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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Quick Review of "Time": An indie motion picture called simply, "Time" was screened to the film makers and cast in Ambler today. A wonderfully shot and directed social drama about an everyman named Lenny who ends up in a medical clinic waiting room after a fall. The cast of characters range from a gay author, a church lady, a married couple, a soldier, a hipster art student, a roughneck bigot, and a goth girl. Set-up is much like a Rod Serling/ Playhouse 90 style teleplay from the 50's. As they speak, all of them are challenged from every topic of God, TV, homosexuality, Darwin, war, pizza, Jesus, Old and New Testament logic. You can predict the outcome but I still was totally engrossed with the subjects.

    Craig Nachsin wrote and produced this really good small film, with a nod to classics like "12 Angry Men" and "The Twilight Zone". At times the film is purely emotional, with an expert cast to pull off a very challenging script, I was truly moved to the end. Andy Laquintano is perfect as the lead, Lenny. He nails the role of a regular guy who has lost all faith in himself. Jerry Lyden as a wise and likable man of the world, steals the picture. The toughest role is given to Peter Patrikios as a soulful gay man with a saintly spirit. I found the movies revelation to be predictable, but I still kept thinking, "I can't wait to see what happens next". Bravo! — at The Ambler Theater.