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  • I Thank You (1928)

    *** (out of 4)

    This Vitaphone short has Eddie White doing the singing and joking duties. The Jewish singer starts off with the Kahal-Wheeler number "Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella" and then follows that up with a rather funny joke about a cheap Jewish man. Then we get a nice take on "Get Out and Get Under the Moon," which is followed by "My Mammy." For the most part I thought White come across as good on the screen as he certainly knows how to play to the camera and he manages to come across with quite a bit of energy and especially when you consider he doesn't really move and the camera just stays on one shot the entire time. Of the three songs I'd say "Get Out and Get Under the Moon" was the highlight and he even calls it something to the effect that "when a woman is too fat to get into a phone booth..." Fans of these Vitaphone shorts should enjoy this one.
  • boblipton10 May 2011
    With Justin Bieber the hottest -- at least in terms of sales -- young singer in the business at the moment, here's what was hot more than eighty years ago: a nice Jewish boy who sang sentimental songs, meant to appeal to the ticket buyers -- the parents, that is -- and told a couple of Jewish jokes. The songs are good, and a couple are still standards, but I haven't heard a quavery boy tenor like this since Richard Crenna's voice broke, some time between OUR MISS BROOKS and THE REAL MCCOYS.

    The suit looks new, Eddie White tries hard to please and his renditions of the songs are good. The jokes are pushed through, though, as if he has told them twenty times.
  • Eddie White is an odd act in this Vitaphone short. He looks like a nice Jewish teenager--perhaps 15 or 16. And as far as the act goes, it's like watching Al Jolson Jr. or George Jessel Jr. as he essentially does their acts. Eddie sings a few songs with real gusto (in other words, with a lot of energy...much like the singing of Baby Rose Marie) and then tells some jokes. Oddly, one was a Jewish joke...which is strange since he is Jewish (Ben Mankiewicz talked about this at the introduction). And, it culminates with White singing Jolson's signature tune, "Mammy", but thankfully without doing it in black-face!!

    Overall, this seems as if someone filmed some nice kid performing for his family and friends in his living room. So good of Eddie's mommy to let him make a film version of this! Not terrible...but not all that good, either. But, he did seem like a nice kid!