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  • I was always into spy films and shows since I was a kid and this was by far the most emotional I've ever been watching one. One could really relate to the protagonist, Sira Quiroga. The plot was intense and hadn't moved too quickly, n'or too slow, however the episodes always ended at a cliffhanger which made the audience crave the next one hence how I finished the drama in 3 days. Overall, it's one of those shows, that impact your life in a way that you begin to see things differently. I think I cried during at least 3 episodes, as everything really connected with me. I, for one, also began respecting the motherly figure even more than I had before watching this show. This is a definite 10/10.
  • auntlordy-120 November 2015
    By far, one of the best I have ever seen! Couldn't stop watching just one episode. The acting is amazing, filled with a very talented cast. Filmed on location in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, this movie made you feel like you belonged there. I wish it never ended. Not only captivated with the story, but you are able to go back in time and relive some history you may not have known. The writing was phenomenal and special touches added by including real characters. Everyone involved in this production should be very proud. Adriana Ugarte is absolutely wonderful and makes this an exceptional adventure. Not to be missed! Thank you so much for bringing this to the USA.
  • Sonerila718 October 2015
    This is one of the best TV series I've ever seen. I watched this through Netflix streaming and got so hooked, I'd stay up late to see what was happening next. The main character is smart, courageous, resilient & gorgeous. She's a seamstress who creates stunning haute couture dresses along the lines of Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton. Her clients are some of the richest & most powerful of European society, so it makes it fun. The film is set in the late 30s & early 40s, so there are gloves, hats, coordinated bags & heels ... pure class & style all the way. But that's just the flash. The story itself starts out slowly, but develops, along with the characters, from a poor dressmaker's shop into intriguing emotionally charged war time espionage excitement, showcasing classic cars & incredible Moroccan & Spanish architecture & decor. The film is in Spanish, so if you don't speak it, you have to read the subtitles. The Spaniards speak very quickly, so I had to pause occasionally to read the full text. A fun fact: Because the main character, "Sira", is a dressmaker and the show was such a hit, sewing machine sales in Spain rose 197%! I'm going to pull out my own fabric stash & patterns & hit my machine. Only wish we still dressed that classy & could kick the Kardashians to the curb. What a refreshing turn that would be.
  • hclausen-237-55996512 February 2015
    It is everything one would hope for in a romantic period piece. Lovely scenery that is beautifully filmed. Lilting melodies on piano or with orchestra that remain in your head afterward. Fun scenes throughout, from the clubs, the cities, the country sides, to the costumes and cars of those times that are perfectly done. The actors all portraying their parts perfectly. I even learned things, such as the eating of the 12 grapes on New Years Eve in the main plaza in Madrid - which I looked up on my iPad without pausing the series on my TV. The story, as well, compelling, romantic, stressful at times as the main characters are always in some kind of danger. Perfect for delightfully and very satisfyingly filling a rainy day in bed with lots of sugary snack treats to indulge in.
  • kculp-129 December 2015
    We love this series (Spanish with English subtitles), superb acting and great location shots. The first few episodes are a little slow paced, but set in Spain during WWII. This is a gem, we are definitely hooked. A dressmaker rescues her mother from Madrid during the General Franco rise to power and relocates to Morocco. She develops a clientèle in her dress shop among the German officers and gains a valuable foothold in social circles associated with the women. While the allies battle for influence in Spain, they recruit her to do undercover work in an effort to keep the Nationalists from joining Hitler. She translates messages through Morse code in the way she stitches clothing, a rather clandestine plot ensues with a number of interesting twists. The series is ideal for learning a bit of history through fictional characters and the costumes and era social life are really quite captivating.
  • blanche-29 July 2016
    If you had created a series just for me, it would be "The Time in Between" -- 1930s, drama, fashion, suspense, and espionage - it had my name on it from the beginning.

    "The Time in Between" is carried on the beautiful shoulders of Adriana Ugarte, a young, natural beauty with dancing eyes and a warm smile, who plays the heroine, Sira, who lives with her mother in Madrid during the Civil War. Her mother is an excellent seamstress and teaches Sira her skills. Sira is engaged to a young man who wants her to buy a typewriter so that she can take some classes. On entering the shop, Sira's eyes and the eyes of the man (Rubén Cortada) behind the desk meet - he's a hunk - and it's over. When Sira takes off with him, her mother disowns her.

    After a great time nightclubbing in Morocco, the business project he was to invest in never materializes. One morning she wakes up and he's taken all of the jewels and money her father (whom she just met) had given her. Broke, she escapes from the hotel, finds herself in trouble with the law, and winds up in a low-class boarding house.

    When the owner of the house wrecks her dress, Sira fixes it. The owner sets her up in a shop, and soon, she is a star dressmaker for the elite. One of them is Rosalinda Fox (Hannah New), the lover of Biegeber, the High Commissioner of the Protectorate, with whom she forms an important friendship.

    The film then takes us on a wild ride that leads us to Nazis, espionage, and more love for Sira.

    The scenery, the atmosphere, the clothing - everything is perfect and eye-popping. I understand this series was so popular that sewing machine sales in Spain rose 197%! I can believe it.

    This is an absolute must-see. It's like potato chips - you can't watch just one episode.

    For trivia buffs, there actually was a Rosalinda Fox and Commissioner Juan Biegeber. After the war, Rosalinda headed to Guadarranque where she bought property to await Juan, who was under house arrest in Ronda. The two of them lived there together; Juan died in 1957, and Rosalinda died at the age of 96. Rosalinda's book is called "The Grass and the Asphalt."
  • Adriana Ugarte and the rest of the excellently selected cast grabs you from the first moment and holds on to your heartstrings till the very end. I commend the creators for giving us a story that keeps the viewer entranced without having to show explicit sex scenes or Uber realistic murders. Each episode ends in a cliff hanger that will leave you wanting more. My wife and I felt sad when it ended, but it was just the right amount of episodes to leave a lasting impression. Excellent show. Good on Netflix for bringing it to us.
  • I loved this drama. I watched "Palmeras en la nieve" and was impressed by Adriana Ugarte's acting, style and beauty. So I found this drama and she did impress here as well. I love how the Spanish excel in portraying different historic periods. This show was just as such, beautifully shot, great acting and story line. This is not only a love story, but a story of a woman's journey with suspense, history and heart.

    Highly recommend this.
  • Kudos to all involved for giving the viewer one of the best productions ever put on film!The thrilling storyline is based on a historic novel by Maria Duenas.Cinematography and settings in Madrid,Morroco and Lisbon are visually beautiful!The original soundtrack,by Cesar Benito,is totally spectacular! Production values are top notch...costumes,antique cars,interiors down to the smallest details.The cast is excellent, as the storyline moves to intruige,espionage,romance and cliff hangers!Adriana Ugarte,as a revelation,as her character continues to evolve.She graces the screen with a beauty and artistry reminiscent of the glamour of old Hollywood! The author has added several real-life historic characters to add validity to the plot.The series has justly received numerous accolades and awards in Spain for its excellence!
  • hopkinsrs16 April 2016
    My wife and I really enjoyed this series. The plot is engaging, and the acting is above average. Adriana Ugarte, who plays Sira/Arish, is particularly fun to watch. More than anything I enjoyed the look of the show -- the architecture (in Tangier and Tetouan Morrocco, Madrid, and Lisbon), the cars, and the clothes. I saw somewhere that the women in this show (the dressmaker and her clients) wore well over 1000 different outfits, each more elegant, in a 1940 sort of way, than the last. This isn't what I usually watch TV for, but the look of the show is over the top and it makes the whole series more fun to watch. Also, with the first half of the show set in the Tetouan, in the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco, during the Spanish Civil War, I had to brush up on some interesting history. I had imagined that Morocco was all under French control before the country resumed full independence in the 1950s, but a strip of northern Morocco was under Spanish administrative control from 1912 on. And of course Franco had started his rebellion against the Republic, and thus the civil war, by invading Spain from Morocco..
  • But this was so good!! Great acting, tasteful, sexy, suspensful, heartfelt, engaging, lots of clif hangers. Very elegant.
  • B248 November 2016
    Even if you knew little or nothing about the European presence over the years in Morocco, this series...basically a languid tearjerker...will fill in the blanks nicely. Call it a period chick flick if you will; it still carries a great deal of weight on its own as a very respectable drama, beautifully filmed on site in Tetuan. Carried along by a musical score at times obnoxiously repetitive and saccharin, the narrative is more or less easy to follow. Generally good subtitles in English help someone more attuned to Mexican dialect like me appreciate rapid fire Castillian voices. There are obvious holes in the plot, but they are few and far between. Melodrama makes its own rules.

    In short, this is worth the considerable time it takes to get through the whole series, which you will find easily on Netflix. History may be boring to some, but this kind of drama makes it more than palatable.

    And as for Morocco, we'll always have Tetuan.
  • Nice spy versus spy stuff. Fabulous period detail, and Jamila is amazing - the actress looks like a Modigliani portrait.

    Although the overall plot was good, I have problems with the premise that upper crust Spanish women, who were well known for their snobbery, would invite their dressmaker to anything. And managing to drive from Lisbon to Madrid without encountering any border formalities? Gimme a break.

    I was using the English subtitles as a backup for understanding the unfamiliar Spanish accents and noticed some glaring errors - they left out the "not" in one so the English had the reverse of what the Spanish actually said. In another, they used the wrong synonym and the farmer was talking about "camps" being fenced and not "fields". These are basic translation goofs and should have been caught.

    If the show makes anyone look up the ghastly history of the Spanish Civil War and the maneuvering between the Brits and the Germans in neutral Portugal and non-combatant Spain during WWII it's worth it.

    Rosalinda Fox deserves her own movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this series but unfortunately this it is not available with dutch subtitles.. can anybody tell me where and how i can get these? They sell this DVD online but just with Spanish or English subtitles, I hope somebody can help me.

    thank You!
  • Several years ago, I watched this on Netflix with English subtitles. Netflix took it off it's offerings. It's impossible to find anywhere now with English subtitles. It has everything, a great plot, compelling characters, glamour, mystery and suspense. If you are fluent in Spanish I highly recommend this film. It is exceptionally outstanding.