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  • Detective Batman at its peak! Great storyline. Just as dark a universe as we've come to expect from DC. The gloomy, gritty, dark tone of this film is exactly what I wanted. When you think the movie is over, there's more. Beautiful cinematography. Great score.
  • I just got out of The Batman

    This movie really won't be for everyone!! Easily the darkest Batman movie yet. It is gritty, depressing and not a fun movie at all.

    This isn't your usual comic book movie, it's a detective movie, with more in common with Se7en, than previous Batman movies. The first two thirds of the movie are amazing, at one point I turned to my son and said "This is a masterpiece" everything works and is brilliant, I was 100% enthralled, but boy does it drop the ball in the final act.

    Of the cast Pattinson is great, Collin Farrell is ok, Zoe Kravitz was fine too, but she has zero chemistry with Pattinson (Keaton and Pfeiffer they are not), Paul Dano though, was incredible, especially in the scene in Arkham, whilst Geoffrey Wright is as great as he always is.

    On the downside, It does have some pacing issues, and is really too long (though I'm not sure what I'd cut), and I really wasn't keen on the ending (I don't know if it is a comic book storyline they did), as I think the final act really lets the movie down!! It's here, in the final act, that you feel the movies run time!!

    I was surprised there were only 36 other people in my screening.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been absolutely fizzing to see 'The Batman' from the day it was announced, but even more so from when I first heard it described as being inspired by 'Se7en' - one of my favourite psychological thrillers of all time. Were we finally going to get the raw and gritty Batman film I'd always dreamed of seeing? We certainly were.

    Where to begin? The biggest thing that struck me with this film was just how much time we got to spend with Batman, as Batman. There is very little of Bruce Wayne in this movie and I'm absolutely fine with that. The movie is Batman's story and we are with him from start to finish. We even get some narration from him, which I'm not quite sure how I feel about just yet. It was very good narration but I'm not sure he's a character I want it from.

    The Riddler in this movie is phenomenal. After The Joker in 'The Dark Knight' this is absolutely my second favourite Batman film villain. He was clearly inspired by the Zodiac killer and what an inspired choice. Also the use of the riddles in the film is nothing short of genius. These are very clever riddles and puzzles and make Batman have to do some serious detective work - something I've always wanted more of from him in the previous films.

    This is my favourite incarnation of Catwoman to date. I haven't loved her character's place in the films in the past. I've found she slows everything down and brings out a dull side of Batman that I haven't enjoyed. In this film though she was used perfectly. She's the love interest and a villain/anti-hero all in one. That is massive because it saves another thing that can often bog down a Batman film - the pointless love interest.

    The Penguin was probably the one letdown for me. From what I'd seen in the trailer I suspected this may be the case. I'm wondering if they were using this movie as a set-up for him and then in the second film he will evolve and have a lot more to do. In this one though I just found him quite a dull screen-presence.

    Robert Pattinson as Batman blew me away. He looked great and his voice was perfect. He was extremely intense and very menacing. Even though I knew he was more than capable of playing the role, I think I still needed to see the end product just for confirmation that he had what it takes. He absolutely did and then some.

    The film has quite a unique feel. There are scenes and sequences in this film that would feel out of place in both Tim Burton's Batman universe and Christopher Nolan's universe. But then there are little aspects from each of their respective films which clearly inspired parts of 'The Batman'. It basically took the best things from each of them and then twisted them into it's own style - while obviously adding a lot of its own stuff also. It's very well done in that sense.

    The Batmobile in this movie is awesome. There's just no other way to put it. The sound it made and the vibrations it sent through my cinema chair were bone-chilling. The chase sequence in this movie with The Penguin is one of the best I've ever seen.

    The film is long at just under 3 hours but it really never feels like it. There's a short period in the middle of the movie where everything slows down for a little while. That really is the only flat part of the movie however. The rest happens at a break-neck pace.

    It's hard to find enough good things to say about this movie. I need to see it again and digest a couple of things for a little longer, but for now I have it firmly sitting in second place behind 'The Dark Knight' in my order of favourite Batman films. 10/10.
  • The Riddler(Paul Dano, spot-on. How did it take this long for him to get a role like this?) targets public officials, revealing their corruption, and killing them in gruesome fashion(how did this get away with a PG-13 again? Oh, right, as long as you don't show the details, then you can get away with almost anything, by now. Even a barely toned down Jigsaw). In order to stop him, it will be necessary for the Bat and the Cat(with amazing chemistry), together, to stop the rat. Thanks, Matt.

    I really did not think that we needed yet another film dealing with Bruce Wayne's alter-ego. How about Nightwing? I know it's not likely, but part of me still holds out hope that Grayson will be turned into a feature(if you've never checked out the trailer on YouTube, you're missing out). But somehow, this managed to convince me. Fingers crossed for at least one sequel. Robert Pattinson is incredible here. Seriously, can we just stop freaking out every time the role is recast? The closest we've come to someone who shouldn't be doing it is George Clooney, and it's not like anybody came out of that flick looking good. He took that job after doing From Dusk till Dawn. There was good reason to think that he was going to be badass. Honestly, everyone here gives a strong performance.

    Something that will definitely appeal to some more than others, is the genre and tone. This is essentially Se7en meets Zodiac. It is not paced like a typical massive blockbuster. While the action is great, especially the martial arts, not to mention that car chase, there's less of it and it is smaller scale than for example the Nolan trilogy(which also has far more escalation). Essentially, this just isn't focused that much on that aspect of the titular icon. And I think we can all agree that we've had some great entries that deliver that. This is more interested in conveying to the audience that there's a reason he's called the world's greatest detective. We've barely seen it outside of the animated ones before, so I'm very happy with that choice by them.

    In addition to what I've already mentioned, this features some drugs, suggestive material and strong language. I recommend this to any fan of Batman. 9/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    STAR RATING: ***** Brilliant **** Very Good *** Okay ** Poor * Awful

    Gotham City is rocked by a series of murders of key political figures, by a sadistic killer calling himself The Riddler (Paul Dano), who holds the city to ransom, revealing darkly guarded secrets and threatening more mayhem until he is stopped. 'The Batman' (Robert Pattinson), the alter ego of millionaire Bruce Wayne, starts an investigation of his own, crossing paths with a woman called Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz), who operates as 'Catwoman' and wants to find out what happened to her friend. It sets them both on a collision course with the darkest elements of Gotham's underworld, including notorious gangster 'The Penguin' (an unrecognisable Colin Farrell) and crime boss Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), who may be sitting on a devastating secret that could shatter both their lives.

    The Batman series must be one of the most enduringly successful franchises in the world of comic book films, appearing in various different incarnations since its original creation. Here, writer/director Matt Reeves delivers a mammoth three hour long interpretation of his own of the character that many seem to be hailing as the best ever. Less doesn't seem to be more anymore, at least not to the cinema artistes, but from this end, all I can see is a film drowning in its own indulgence.

    Reeves is obviously keen to maintain the bleak, heavy tone established by Christopher Nolan, and so we have a Gotham City with seemingly endless heavy rain, and gloomy skies, set against Pattinson's dark, brooding stare and gravelly voiceovers, set to the background of the emo rock soundtrack. It's just one of many things ripe for parody in a film that takes itself much too seriously and feels almost devoid of any humour and light. Even more overdone is Dano's dark 'Riddler', operating in some garish gimp suit that just looks ridiculous. Thrown in to this is the topical 'social justice' speeches that litter film and TV today, with Kravitz's Catwoman even praising the 'sinister' villain (who we're meant to hate!) at one point, for killing 'all these white privileged a$$holes.' It's just trying to cram a whole load of eggs in to one basket, over ambitious and overlong, and by the time of the main villain's grand 'master plan' at the end, you're too overwhelmed (or bored) to care.

    Everyone else can think what they like, but personally this is one of the most pretentious Batman's ever, which might have been a bit more bearable if it had just been less self indulgent, or at least had an old fashioned, Lawrence of Arabia style 'intermission' at some point. **
  • Everything about this movie is trying too hard - the over dramatic score, the long shots on characters faces, the overacting, the complex crime story - it all feels like it's trying to get an Oscar in every moment.

    It's overly long, drawn out, and the story feels like a generic crime saga that has the Batman universe shoehorned into it.

    This movie is not a masterpiece, but it spends a lot of effort making you think it is!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not sure where to begin as I don't generally want to spoil the reveals, but the big twists in the film were very anticlimactic. For 'The Batman'; Matt Reeves seemed to borrow from some of the bigger books such as 'Batman: Year One', 'Hush', and 'Batman: The Long Halloween'. Reeves also leaned heavily onto films such as 'The French Connection', 'Zodiac', and the noir classic 'Chinatown'. The general feel of the movie sought to relate Batman in the detective role that he's famous for in the comics, but unfortunately ignores any attempt at Batman's level of crime & mystery.

    The acting was really good. There's a great cast of professionals in this film, although Robert Patterson isn't allowed a range of emotion. Bruce Wayne and Batman are completely indistinguishable as the tired emo-kid who walks through life with severe lethargy. Colin Farrell is unrecognizable as the Penguin, and dare I say gave the greatest performance of his life. A large portion of the film is writing out a semi-origin story for Oswald Cobblepot and his rise to become Gotham's crime boss. A lot of the villains are the origin stories here. Batman (the character) is basically introduced the way he is in 'Batman: Year Two' and I thought that was a mistake. Year one of Batman would have been wonderful on screen. The audience seeing Bruce Wayne learning to use fear in his early days would have been a relief to this movie's "Everyone is just scared of him." plot device. Zoe Kravitz's performance as Selena Kyle becoming Cat Woman was under-developed, as she was so much fun to watch in 'The Batman' that I'd like to see this spin-off into a stand-alone Cat Woman release. Jeffery Wright was brilliant (of course) even remaining quiet in the Batman's background he pulled the attention onto himself, mostly because Patterson's portrayal was incredibly stiff. Paul Dano as The Riddler was exactly what I wanted to see in this movie. The character reached a new level of applause as a serial killer, but saddly that part of the plot was put on the back burner for the lackluster crime drama with Carmine Falcone. John Turturro was great as the crime boss Falcone, but the plot focused too long on his side story rather than offering more clues about the killings. It dragged on so long that it bored me completely. I went into 'The Batman' to see him match wits with a clever serial killer, not be re-educated about the connection between Thomas Wayne & Carmine Falcone again.

    The action sequences with the car chases and the fight choreography seemed old fashioned in a way. I knew before hand that Reeves lifted from some older better known films, but it's as if they dropped the budget on these scenes. Batman racing to catch the Penguin was an old muscle car Batmobile versus (what I'm guessing was) a 1980's Buick. I was laughing at this chase scene... it was presented with such seriousness that maybe if Penguin were in an expensive Italian sports car, I might have enjoyed it. But it was literally a supped-up car desperately trying to out pace my mom's car. The fighting was dull. Hand to hand combat is one of the first things Bruce Wayne learns before donning the cowl. But in this movie Batman is throwing punches a newly trained boxer would scoff at. So much of these scenes were empty and devoid of thrills and chills, that I wondered where the editor was.

    'The Batman' is simply too long. It's a ridiculous attempt to impress fans of it's own significance. It fails at cohesive story-telling and it basically pats itself on the back throughout the unnecessary musical score. Unlike the Dark Knight before it - I won't watch it again.
  • Matt Reeves The Batman is a hell of a movie, it is the darkest live action Batman movie ever made, and the longest one too, The Batman fills with a top notch action sequence that not only exciting, but it's cinematic too, the cinematography was just incredible, Michael Giacchino The Batman theme song has just become one of my favorite movie theme song ever, it's enduringly great, the action is perfect itself without the theme but they making it even more perfect with the theme in the background especially when Batman shows up, it really making me hyped more because of that, Colin Farrell transformation is as amazing as his performance as The Penguin, Paul Dano performance is giving me a Heath Ledger Joker vibes but not trying to be Heath Ledger Joker which is still great, Paul Dano The Riddler is still a terrifying and a very disturbing villain, Zoe Kravits performances as Catwoman was amazing though she is not as wild as Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns but boy did her gesture and look is as wild as Michelle Pfeiffer, and the Catwoman fighting sequence is definitely a win for Zoe and i did still like her a lot in here, and in the end we got The Batman himself, Robert Pattinson, all i can say about him as The Batman is that i hope everybody is starting to know him as the guy who play The Batman which is a really good movie and not the guy who play in the horrible Twilight film anymore because he is indeed an awesome Batman, now he was become my second favorite Batman next to Christian Bale in number one still, the story of The Batman itself is great, and my only problem with the movie is that there is quite a lot of particular scene that for me are just very slow or too slow, it's not boring but i feel like they can make it a little bit faster, if it's only one or two or three scene i probably still can forgive it but unfortunately it happens more than that, but at in the end The Batman is still a hell of a great movie, it's still amazing and it's still incredible, i was impress by most of the thing that happens, i was excited, i was hyped, i was stunt by all the amazing thing that they've done, The Batman is fire!!!.
  • The headline can be taken two ways. If you remove any hype or expectations, saying it's a good movie is positive. But if you are hoping for an amazing new Batman iteration, good means it wasn't great, let alone amazing.

    This review will come off as negative but I did enjoy it. I love the tone. It's super dark and grounded in reality, even more than the Nolan trilogy. And it feels true to the character. Zoe Kravitz and Jeffrey Wright are great casting choices. It's a mostly well-made film and a good addition to the franchise. And the Bat suit looks awesome.

    At the same time, nothing about this movie wowed me. I did not connect with the characters, especially the villain. The relationships seem undeveloped and not organic. I was not nearly as emotionally invested in the story as I should have been. It mostly feels surface level.

    If you're a huge Batman fan, I think you will really enjoy it. But as a movie, I don't think it fires on all cylinders. The Nolan trilogy still reigns supreme. (1 viewing, fan early screening 3/2/2022)
  • Wasn't a fan of Emo Batman. Sorry Robert Pattinson. Film was just a bit bleh and felt like it was trying too hard to emulate Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. In the end, the mystery was a bit meh and not worth the three hours of what was mostly a run-of-the-mill Superhero film lacking much excitement or thrill. The Riddler was a bit lame too. Forgotten most of the movie and characters already. Underwhelming.

  • I will say I liked the story, but the long dragged out and slowly paced near 3 hours was ridiculous. You could watch this at 1.5x speed and it would be more enjoyable. This needed at least 20 mins cut out and much faster storytelling. And the constant whisper dialogue in most of the film became annoying really fast.

    I do like Pattinson as an actor, but not as Batman in this one. He wasn't convincing and his monotonic whispering dialogue and Emo demeanor was very lackluster to the point of cringeworthy. And that's him both as Batman and even more so as Bruce Wayne.

    And what's with Colin Farrell being cast with all these prosthetics to play the Penguin? Was every other actor that naturally has that character's look unavailable? It's not like Farrell has a particular set of Penguin skills lol. Casting Farrell as Batman and Pattinson as Penguin, now that would've worked much better imo.

    I'm also a big fan of Westworld's Jeffrey Wright, but here again, he was very unconvincing as Gordon, especially when he also had that monotonic whispering Emo demeanor. I get that director and joint writer Reeves was going for that dark lonely dreary theme, but instead, the characters looked bored and inexperienced actors with sore throats.

    The only one that nailed their character perfectly was the lovely and beautiful Kravitz, who stole the entire show. I would've rather watched a 4+ hour movie with just her as Catwoman.

    All the Affleck, Keaton, Bale, Kilmer and even Clooney Batman characters were much more convincing, as well as having more and better "keep you awake" action in said films.

    Sadly, this one is a generous yet disappointing 6/10 from me.
  • Couldn't even finish this drivel... Firstly : Pattinson is a good actor but doesn't fit Batman's role ...Film is way too long and boring , action is underwhelming ...Overall a big disappointment... Can't recommend it at all...
  • I went in with ultra-low expectations because I think Robert Pattison is a god-awful actor and, this film took my expectations and made me promptly realise that, you can always go lower.

    I'm actually angry I wasted 3 hours of my life (and trust me, every minute of that time was felt).

    However, let's have some positives: cinematography is great and the music is fantastic. The opening scenes with The Batman made me think, I was going to have another Heath moment and be forced to eat my words because those opening scenes are indeed something special.

    But then the film gets going. Part "Saw" rip-off and so desperately wants to be "Se7en" in its execution, the story dragged. You don't care about any of the characters and I found myself pining for Clooney and his bat-nipples and Mr. Freeze.

    What I found really funny though is the producer of this utter mess got in touch with Nolan and warned him, "We're going to make a better Batman than you." No. Just no.

    Like the last Lord of The Rings film, this has an ending that just keeps on coming. Something wraps up and you start to get ready to leave, the film continues. Something else is wrapped up and you think, "That's it..." and it keeps going.... Something else, and on and on and on...

    I can see why the guy in the seat nearby racked up a massive line of coke and snorted it midway through (and no, I'm not joking... Welcome to Southampton).

    With regards to the plank of wood.... Sorry... "Pattison". In the initial scenes I was genuinely excited. Never a fan of his costume before, seeing it here - suddenly I "got it". He proper beats down on someone in a vicious attack. They get back up... In fact, everyone he bat-punches gets back up and just attacks him from behind again. There's no real threat here. When Bale smacked someone down, they stayed dead. But then, when Bale stripped off (same as Affleck), they were built. Robert looked like me and I look like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. A skeletal mess with no beef there whatsoever. In fact, when Robert bent over in one topless scene, his bones stuck out and I thought wings were going to pop out. But then, why wouldn't they when he infamously said he refused to bulk up for the role (I would have sacked him there and then).

    His time as Bruce is strictly limited - thank God - so you can't really judge him for that. As Bruce he just stands there and looks confused. As The Batman, by the end he became a parody. His Batman voice changed to the same sound as the joke Batman in the college humour videos (A is for Alfred = genius). When he was mad, it just look like he was pulling a cum-face. And don't even get me started on the Adrian Mole diary keeping that's going in with the voice-over narration.

    Honestly, with the exception of the opening ten minutes or so, I have never hated a film so much as I did this and given I went in with low expectations, even I am surprised at how fuming I am at myself for wasting my time on it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Matt Reeves is not a good director at all-- -he's made one decent film, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and everything else he's done falls into one of two categories: junk and overrated junk. (Thank goodness The Batman is at least the latter instead of the former). If the director wasn't trying sooooo hard to make the film 'dark' maybe he could have created a new category of just overrated.

    Firstly, David Fincher himself is bad enough, but David Fincher imitations are even worse. This movie's rote serial-killer plot indulges in every single one of the irritating tropes that Nolan already played around with, most notably the 'but he wanted to be captured!' eye-roller. (Also irritating are Reeves' cheap attempts to desecrate Schubert's music while indulging the trope of the classical music-loving psychopath). Modern culture's obsession with and inadvertent glorification of serial killers is one of my greatest pet peeves---they are just pathetic and boring characters who are all the same. Exchange the Riddler for any of the killers in Fincher's movies and there is basically no difference. And it irritated me to no end how practically every character allowed themselves to fall prey to the Riddler's petty mind games- - if I was there I would promptly tell him to p*ss off and take his stupid video calls elsewhere, even if there was a bomb strapped to my neck.

    Secondly, the casting is sometimes bizarre. DC has often thrived on unorthodox casting-if they can make Ben Affleck work as Batman anything goes-but they trip up here since we have the high-water mark of the Nolan trilogy to compare it to. Andy Serkis as Alfred? That completely does not work; he just lacks the sophistication of Michael Caine. The new Commissioner Gordon is no Gary Oldman, that's for sure. The Riddler joins the swelling ranks of villains desperately trying to imitate Heath Ledger. (The Riddler from the '66 Batman show was vastly superior--heck, Jim Carrey was). The new Catwoman is alright given the rest of this casting, but is rendered irritating by a script that causes here to carry ON and ON about some friend of hers that ends up killed. Why she's so emotionally attached to this friend is a mystery not even Batman dares solve. The closest thing to a saving grace is the infamously unrecognizable Colin Farrell as the Penguin--- the car chase scene was great even as I kept wondering why none of the vehicles were hydroplaning with something like a full inch of water on the road.

    Thirdly, the pacing is off. I've seen people accuse Nolan of being portentous, but The Batman takes it to a whole new level with it's bloated runtime. It doesn't even have the quasi-grandeur of the Snyder Cut due to the banal serial killer story which mostly requires people to pop in and out of the Penguin's club ad nauseam. Reeves said that he was supposedly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, but other than a 'Rear Window' throwback in the opening scene I don't see it. The film is mostly shot like a generic TV procedural filtered through a David Fincher lens, and Reeves completely lacks the morbid playfulness that made Hitchcock so sublime. (Compare any Riddler murder to the one in 'Dial M for Murder', which is one of the more mediocre Hitchcocks). Reeve's sole technique for suspense is to have the Riddler hovering around in the background while an unsuspecting victim putters about.

    Ugh. If any good this would have become DC's highest grossing film ever. As it is, people will lose interest after a little while and the box office receipts will drop.
  • The Batman (2022) is a movie my wife and I caught an advanced screening of last night. The storyline follows Gotham shortly after "The Batman" has emerged and established himself in the streets. A serial killer known as The Riddler starts a killing spree of everyone influential within Gotham's hierarchy until Bruce Wayne in inevitably the target. How are all of these people tied together and can Batman tie the pieces together before Wayne is the next victim?

    This movie is directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and stars Robert Pattinson (Twilight), Zoë Kravitz (Kimi), Colin Farrell (Total Recall), Paul Dano (There Will be Blood), John Turturro (Do the Right Thing), Peter Sarsgaard (Garden State), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings), Jeffrey Wright (Shaft) and Barry Keoghan (Eternals).

    The storyline, look and feel of this movie is an A+. The characters are perfectly cast and well executed. Farrell, Dano and Kravitz were a 10/10.

    This movie does a fantastic job of depicting the Batman universe with the appropriate grit and feel and the lighting and cinematography is excellent. This also did a good job of creating various potential spinoffs with some subtle references within the storyline and at the end. This has a very good Jeph Loeb comics feel to it and does a good job delivering the "Detective" elements of Batman. The violence was also brilliant and very well done. I will say this did not need to be 3-hours and there are an abundance of scenes that could have been better edited. This film likely should have been a hair under 2 and a half hours.

    Overall this is a magnificent addition to the super hero genre and an absolute must see for Batman fans. I would score this a 7.5- 8/10 and strongly recommend it.
  • Robert P is a terrible Batman. Absolutely no Bat-charisma at all. The Riddler character is a complete bore! I hated all of this film. I certainly do not understand the good reviews. It's not close to the Dark Knight caliber. Please do not make a sequel.
  • THE BATMAN (2022) *** Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, John Turturro, Andy Serkis, Peter Sarsgaard. Filmmaker Matt Reeves pulls out all the stops in this even darker adaptation of the Bob Kane comic book hero with Pattinson standing tall and brooding as Bruce Wayne employing vigilante style justice as The Caped Cursader while Gotham quakes under the siege of the homicidal Riddler (Dano affectively disturbing) and gaining an unlikely ally in Selina Kyle (ass-kicking Kravitz in pre-Catwoman mode). Arresting visuals thanks in large part to ace cinematography by Greig Fraser and James Chinlund's production design all aided by the foreboding score by Michael Giacchino full of bombast and dread. Farrell, under a ton of unrecognizable prosthetics, has a field day in getting in touch with his inner Robert De Niro as The Penguin. By all means see it in IMAX!
  • To preface this review I will say when watching this in the cinemas, many people walked out. I was looking over my shoulder to see of anyone else was laughing at what cringe this movie delivers.

    The actors in this were one of the highlights excluding the villain (the riddler) and the Batman. Penguin was by far the coolest and best actor. Honestly a good fellas type character. All other supporting actors were also quite good. I however think Robert pattinson a horrible pick for Batman. The whole time he seems like a really awkward and sad goth kid, I was half expecting him to say "gosh get outta my room". Absolutely trash acting The riddler was even worse! He was the major cringe factor in this movie with awful and dorky video calls where he is super non intimidating and laughable. His video calls reminded me of the horror films my 15 year old class mates had made in high school, their budgets were $0.

    The relationship between the Batman and cat woman was my only other plus in this movie. The romance was quite sweet and had a lot of tension. They rode around In their awesome motorcycles just roaring through the town it was really cute.

    The bat mobile was pretty awesome but definitely very weird for a Batman film. The old classic camaro was a little spine chilling not gonna lie.

    Now to answer everyone's questions I do think Robert pattinson was a terrible choice for Batman for a few reasons. At first I had no qualms but watching the film made me believe he was a bad and cringey actor for the role, he just isn't a badass over masculine kinda guy, like at all. He seems awkward and it shows. His voice wasn't that great, his body was not very big nor muscular like many other batmans, heck even the joker is ripped in suicide squad. The guy is 6ft exactly but his frame is tiny and it shows next to bigger actors. The story was God awful without spoiling pretty much lots of people die, bombs go off and some personal people Batman knows get injured. Then Batman goes welp I can't be in 3 places at once I'm only human. And proceeds to get ko'd twice throughout the movie and punched lots during fights. He is by far the worst and weakest looking Batman with the worst actor to have played him. The cinematography was good and the horror feeling this brings is good but everything else was just so horrible. Did I mention this film is 3 hours long to have a crap middle and end? Well know I know!. Wow I couldn't wait for thr 3 hours to end and multiple people walked out before the film was half finished. Definitely wouldn't reccomend this garbage piece of cinema. 2/10 for me.
  • For better or worse (mostly better), The Batman is when he's detective first, superhero second. A bleak yet thrilling noir but also with a glimpse of exhilarating hope. It doesn't hurt really if we're having a new Batman film, especially if it took a riveting route like this. Pattinson and Kravitz were explosive together.
  • I'll say it started pretty good and I liked the cinematography. But I thought it dragged on, and the social commentary on destroying "white privileged men" was ironic as that's what Batman is- a privileged white rich guy who can mascarade as a vigilante because he's rich and has all the free time to do so; and we feel for him because boo boo he's an orphan. This was a very obvious "woke" fest. I like the diversity but it's when they blatantly shove rhetoric down your throat that it starts to become cringey. Pattinson was so sleepy, like Joe Biden in a Batman suit sleepy. Joker is my favorite movie of all time and I feel like they tried to go for that but it just had too many missteps. I did like Farrell as the Penguin and the Riddler was basically Dexter the Anti-hero...
  • I never thought that I would view a worse DC movie than Catwoman or the Harley Quinn movie. I was sorely mistaken. The Batman by far is the absolute biggest mistake in any comic book adaptation. The casting was wrong - there was not one cast member who had a good performance; the script was pitiful - it was too long and all over the place; the direction was terrible and the editing was questionable.

    Nothing was a positive about this film except the end credits where you could escape the misery.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What were Reeves and Craig thinking? I mean, wasn't the Douglas Nolan Bat-trilogy with Christian Bale dark and pessimistic enough? Did they have to try and top that by painting Bruce Wayne's parents as not being so spotless? And what was with the nearly three-hour running time?

    Between those two factors, this movie felt more like the love child of "Gone With The Wind" and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker flick. Which is most definitely _not_ a good thing! The only reason I give this two stars, instead of one, is because of the unexpected (but surprisingly effective) blending of the Riddler with Hush.

    Well, that, and the casting of Jeffrey Wright...who does a commendable job as Jim Gordon.
  • 3 Hours run time is totally worth it.

    A well mature dark movie which Batman character deserves.

    Robert Pattinson as Batman and Bruce Wayne is the best casting choice after Christian Bale.

    It's so dark, gritty, visceral and god damn great.

    Colin Farrell as Penguin was Fantastic. Couldn't recognise him.

    Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle and Cat woman was great. She was fantastic.

    Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis were great too.

    Casting was done greatly.

    Batmobile was so f*ing great. When the engine revs, you will get the goosebumps.

    Action scenes were absolutely f*ing great. Its loud, bombastic and visceral which will give goosebumps.

    Fight sequence were absolutely gritty.

    Cinematography done by Greig Fraser is another masterpiece from him.

    Michael Giacchino music composition really great. It has that dark gritty grandeur theme music.

    The dirty, criminality and madness in Gotham City, you will feel it. It's so dark and grey which Batman character needs.

    Production Design is just brilliant.

    Story wise this movie felt more to Detective Batman comic book and done outstandingly.

    Detective Batman which is the original DC stands for.

    I couldn't not find any error in the whole movie.

    This is a well made brilliant movie by Matt Reeves.

    Totally worth waiting for. Can't wait to see it again.

    Direction: 10/10 Cinematography: 10/10 Acting: 10/10 Screenplay:10/10 Story:10/10 Music: 10/10.

    This movie deserves 10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Right from the 1st leaked screenshots I had doubts about this movie, wasn't bothered by the fact Robbie Pattinson was playing the main man, moody, morose, silent, he had all the things necessary to portray the brooding Batman, unfortunately he had no screen presence, the Batman's mere look should strike fear, Pattinsons didn't, had the resounding thumps of his Jack boots not been amplified to sound like a herd of elephants it would've been easy for him to go unnoticed among the throngs of police officers & various characters.

    The only scene that attempted to inject any excitement was the "budget Batmobile" chase scene, overly long, quite pointless & shockingly silly and far far too loud, another problem with this movie, whereas the musical score was for the most part the best thing about this movie it's actual sound was one of the worst, every screech, scream and gunshot was turned up to maximum, deafening the audience.

    Of course the real villain of this movie is the story or more precisely its lack of one, yes we're introduced to "the Penguin" an overweight balding scar faced slob that screams more sleazy pervert than villain & a complete waste of use of the character then its "the Riddler" a bespectacled "youtuber" in what's best described as a gimp costume, a character with no special talents yet is somehow able to enter unseen an exclusive apartment and commit murder, a locked vehicle to over power it's driver and enter unseen a police gym and over power the cheif of police and kidnap him and all the while screeching like a banshee on video & facetime.

    The films runtime is far too long telling a story that is uninteresting and ultimately very boring, there are no heroic deeds performed no good guy to root for.

    The time line for this movie becomes apparent from the diary kept by Bruce Wayne and various TV news broadcasts, this is year two in the career of the Batman yet he isn't the vigilante that's feared by the criminal underground yet he's hated by the police force, with no context to work from of his past deeds as a vigilante its very confusing.

    Quite simply this isn't a movie about Batman , Pattinson could have played the character without the costume and the movie would have still been the same, a very boring lacklustre detective story.

    Zoe Kravitz plays Catwoman, a character completely different to the Halle Berry version but played equally as badly.

    Put simply this movie ranks worse Batman movie behind the awful Batman and Robin, as the caped crusader Pattinson isn't a patch on Keaton, Kilmer, Bale or even Afflek.

    I can only imagine Warner Bros/DC wanted to emulate the profits they raked in from "The Joker" so decided to give Batman the same treatment but where "Joker" stripped away everything and concentrated on the character "The Batman" strips away everything about the character and concentrates on everything else, the sets, cinematography and secondary characters are fine tuned and highly detailed whereas Batman is reduced to a pair of "Jack boots" clumping through the movie.

    By the end of Matt Reeves "The Batman" I felt I knew a little about what it was like to be in a hostage situation, the elation I felt at the ending of the movie gave newly found strength to my numbed legs allowing me to bound out from the cinema seat seeking the freedom of the evening air, it was a wonderful experience, something I sadly can't say about the movie.

    Nolans trilogy is still the best, he gave the character a begging a middle and an end and he did it with style all the while telling a complex and interesting story about complex and interesting characters, Matt Reeves fails abysmally with "The Batman" choosing to emulate scenes from past Batman movies rather than creating something new and unseen, from Keatons Bruce Wayne to Bales Dark Knight it's all there easily recognised.

    If this is Reeves idea of re-booting the character for a new generation then it was a pointless endeavour, the new generation hasn't the need or interest for it, they certainly don't have the patience to sit through 3 hours of it.

    The movie is about the beginning of Batman's career when he is young, full of the energy necessary to fight the criminals and crime of Gotham city, Pattinsons "Batman" meanders through the movie as if he were a zombie looking disinterested and deflated, this is not a superhero movie nor a movie about a hero, it should not be a movie at all.
  • I got to watch this movie early because of a special screening, I was extremely excited my expectations were very high and still they were surpassed!

    Robert as Batman is just awesome, majestic and scary and yet at the end, he also evokes that sense of hope Batman gives to the population.

    Paul Dano as The Riddler is so creepy! Both Robert and Paul gave an oscar worthy acting.

    The rest of the cast gives amazing performances too!

    Beautifully shot and the score is thrilling.

    It does feel a bit long but it is rewarding.
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