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  • This is comedy at its best: intelligent sense of humour, engaging plot, crispy dialogues and decent acting.

    I have to thank the 20,000 petitioners that tried to have this show banned. Otherwise I might have missed it.
  • 39 years ago I went to a SF convention in Birmingham, UK and, somehow, with a group of close friends, ended up having dinner with Neil Gaimen. During dinner he mentioned the new book he was writing with Terry Pratchett, called "Good Omens". He described it as "an apocalyptic story with comedic overtones". Several months later I was privileged to be at a small private reading of the book prior to its official release and ended up with a signed copy. I read it from cover to cover, many, many times and often wondered if a film would ever be made of it. I was worried that no-one would do it justice.

    Tonight, I have just watched all six episodes and all I can say is "Wow". To make this as a film would have been a colossal mistake. To make it as a six part series was the best decision ever made.

    The casting was inspirational. Adria Arjona as Anathema Device was brilliant. She matched the character perfectly. David Tenant and Michael Sheen as Crowley and Aziraphale were just inspirational and Jack Whitehall as Newton Pulsifer was brilliant. As for the rest of the cast, no-one could have done better.

    The direction was awesome, the camera work was amazing and I loved how the the book's footnotes were worked into the script (bit of a trademark of Mr Pratchett).

    Whether or not you will enjoy "Good Omens" depends on your sense of humour. If it leans towards slapstick or visual you may not. If it leans towards finding humour in dark situations you probably will. It also helps if you understand the trials and tribulations of driving on the M25, the London Orbital Motorway.

    I will ask only one thing: Please, please, please, don't let anyone attempt to do a sequel.
  • I had the luck to read the book only about a month ago, so I was truly prepared to be disappointed by the series. After all, doesn't everyone always say, "but the book is SO much better!"? Now, after seeing Good Omens put to life, I can say, watch and see Gaiman and Pratchett's words put to brilliant scene and life. Every actor, from Sheen to Tennant and on down are at the top of their game, and every scene and line is done to perfection. Wit, humor, sarcasm, wisdom, love and acceptance all run through these six episodes. Please watch this. It is a masterpiece.
  • I LOVED it!!! I read the book, Good Omens, when I was teenager (I'm now 35.) I remember thoroughly enjoying the book when I was younger, but I read so often then that a lot of stories ran together. Terry Pratchet has always been a favorite of mine, as well as Douglas Adams. You definitely get that "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" feeling in the narration of this series, for those unfamiliar with Pratchet's quirky humor style.

    This adaption was BRILLIANTLY done! It's been 20 years since I read this book, and it was like watching the story come alive on screen. A very faithful adaption versus a tale that was just inspired by the source material.

    The acting was amazing! David Tennant never disappoints! All the actors did well at bringing their characters to life. Sometimes this type of humor can be hard to pull off on screen (seems to translate, imo, better in writing), but it was handled flawlessly!

    It's hard for me to say how those who are unfamiliar with the source material would take this series. I think it would be quite enjoyable with a fresh style of humor that's only done well occasionally. I recommend giving this series a go for sure!
  • Enjoyable, funny and exactly how I imagine Neil Gaiman's writing to look. Can lag a bit but the two leads make it very enjoyable watching.
  • So good, that it amazes me to find any negative comments or reviews at all. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea (what is?), to think some actually found something negative to critique or give a bad rating to, is baffling.

    The acting is top-notch, the story is fantastic, the writing superb, the delivery mostly quirky and fun, so in a time where other television series run together and merge and meld in their unoriginality, to give this fun, very intelligently done series anything less than a nine, would be a sin.
  • Good Omens is beautifully adapted from Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's classic fantasy novel. The cast is perfection, starting with the leads: Michael Sheen as the angel and David Tennant as the demon. They are the quintessential odd couple who find they have rather more in common than not as they try to save the world from the Apocalypse. All the supporting cast is brilliant, particularly Jon Hamm. Witty, silly, mischievous, absurd, and wise, the pacing is brisk, the plots intertwine, the climax comes, all is resolved, and you are left wanting more because you are sorry to say goodbye to these delightful characters and the crazy genius world created by the wonderful authors. Enjoy!
  • parkdobson31 May 2019
    Obviously I'm a a fan from the book or this wouldn't be posted already.

    You can read or watch A Series of Unfortunate Events, or any of the other absurdist series out there. Nothing will touch Sir Terry and Neil Gaimen's ability to ground it in reality so firmly it leaves it a bit like visiting an amusement park. Clearly something amazing will happen, you just have to let go and enjoy the little things.

    There are SO many little things...
  • Good job guys got the perfect balance of thrill and comedy combined
  • Very different series about what it means to be human. Even for angels and demons stuck on the earthly plane. Very Gilliam-esque and very much a Pratchett story brought to glorious life.

    I almost felt shades of Douglas Adams in this Six part series that has ONLY left me wanting more. Very strong 9 out of Ten. Brilliantly acted, scripted and filmed. Clever clever series nicely produced and packaged. David Tennnant and Michael Sheen were both particularly brilliant in their respective roles. Loved it.
  • After waiting eight months for this show to come out I can say that the wait was definitely worth it. The chemistry between the two main characters and actors is beautiful. Someone give this show a bafta already
  • Just a decent show for me as someone who didn't read the book. I absolutely loved Crowley and Aziraphale and their relationship. I also quite liked all the other demons and angels. However I didn't like basically every other character and plot point. I found the antichrist himself super boring and his whole plot felt lame. Maybe I'm too tired of annoying chosen one kids saving the world, especially when the acting is nothing impressive and the shows idea of an interesting kid character is to have a kid ranting about the "patriarchy", ugh. Anathema and her boyfriend, don't even remember his name, also just felt pretty meh.

    Every scene without the main duo just made me want them back on the screen asap. Basically, I would have enjoyed the show a lot more if the whole series was just what that first half of episode 3 was (flashback). I just wanted to see Crowley and Aziraphale being unlikely best bros for life and getting up to all sorts of hijinks together throughout history while trying to avoid the wrath of the angels and demons. 6/10 for me. Glad others enjoyed it more though.
  • So, I've read Good Omens at least 10 times over my lifetime, and I can honestly say that this mini series does the book justice. The casting is just amazing, David Tennant and Michael Sheen are both brilliant, Adria Arjona was inspired casting for Anathema Device. Sergeant Shadwell was just as I imagined him. Really loved every minute of it, I was only sad that it ended.

    It really does capture the spirit of the book. it's not often that an adaptation is this faithful to the source material, but this was really spot on.

    Honestly I could watch Crowley and Aziraphale for another hundred hours. Just some fantastic moments between the two of them.
  • If you're looking for a something new and witty, you've found it! Brilliant writing, tounge in cheek humor, and great acting. The show is self-aware enough to balance out its dark undertones in the script with light-hearted humor. If you were to combine the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with C.S. Lewis's "Screwtape Letters", you would get this show. My new favorite
  • Just finished all the episodes and I have to say that as a Christian and Conservative I really liked the show. I was worried at first because the typical formula for Hollywood is don't offend anyone unless they are Christians or Conservatives...then you can have a field day and offend them all you want. But this show did not adhere to that Hollywood standard. There were even some made up Biblical twists that I found funny, interesting and thought provoking.

    Michael Sheen and David Tennant are awesome actors by themselves but together they were perfect. They seemed to complement each other with their acting throughout the movie. They could not have picked two more perfect people IMHO.

    The writing is superb. Not much needs to be said about the writing because when you have Neil Gaiman attached as the screenplay writer, not much can go wrong and nothing did.

    I think the only question I would have after watching this show would be for Neil Gaiman and that would be "How many nipples do you have Mr. Gaiman?".

    I was impressed with pretty much everything about this show. This is definitely something you will be glad you saw. No regrets here!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The style of this show is absolutely brilliant. But what truly makes this show stand out is the purest love story between an unlikely pair of friends. An angel and a demon, supposedly archenemies of each other, became best friends between heaven and hell. It invokes the classical love story of Romeo and Juliet, except this show is a comedy.

    The dual protagonists of this show do not display an ostensibly "romantic" element in their relationship, but the bond between the two can be described by no other words except "love". On the other hand, one cannot consider this as "Queer-baiting", since there is nothing queer about it. There is zero sexual undertone. It's just two living entities caring for each other for millennia.

    All the supporting characters in the show are also fantastically hilarious, making this show one of the best comedies out there. The child acting in the show is mostly OK. The Antichrist kid's acting is a bit bland, but perfectly acceptable.

    The only tiny issue this show has is the poor VFX. Probably because of a limited budget, the show's visual effects are not so good. In fact, many of the VFX shots are cartoonish and seem to resemble the wildly ridiculous visual effects in the early 90s . But again this minor issue does impede the overall enjoyment of this otherwise flawless show.
  • First of all the show looks polished, Great effects and good story. Only just finished the first episode and I'm hooked, don't want to spoil it with detail but I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving it a go 👊
  • 10/10 The first episode: I started to look with a skeptical eye and then Boom blossomed a love after the 15-th minute! We all know that good and evil or apocalypse are topics that have been seen and reviewed at least one million times and it is very easy to become repetitive and banal BUT NOT THIS TIME! So, the intrigue for the start of apocalypse is good and denote a huge similitude with Adams Douglas stile (in a very good manner), the evolution of the sequence of events is fluid and engaging and when it's come to the end ... you just think "I, hope that there is a secon part!" :) 10/10 for the Writing 10/10 for the Cast 10/10 for a brilliant humor!
  • Firstly, the casting for this was nailed. Excellent story line that keeps you interested the entire time. I haven't seen a scene that I would have taken out. Fantastic series.
  • I've been a fan of Neil Gaiman's since high school, and I can honestly say Good Omens was one of my favorites. Not only did it introduce me to the wonderful writing of Terry Pratchett, but it was such an entertaining read I couldn't put it down.

    This series was a better interpretation that I was expecting. It felt like reading the book again- including the little Easter eggs that refer to the footnotes in the book.

    This is perfect. Terry Pratchett would approve. Thank you Neil for doing him and yourself justice.
  • I had read Good Omens when I was only eleven years old, I always wanted them to do either a movie or a TV show but as any fan of any other book, I was somewhat afraid of how they would change the story for screen. Come the year 2015 and Sir Terry Pratchett passed away and I was devastated, I once again began to think about the idea of a Good Omens adaptation and I had the concern that it would never happen because he wouldn't be there to see it done and done right. And then in 2017 I heard that Neil Gaiman would be moving forward with an adaptation. Of course I was excited about the news, but when I saw pictures of the cast I was a little apprehensive, mostly with Michael Sheen, I just wasn't sure how to feel. But I decided to wait for the release of a trailer before being unhappy about it. And when the trailer was released I watched it with my sister's. I should add that one of my sister's had just finished reading it on Christmas eve of 2018. So when I watched the trailer with them I cried, we both cried. It just looked so perfect and almost too perfect at the same time. But once again we would have to wait for the release of the show. It took a bit for us to actually get around to watching it, but we just wanted to make sure that we all watched it together. It was written so perfectly. I teared up almost everytime I recognized direct dialogue from the book, I won't add any spoilers but I feel like if you've read the book, you should know that Neil Gaiman decided to change the ending and before you think anything about what I just said, listen to me and trust Neil and trust everything he does. I know that I do. The writing, the directing and the actors are absolutely amazing. You can see every ounce of hard work that they all put into it. I would also like to apologize to Michael Sheen, I should not have ever doubted his performance. So please, If you loved Good Omens as a book You will definitely love it as a show.

    Thank you so much for everything Neil Gaiman, and wherever you are Sir Terry Pratchett, I thank you.
  • Spectacular. I need more. Now. Not later. Now. Give it to me.

    Your pal, Probably the A-C
  • If you have ever read Good Omens then you probably know that this is exactly how this show should look like!!!! It is perfect!!!!
  • meandmypjs8623 June 2019
    It had a very "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" vibe and was enjoyable to watch. Loved the Doctor Who Easter eggs as well. Definitely recommend watching!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the episodes; the English possess a unique Mastery of dry subtle humor, and this is a perfect example of that trait.. All you have to do is remember The Benny Hill show, and you'll know what I mean...

    The subject of this excursion into irreverency is the continuous struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, Armageddon and Heaven and Hell. What is striking is the background detail included in the scenes and dialog. It centers around a fallen angel and an equally rebellious demon, and how they interact with not only each other over thousands of years, but the average everyday people too. The dry, often witty humor inserted into the dialog is sometimes hard to follow for a 'Colonial' like myself, but my English heritage let me appreciate the fun that is imbedded into it.

    Yes, Good Omens is irreverent all the way through; but it is also something else that is often lacking in today's series and movies...that is Entertainment!!
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