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Colin Farrell: Oz, The Penguin



  • [Oz is held captive by Batman and James Gordon] 

    Oswald Cobblepot : What the hell is this? Good cop, *bat-shit* cop?

  • [Oz manages to outrun the Batmobile, caught in a huge explosion] 

    Oswald Cobblepot : [laughing uproariously]  I got you! I got you! Take that, you friggin' psycho! I got you!

    [the Batmobile leaps through the explosion, catching up to Oz and crashes into his car] 

  • Oswald Cobblepot : Whoa! This guy's crazy!

  • Oswald Cobblepot : [firing a submachine gun]  Hey, Vengeance! You think you can come after my money, huh?

  • Oswald Cobblepot : Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy, sweetheart!

  • [interrogating Cobblepot at the Iceburg Lounge] 

    Batman : I wanna know who she is, and what she has to do with this murder.

    Oswald Cobblepot : Whose murder?

    Batman : The mayor's.

    Oswald Cobblepot : [looking at the picture Batman's given him]  Is that the mayor? Oh, shit, it is! Look at that.

    [Batman slams Cobblepot against a window, cracking it] 

    Batman : Don't make me hurt you.

    Oswald Cobblepot : You better watch it. You know my reputation?

    Batman : Yeah, I do. Do you?

    Oswald Cobblepot : Look... I'm just the proprietor, okay? I mean, what people do here ain't got nothing to do with me.

  • Oswald Cobblepot : [when Selina sees Batman for the first time]  It's okay, baby. Mr. Vengeance here, he don't bite.

  • Oswald Cobblepot : You guys realize I'm still here, right?

  • Oswald Cobblepot : Goddamn rat.

    Carmine Falcone : What'd you say?

    Oswald Cobblepot : Enjoy your night at Blackgate, Carmine. Probably be your last.

    Carmine Falcone : Oh-ho! So you're a big man now, Oz, huh?

    Oswald Cobblepot : Maybe I am.

    Carmine Falcone : Really, Oz? Because to me, you were always just a gimp in an empty suit.

  • Batman : Who's the Riddler?

    Oz : Riddler? How should I know?

    James Gordon : Let's make it easy for you, Oz. Cops caught you doing something. They were gonna shut you down, put you away. So you gave up a bigger fish to save your ass.

    Batman : You ratted out Salvatore Maroni. His drops operation.

    James Gordon : But the cops, the city officials, the mayor, the D.A., they got greedy, right? Wasn't enough, a big, career-making bust. They wanted to take over the drops business, too, but they needed a minor-league mope like you to run it.

    Batman : You don't just work for Carmine Falcone. You work for them, too.

    Oz : What are you, crazy?

    James Gordon : That why you killed the girl?

    Oz : I didn't kill no girl!

    Batman : We know she worked for you at the 44 Below.

    James Gordon : But she got too close, right? Found out from Mitchell that you were the rat, so you killed her. But somehow, Riddler found out, too. He knows so much about you. You must know about him.

    Batman : Who is he?

    Oz : Boy, you guys are a hell of a duet here. Why don't you start harmonizing? There's only one problem with your little scenario, okay? I ain't no rat! You got any idea what Carmine Falcone would do to me if he heard this kind of talk?

    James Gordon : Oh, you don't wanna talk about rats, huh? Maybe we can talk about what they did to my partner's face.

    Oz : [in disgust at a picture Gordon shows him]  Holy God, what are you showing me here?

    James Gordon : This was around his head!

  • James Gordon : Are you El Rata Alada?

    Oz : El Rata Alada?

    James Gordon : Yeah, a rat with wings. A stool pigeon. That's not you? The symbols in the maze, right here. It says you are El Rata Alada.

    Oz : "You are El Rata"? It says that?

    James Gordon : Why, you got something to tell us?

    Oz : Yeah! It's, like, the worst Spanish I ever heard.

    James Gordon : What?

    Oz : It's "La." La rata. What, is this Riddler stupid or something? Jesus! Look at you two. World's greatest detectives! Am I the only one here who knows the difference between "el" and "la"? Jesus! No habla espanol, fellas?

    James Gordon : Do me a favor, shithead, shut up! You think he made a mistake?

    Batman : He doesn't make mistakes.

    Oz : A rat with wings? You know what that sounds like to me? A friggin' bat! Huh? You ever think of that?

    Batman : [considering the clue]  "You are El Rata." You... are... El.

    James Gordon : [on a tablet, Batman enters the URL ""]  Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he isn't as smart as...

    Batman : [a text chat opens]  Wait.

    James Gordon : Is that him?

    [they receive an incoming message] 

    James Gordon : Holy shit.

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