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  • As a gay man, I'm happy to see a gay-related-film without sex scenes or stereotypical characters. There's no flags, awkward coming outs, clichés or any of that. In fact, this isn't as much a gay-related film as it is about friendship. We get to see two guys, both dealing with their newly discovered difference and trying to stay friends in their own way.

    For the straight audience, I believe this can be equally funny and touching. The movie really shows how a straight guy can still be friends with a gay dude. Nothing has to change. Also, it's nice to see a gay character that isn't effeminate, overly dramatic or promiscuous. An original and refreshing teen story I must say.
  • I watched this despite it being 5.7, (I tend to trust IMDb quite a bit) but I'm glad I ignored my instincts. This is far better than its 5.7 rating.

    Pretty entertaining, generally light hearted, standard teen movie really. It is a bit crude and definitely adult, not a family movie to watch with kids.

    Also nice to see a gay guy in a film that isn't over the top flamboyant and feminine and is instead just a normal guy that likes other guys. For a while there I wasn't sure Hollywood realised that there are plenty of people like that.
  • I've watched plenty of gay movies/series and unfortunately they always tend to stick to the same stereotype of the "queen", colourful, flamboyant gay men. This one finally breaks free from that mould and presents a consistent coming out/of age story with a non-stereotypical gay main character, someone who doesn't like musical theatre, Britney Spears and is actually on the chubby side, which was quite refreshing to see. Granted, it's still a teen/prom movie like oh so many out there, but the acting was fine throughout and the setting/location was pleasant too. It was good to see some familiar faces like Dakota Johnson, Megan Mullaly and "Ron Swanson" acting like his usual butch self, albeit with glasses this time around. I thoroughly recommend it if you are tired of the usual gay stuff and want something light and fun to watch.
  • I wasn't expecting much when I set out to watch this, specially after seeing the (undeservedly low) rating here on IMDb. However after reading the premise I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I was afraid that the humour would fall flat and the characters would be stereotypical and the gay side of things would would be half-assed but all my worries were for nothing.

    What I instead found was an entertainingly relate-able film, a good number of genuine laughs and a respectful handling of gay characters. The plot is something we've all seen before but with a twist, and thankfully the film doesn't stick to the premise how you think it would, and doesn't cheap out. It is about friendship more than anything else and that is why it works. Overall story-wise it was a little thin and there wasn't much in the way of emotional pay-off but I was left with a pleasant feeling and a new movie to recommend to others.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really great little movie full of honest feeling, and open dialog. From the start this movie tells you that things are going to be done a bit differently, and never wavers from the message. These two "Dudes" are so great at being friends, Mike, and Matty; Mike really wants things to stay the same no matter how much they change, and Matty is so willing to walk through anything to be there for his best friend. This movie was filmed a few years ago, but the story, and sentiment are still very relevant. With great writing, and a really quality production supporting this really talented cast I really Enjoyed taking this ride with Mike, and Matty that is real friendship. I would recommend this movie to any open minded person out there, if you have ever given the wedgie then you don't deserve this movie. For everyone else this will be a nice treat. My only note is how these fellas both end up with people years older than them in the end, really that is my only problem, the rest of this is really entertaining, touching, and quite funny.
  • This film tells the story of two best friends in high school preparing for prom. One of them comes out as gay, and their friendship is tested.

    "Date and Switch" is a fun and lighthearted comedy about a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality, exploring his life and lifestyle. The film is full of stereotypical characters and situations, but one thing that is not stereotypical is that the lead characters are not the super camp queen that is present in many gay films. The emotional climax is a little disappointing, but the fun and happy ending makes up for it. "Date and Switch" has a but of predictability and a bit of unpredictability. I guess that's what makes the film fun.
  • Matty (hunter Cope) and Michael (Nicholas Braun) are best friends and have grown up together. They are now approaching their prom night but are both still virgins. Well we all know the smell of desperation oozes out of virgins like a reversed effect pheromone and so they decide they have to get some serious bedroom action.

    So they make a hash cake in preparation for a big celebration and go about the art of seduction - badly. Then Matty announces he is actually gay - as if this minor bombshell wasn't enough Michael starts to fall for Matty's ex girlfriend. The path to non virgindom then begins and despite Michael's attempts at helping his best bud get his rocks off, he starts to feel the strain and there inevitably will be some ups and downs (sorry awful joke that).

    This is just great fun. Megan Mullally has a small but perfectly formed part as Mattys mom and the clichés are kept mostly at arms length. The jokes are really well observed and everyone puts in a great performance - maybe because they were all enjoying themselves. Either way this is a film that put a smile on my face and kept it there - I hope it can do the same for you.
  • After seeing the low score rating I had doubts for this film until I watched it. The movie is about two guys who have been best friends since they were kids with one of them wanting to get laid and the other being secretly gay. I thought the acting and plot was spot on and found some of conversations hilarious. I've never left a review on IMDb before but thought this is definitely a film that deserves more credit for the score it's been given. 8.5/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well I've seen a lot of coming of age and gay themed movies but this one is totally great and incomparable. How I loved that the plot and entire movie spent to be gay themed yet its not slutty and is a decent thing to watch. It is an another coming of age story yet it is not a boring because it is plotted with an outstanding story. Theirs essence and learning in the movie.I really appreciate that the story line stays from start to end to depict reality and not exaggerated. I really liked that the main sense which is "friendship" is valued and emphasized that what so ever change may come "friendship" is always unchangeable. Humor, Drama and every flavors in the movie are well balance so it is really an interesting movie to watch.
  • kosmasp2 November 2014
    The word had a different meaning a long time ago. But if we get movies with a homosexual theme (sort of, not the whole cast being that way) that are supposed to be appealing to a larger audience, it is mostly with females. In this case we do get the male perspective if you will. And it's not really telling you how to behave or not. You could actually say, that it's even so much about the sexuality (only as much as you want to make it), but how to grow up and stand up for yourself and your friends in life.

    Having said that, the movie is pretty funny and light, if the subject matter is not appalling to you of course. There are no dumb stereotypes (which is refreshing) and the movie itself takes the viewer seriously. Are there still some clichés in there? Of course there are. It's inevitable, but does not really matter in the whole picture.
  • Do not be fooled by the low general grade here, I wasn't and I'm grateful for that. The movie has everything for a good comedy: Coming-of-age on modern times, a totally not gay bromance (you'll get the reference once you watch the movie), clumsy teenagers and the American way of life (which is pretty laughable alone lol). So if you're up to some laughter sided with a good plot, this movie is the right one for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mike (Nicholas Braun) and Matty (Hunter Cope) have been close friends since elementary school. Their big plan is to lose their virginity by prom night and eat a huge pot brownie afterwards. This becomes more difficult as both break up with their girl friends. Then Matty comes out to Mike. While Matty is gay, he is not comfortable with the gay scene. Mike tries to help Matty get a guy, but has problems with life's recent changes.

    The film is a comedy, which was amusing but not terribly funny. I was hoping for something more funny than guys taking their clothes off jumping around in foam. Perhaps the funniest aspect was when the two were part of a band that plays instrumental TV themes.

    Okay as a cheap rental. You won't hurt yourself laughing.

    Parental Guide: F-bomb. Male rear nudity. Implied sex.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm surprised this premise has not happened sooner, but alas, in the year 2014, we have a film that took one comedic sub-genre and added something fresh to it. We've seen this premise quite a bit, but not quite like this way. In the vein of the coming-of-age films as well as the raunchy "let's have sex before we graduate" type of movies, 'Date and Switch' tries to follow these tropes to a tee with one fresh idea, but it ultimately doesn't follow through or focus on what it set out to be.

    This film was one of Lionsgate's micro-budget films, which was made for $2 million and gave a chance to starting filmmakers in the business. One of them was writer/producer Alan Yang who has gone on to write, produce, and direct the television series 'Parks and Recreation', which is why you will see some familiar faces here. Without being as filthy or fun as 'American Pie', or as meaningful as 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' or 'The Way Way Back', 'Date and Switch' tries to be its own film, but fails on delivering the goods we were somewhat promised in the beginning.

    We first meet two childhood friends Michael (Nicolas Braun) and Matty (Hunter Cope) who are about to graduate and have their senior prom. Like films we've seen before, these two best friends decide to make a pact to have sex before they graduate. Meanwhile, they are having problems with both of their girlfriends and decide to end their relationships so they can basically play the field. But the one thing that makes this movie different from the rest is the big reveal in the beginning of the movie.

    Matty comes out as gay to Michael. But in this day and age, there are no hard feelings or hatred, but rather acceptance, hence Michael now tries to help his best friend Matty find the perfect guy to lose his virginity to, while trying to connect with a girl he really likes. But the big problem here is that the film does not focus on Matty hardly at all, but rather Michael, which seems weird to me, because you have this great setup, but then don't follow through. It just seemed there was so much potential to explore here that wasn't.

    Even though Yang's script was somewhat decent, there wasn't any gut busting laughs or even hardy laughs throughout, which with this kind of comedy, I would have hoped for. And even the message gets a little cheesy here with the whole "it gets better" campaign. Some of the melodrama between Michael and some of his prospects seem a little far fetched and never really adds to the main point of the film.

    Even though Braun and Cope deliver some good performances and with the supporting cast consisting of Dakota Johnson, Megan Mullally, Sarah Hyland Zach Cregger, and Nick Offerman , the film never really gets on its feet, which is a shame, because it had a lot of potential.
  • crazeevw21 February 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not your every day coming out movie. Great characters, wonderful story line.

    Wish there were more 'gay' movies that were this good.

    All of the characters were well acted, especially loved seeing Megan Mulally, even though she had a small part in this movie.

    Kinda slow to begin, but I guess all movies need a bit of background at first.

    Really don't want to tell a lot of spoilers in here, actors were well cast, and did a wonderful job here.

    Hope the writers don't stop, but continue to produce great movies.
  • I got this movie and Geography Club, thinking I'd like Geography Club more - but I was blown out of the water. It's hard to do what Matty does in this movie is harder than nearly any teenager has the ability to do. But how it's done is in a lighthearted way, while the reaction of Michael is exactly how I would have expected it to go. These lifelong friends have their lives turned upside down just because one of them decides to be truthful about who he really is.

    This movie has a lot more stars in it than you'd think, which is a nice little bonus. But Matty & Michael's stories are what get you going from the opening scene, and accompanied by a great musical score, keep you going to the very end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    on minute into the film I began to wonder if it was going to be like this all the way through.The dialogue is very annoying ,the writer clearly thinks he's funny but it just grates badly and pulls you out of the movie. The two main actors are ,in the grand American tradition of all people portraying high school students, clearly much older.If they made a joke about there worry lines and five o'clock shadows maybe it could have started to save this odd little movie.

    The plot lifted from American pie is about losing there virginity before prom and celebrating with a marijuana cake?and that's it. nothing deep or meaningful to say about homosexuality or society just a no joke comedy with appalling dialogue.
  • As being straight and open minded, this has to be one of the worst movies I have watched this year. Reading the other reviews actually was the reason I decided to make myself view. As far as the gay/straight and friend thing went, it was all up in your face. This movie anything but about being "real friends". The entire movie was very prejudice throughout with the "gay" being a negative or "different" aspect. I was hoping this movie would treat people like people and that the lifestyle or bedroom matters were of no importance. This movie failed in my honest opinion, but another reason to never take IMDb ratings with more than a grain of salt. Several movies I know of that deserve a solid 9 are rated as a 4 here. I come out better by taking the ratings as a sarcastic number instead of realistic. (Then the ratings system is more in line with the truth). I am amazed at the dozen reviews here. Perhaps they are family of IMDb owners and the reviews were just a starter thing to get people to give their opinion, but to me seemed like they were judging a different movie than the one it is listed under.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Are we really going to rush over the fact that Michael is a terrible and selfish person? The writing makes you want to emphasize with him, but an apology doesn't fix the problem of him taking away Matty's right to come out himself.
  • The title name was good. The story looked interesting as well, but only a basic platform. Despite 90 minute film, there were empty in the middle of the narration. Or you can call it a drag. It started off quite good, revealing about two childhood friends growing together towards the end of the high school. Then suddenly everything changes between them when one of them declares to another that he's a gay. Following that, all the pros and cons of how their future relationship would be were told.

    Family too has some part, but it was focused from a friend's perspect how unexpectedly the things would change in such situation. There was some fun, though not that great. Actors were nice, and so the direction, even though the script was taken out from the blacklist. I think averagely worked out. With usual teenage film cliches, still enjoyable one. Maybe by the youngsters. For the rest, it is good to watch as a timepass flick, otherwise not worth it.

  • Gawky childhood friends Michael (Nicolas Braun) and Matty (Hunter Cope) are about to graduate and have their high school prom and strive to lose their virginity before then.

    When Matty comes out as gay to Michael he accepts it but then makes a play for Matty's girlfriend while also trying to hook up Matty in gay bars where they also bump into one of their teachers.

    However Michael has betrayed Matty confiding in him and tries to make amends at prom night.

    The premise of the film while refreshingly different does also come across as another bawdy let us get laid before prom comedies which you find in movies like American Pie but with added gayness.