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  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is amazing to realize LeAnn Rimes is 30 in 2012. I have been aware of her for over half her life, she was already a #1 recording artist when she was 14 years old. Over the years she is one of the singers I really enjoy, such a rich and powerful voice. Like a young Patsy Cline.

    Well here she is in a made-for-TV movie, she is Holly Whitman , Chicago lawyer originally from a small community in Alabama. When her dad has an emergency admittance to the hospital she borrows her lawyer boyfriend's car (this becomes an essential part of the story) and drives nonstop to see her dad. Unfortunately something in small country road near home distracts her and she has a minor wreck, but enough that the fancy car needs body work and painting.

    As it turns out the guy in town who does superb body work and painting is Shawn Roberts as Jay. He is handsome and level-headed, and nothing that Holly expected to encounter here. He is not your usual grease monkey and eventually Jay begins to make Holly forget about her boyfriend in Chicago. But he does show up unannounced and that creates more story twists.

    It was fun seeing ancient Burt Reynolds, once a big "ladies man", playing Holly's old dad Wade Whitman . There is a running background story about a world-record bass in the local lake that Wade has been watching and coveting for years.

    This is not a great movie by any means, in fact it is just "pleasant". I enjoyed it for LeAnn Rimes. She doesn't sing at all, she apparently is trying to make it as an actress and does a credible job. I don't see her ever becoming a top box office star but from her performance here I'd say she can do well in a variety of roles.

    Filmed in Canada.
  • manitobaman8118 August 2014
    The real centerpiece of the film is its acting; three performances in particular stick out. It's fun seeing Burt Reynolds as a ladies' man, but This is not a great movie. LeAnn Rimes is trying to make it as an actress, and she can do well in a variety of roles. The cinematography is stark and bare, with only the soundtrack adding some effect. The only thing that keeps it afloat is the sensitivity of the bilaterally desperately needy relationship depicted. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn't think were totally needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Holly (LeAnn Rimes) is a Chicago lawyer with a lawyer boyfriend Carl (Jeff Roop). Carl is given a typical Hollywood shallow personality. When Holly's dad (Burt Reynolds) has a heart attack while fishing, Holly returns home to help out, although her presence is not overly appreciated. While in route she wreaks her boyfriend's car, something he seems to care about more than her.

    While in town in Alabama Holly meets her old girlfriend from high school (Mary Ashton) and the proverbial hunky nice guy mechanic who works on her car (Shawn Roberts). There is also a record sized bass in the lake Burt calls "Queen of Sheba" and has been trying to catch. Christian Potenza plays Everett, Burt's son who likes his drink.

    This isn't "Tamara Drewe" funny. The humor is light as is the drama. It is a simple non-offending story that we might expect Doris Day to play the lead, a chick flick that may be viewed as a light romantic comedy with a fishing theme in an attempt to get males to watch it too.

    PARENTAL GUIDE: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Some implied nudity in a hot tub (all shoulder up) and some PG sex references.