haters sway your perspective, because you can't win with them.
  • frankenkurtz-1256122 June 2017
    ridiculous, baffling and utterly breathtaking in its absolute stooopidity
    "Hidden Colors" is a shining beacon of enlightenment. - HEEHEEE ! i have a feeling that must be tariq rating his own movie .. as far as enlightening i think you'd be better elevated watching a dung beetle roll his little ball of poo backwards. an unbelievable amount of blustery hooplaw that is not only factually incorrect but painfully shallow and excruciatingly reaching, whats so sad about this doc other than it being the 4th installment which is the only real impressive feat presented is this doc is no more than an insane revisionist ego trip that attempts to assert that basically everything in the history of mankind was invented and done so by black people and done so - so utterly perfect .. this is one of those ridiculous fluff pieces where nifty little useless factoids are presented to make a certain demographic feel better about their selves and above all others . problem is the vast majority of claims are totally and catagorically incorrect and the ones that aren't are trivial and meaningless in this day and age concerning uplifting a certain community , trying to give some sort of legitimacy where there is none and arguing points that have no relevance in any ones life aside from an assertion for inctane " black people have been on the earth longer than the white man and white are direct descendants of black people there fore by that decree blacks are better than whites across the board , and lets not mention the creator of these docs believes his pigmentation is some sort of satellite beacon that has powers only his race is "privileged" to have making black people the most perfect beings in existence and inherently the supreme rightful owners of this world ... yet in reality their home countries are all horrid deathspots constantly in tribal religious and civil war , where an obscene amount of women are raped and treated like garbage , the governments are the most corrupt , preventable disease flourish , iq is insanely low , education is beyond a joke , infrastructure is made of mud and clay and because of this a narrative has been pushed that white people are the devil and the most racist to ever bleath ,, if any one believes that then they have no idea what they are talking about and should do something to learn real history
  • bigsteve-8434529 April 2018
    Interesting and thought provoking
    This was my first time watching and it makes a lot of sense to anyone with a sense of history and I'm glad to have another side of history instead of the bs that high schools teach kids today.
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