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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Marie Brand und die Dame im Spiel" tells the story of a young call girl, who, one day, is found dead in the middle of some bushes. Her last client was a disabled chess champion, but he claims that someone sent her as a disturbance. Soon the investigators find themselves trapped in their very own game of chess as well.

    There are some elements of the plot that I find rather interesting, namely the parts that have to do with the actual case. I didn't fully understood the solution of the case in the end (I'll admit it), but I just guess that it added up somehow, even though I do have a couple of questions left. What really went on my nerves though are the ridiculously unreal sidestories, amongst them one of the weirdest discussions about sexism I've experienced so far. It's like everyone is a walking stereotype in order to force at least some elements of humor in and that's just unnecessary. I wonder when German tv crimes will begin to take themselves serious, this will be a great day for the audience.

    All in all this is a watchable and solid tv crime with horrible sidestories and a humor you don't need to understand. Alright for a boring evening but wasting the potential the plot really has.