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  • Mash Up, like many comedy-based shows that have come before it, is just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential in the first season. A lot of shows like Seinfeld and the Office were not very funny at first, but after some time they became very popular. I'm not saying that Mash Up is going to be as successful as Seinfeld, but I do think that it will get better as time goes on.

    So far, we have seen a unique combination of stand-up comedy and skits that have been pretty funny for the most part. The unique part about the show is that the stand-up comedy and skits happen simultaneously, and the jokes are more hit than miss. Host T.J. Miller is pretty likable and engaging, and the other comedians have done a fine job so far. The retro-video game theme is also kinda cool for anybody who is into video games.
  • meh803621 November 2012
    Very funny and original show that should become pretty popular if marketed correctly. I have watched a few episodes but still have no idea how long the show has been out or which night the new episodes are on the air (thank god for DVR). Just hope it gets picked up for another season because the skits are pretty funny. I could do without some of the pre- written skits in between the comedians though. But the stand up with the the visuals is almost always hilarious. T.J. Miller is great. If you have seen any of his movies (Cloverfield, Unstoppable, Get Him to the Greek... off the top of my head) you will notice now know that he is not really acting in them. He actually behaves the same on stage as a stand up comedian as he does in his movies. If you like stand up and sketch comedy you will really like this show. Give it a shot and lets see how Comedy Central handles a second season. Give it some of that South Park/Tosh money....
  • Mash Up is an awesomely fresh take on stand up comedy and gives the comedian the chance to show audiences how they visualize they're own jokes. Mash Up is a great way to discover new comedians or catch new material from your favorites. The skits have some big names acting in them you wouldn't expect like Ralphie May, John Stamos, Doug Benson, Nick Cannon, etc. Maybe it's just me but I feel like there's less stand up on Comedy Central than ever before and I hope shows like this can fix that.

    P.S. Watch TJ Millers actual special also, he's hilarious and the perfect fit for this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, let me say that this is not the television series "Mash Up". That is also why the runtime is incorrectly stated here. The series runs for 30 minutes (I think) and this television special, which came out over a year before the series, runs for almost 45. It was picked up by Comedy Central afterward, so the rest is basically the same. The host is T.J. Miller, a stand-up comedian himself and he invited several guests to perform their live acts as well. In-between, we see previously recorded sequences that have some kind of reference to what the comedians are saying or doing. I must say this was mildly funny occasionally, but all in all just another comedy stand-up show that tries to be different because of the mash-ups, but comes short all in all. Not too funny and I cannot really recommended.