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  • I watched THE PACKAGE last night and was surprised by it; mostly because the earlier Austin vehicles I had seen (HUNT TO KILL, TACTICAL FORCE) were really bad. Austin is still really stiff (both acting and physically) but the director plays upon these traits better than the previous helmers. Also, director Jesse Johnson handled the action scenes a lot better than most, not resorting to the shaky cam crap that a lot of DTV action guys use. Of course, the highlight for me is Dolph Lundgren, who delivers another juicy co-starring role much like he did in the Cuba Gooding, Jr. action flick ONE IN THE CHAMBER last year. While I'd still like to see Dolph get back in the directing chair, these smaller roles are good enough to fill the time in between.
  • LeonLouisRicci20 April 2013
    This Direct to Video rides the trend of the teaming of two, count 'em, Action Stars for the price of one and it is better than one would expect. It looks pretty good and shows-off some stylish non Action camera work and a strong if padded plot that is not bad.

    There is enough here for Fans and maybe even enough for Slummers who dropped in just to make fun but found it reluctantly enjoyable. The Story Thread keeps things strung together as it weaves familiar fisticuffs and gun battles together with some mildly interesting supporting Characters of note.

    This is probably as good as this type of thing gets and while it is attractive in a wet, dull, and gray way, it may have included one meaningless sub-plot too many (the wife or the brother, take your pick). But in the end it succeeds in its business to kick, punch, and shoot its way onto your Big-Screen TV with just a little more added story and umph than expected.
  • I've read the reviews and I must say; some are very harsh. I also find the apparent lack of open-mindedness to be frustrating. It's a movie and they should evoke a sense of fun and excitement no matter the content. I've seen near all of Dolph Lundgren's movies and not all are great, not all are amazingly well written but all have something decent about them and this one is no different. I'm not the one to go to if you want to see someone denigrate someone's work. I try to find the good points in everything.

    The Package, while ill acted at times, does have a good story line.

    Tommy, played by Steve Austin, is the hired muscle employed by the mob. He's married, loves his wife and wants a better life for both of them. He doesn't like what he does and he doesn't feel good about it but he does what he has to, to make a life and pay the bills.

    Tommy is paying off his brothers debt to his boss and with one more job, he is promised an "out" and a clean slate for his brother. The only thing he has to do is deliver a package to a man only known as "The German" played by Dolph Lundgren.

    As he travels to his destination he is followed and attacked repeatedly by thugs from all sides. Their intentions are to take the package, kill Tommy and collect a huge payday. What they don't understand is that "The Package" is not what they think it is and Tommy is not just a delivery boy.

    If you look past the semi bad acting you find a story that is actually pretty good. You end up routing for Tommy and feeling bad for "The German".

    Not every bad guy is bad for bad reasons. Sometimes they need to be bad for a good reason.
  • "I need a package delivered to the German." Tommy (Austin) has an easy task. All he has to do is deliver a package to a man named the German (Lundgren) and his brother's debts will be wiped and he will be free. What starts as an easy task takes a deadly turn when he finds out what the package is and then is followed by another gang who wants their hands on it too. I know what your thinking Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren in the same can that be bad?? Well, sorry to disappoint but this is not all that impressive. I do have to admit that of all these generic B action movies that seem to constantly come out at least Austin's movies are entertaining, mainly because of the little jokes he says. This is no different. Really nothing to say except if you like Austin's movies you will like this one as well. Overall, not as bad as I expected. I give it a C.
  • I read some of the other reviews, and I concluded they must be by the fembot, art history major, wanna be a critic crowd. This is a straight up action film, with much of the action meaty hand to hand fighting. And it does a good job of portraying the fact that most such combat is pretty brutal.

    There are girls, they are beautiful, one is deadly, the other is lovely. The roles they play are secondary.

    Dolph has aged a lot, and unless it is the makeup, I think not to well. But he continues to carry the style he has shown in several recent action movies, as a menacing, brooding threat. From the outset we are aware he is a threat, but the relationship of this threat to the main protagonist is not clear.

    For me, Steve Austen was a pleasant surprise. I recall another of his movies, and he was not good at all. This was much better, and the director played to all his strengths in respect of both his verbal and action abilities.

    There were several little plot twists, and a few surprises along the way, which added to the enjoyment.

    There are a number of recognizable supporting characters, which is also a pleasant surprise.

    So my conclusion is that if you are hunting around for an action movie one night with some time to kill, this movie is for consideration. No, its not Gladiator, or Star Wars, or the Avengers, or Saving Private Ryan, but thank god, its not Brokeback Mountain or some other drivel either. Its a decent regular budget action movie. Take it for what it is and you will be fine.
  • actionfilm-226 February 2013
    At the time of this writing this film has 6 other reviews posted, most negative. Though difficult, I did come up with a few reasons to avoid this film: If you sell girl scout cookies, wear your sister's capri pants, share hair styling tips with your girlfriend, or watch Glee. I could go on but you get the picture. Bottom line, DTV film are rarely going to break any new ground in terms of action filmmaking, so hopefully by now action fans know this going in. Having said that, The Package is above average for such a film. A cool script, that is it mostly avoids ridiculous cliché dialog such as "I'm getting too old for this %$#" or the mandatory cursing that is often substituted for actual lines. Yes the story is old (as most all stories are), but here we get nicely written dialog. The direction is certainly above par, with plenty of well staged action shot in a terrific manner avoiding the jerky-cam style so prevalent today. The fight scenes are not the slapped together affairs often seen in many DTV films. Characters are interesting, including Dolph's (and no, his role is not a cameo). Anyone familiar with Martial artist/actor Jerry Trimble will enjoy his screen time. I recommend The Package not only for action fans, but lovers of romance, humor, and drama (sorry horror fans), and for any boy out there that hopes to one day grow into a man. Now that I've given it some thought, the film should be screened in high schools across the country as part of the "no male left behind" program.
  • After a long string of action films and the highly successful Expendables series, action starts Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin team up to deliver an all-new action film The Package. Both these guys have proved themselves numerous times over and it's always exciting to see these kinds of guys team up to deliver the action, but does The Package deliver or need to be returned to sender?

    The Package follows a man with a simple job to deliver a package to a crime lord named The German, but when another gang tries to steal the cargo, he is forced to fight to deliver it safely. But when he realizes the package isn't what he thought it puts him in deeper trouble than he thought. When you take two big bad ass guys like Austin and Lundgren you have certain expectations in an action movie. This movie plays OK, but nowhere near as fun and over the top action as you may hope. Lundgren is given some interesting new territories to go with a character that isn't the norm for what he does. Austin seems to be the more focal point of the story and has some decent action moments, but overall the film just doesn't deliver the epic punch you may hope for pitting these two together. The story is fine and simple enough to serve its point and they both do a fine job, it just seems to be missing something overall. What action is here is pretty good and Austin is getting better and better at delivering more realistic fighting instead of his wrestler persona style. Lundgren has always been a pro at the action scenes and is no different here.

    Overall this is a fine film, just falls a bit short when it comes to delivering to big action guys like this together. As far as action films it still holds up well enough and even manages to toss in its own bit twists here and there to make it a bit more interesting. Let's just hope these guys get another just together at some point to really deliver that great action film we hoped for.
  • Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren put in the same movie? Well, the direct to DVD industry in recent years has been pairing various B movie stars together, so that should come as no surprise. What's surprising about this Canadian/American co-production is that unlike most movies with Canadian involvement, they have a Canadian aspect in the movie's story - the movie is (partly) set in Canada. The plot of the movie will probably be of no surprise to most viewers - they will have seen the "delivery of a mysterious package" story countless times before, and they will more or less guess (like me) the twist near the end concerning the package long before it happens. But the predictable script did not bother me. What DID bother me was how sluggish the entire enterprise feels. The story unfolds very slowly when things should have been more speedy. And the action sequences - the main selling point of the movie - are sluggishly directed, lacking impact and nastiness. I have to admit that I almost nodded off a couple of times, because there was nothing to capture my attention. A very boring movie.
  • The Package is a very good film which I enjoyed watching. There were a few things about this film that stopped it from being an excellent film, but it was a film that did deliver and it really was a film that had some hard, tense and violent action and some awesome fight scenes. The fight scenes in this film were just awesome. Stone Cold Steve Austins character Tommy Wick had to use his fighting skills to fight against some pretty powerful people with Martial Arts skills. Dolph Lundgren is an actor I'm not too keen on but don't hate. Acting as the very dangerous and malicious killer called The German, he was very good and it was great to see him in this film alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Package was also a film that had very good acting by Stone Cold Steve Austin as Tommy Wick, Dolph Lundgren as The German, Eric Keenleyside as Big Doug, John Novak as Nicholas, Kristen Kerr as Darla and Darren Shahlavi as Devon.
  • 'THE PACKAGE': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren star in this B action film directed by stuntman turned director Jesse V. Johnson. The film tells the story of a courier, working for a local mob boss, delivering a valuable package to another crime lord. It was written by Derek Kolstad (who also co-wrote another action film last year starring Lundgren, with Cuba Gooding Jr., called 'ONE IN THE CHAMBER'). The movie is your basic routine low-budget action film, nothing more and nothing less.

    Austin plays Tommy Wick, a courier working for a crime lord, named Big Doug (Eric Keenleyside), who takes on an assignment to deliver a package to another mob boss nicknamed 'The German' (Lundgren). He takes the job in order to clear all debt his imprisoned brother, Eddie (Lochlyn Munro), owes Big Doug. The task seems easy enough until he's attacked by a rival gang and his partner is killed. He then must fight for his life, the rest of the way to his destination, in order to make sure the package is delivered securely (without it falling in to the wrong hands).

    The movie has some decent action and fight scenes and the production values aren't too bad for this type of film. It seems like Johnson could make a decent action film director if he only had better scripts to work with. The story ends with a nice twist but for the most part it's routine and filled with pretty bad dialogue. The movie is also filled with pretty atrocious acting but Austin and Lundgren deliver the goods that fans of theirs depend on them for. There's also a few good supporting turns by Darren Shahlavi and William B. Davis (of 'THE X-FILES' fame) as bad guys. If you're a fan of any of these actors, or these type of films, you'll probably enjoy this movie.

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  • This is pretty average as far as films are concerned, but considering how terrible a few of Austin's STD films are, this is high praise. I'm a huge Stone Cold Steve Austin fan. Despite that he has nothing to work with a lot of the time, with these STD movies I always check them out when they are released. This one actually has some decent character development. Steve Austin does what he does best, play an anti hero, only without the rattlesnake persona. He's not quite ready to take on such a mysterious role, but he doesn't embarrass himself either. He definitely has presence, and commands your attention at all times. With better scripts, and more experience, Steve Austin can unequivocally be a top action star in Hollywood. He's not the greatest WWE superstar of all time for nothing. It's actually Dolph Lundgren who steals the show. His dark sense of humor was a hoot, and he hammed it up big time. Lundgren has really improved over the years with his acting, and he clearly relishes the villain role. I enjoyed him a lot. I wouldn't say this was filled with action, but it has just enough to keep your attention. For a STD film, it's not too shabby. Never something I'll watch again, but Stone Cold is on the right track

  • Warning: Spoilers
    this film is so stupid and ridiculous that making a review is nothing but total waste of time, but IMDb forces reviewer to donate more words to be qualified for acceptance and, it's so painful that you have to try your best to add up enough words to be submitted.

    first of all, the whole screenplay is nothing but a joke. austin is like a robot or superman immune to knife, re-bar, machine gun bullets, and i think kitchen sink or bathtub don't even count. he was shot so many times in this movie, but turned out to be fine, like nothing happened. he was cut so deep on his chest but like nothing happened. his fingers were broken by his captor, but later didn't show anything sensitive on his broken fingers and still beat up his enemies like nothing happened. well, the so-called "german" was another killing machine but with bad blood that needed to be pumped with good blood periodically. he also acted like invincible but later was beaten up by tommy, a nobody played by steve austin.

    more funny thing was that tommy, the immortal got a wife, a sweetheart totally unnecessary for this movie.

    well, another stupid arrangement was the so-called "the package", something mysteriously borrowed from "ronin", a attaché aluminum case nobody knows what the contents inside but everybody tried their best to kill others to get hold of it. this time, the "package" was a small pamphlet-sized file holder(?) that everybody, like in "ronin" tried every way to get hold of it. what's inside? well, who cares.

    i've wasted all the time to watch it to the end. felt nothing but saw a lot of clueless fist fights, gun fights and anything that this genius director could think of and threw them in. what tommy got in the end was a bag of money, four big bundles of brand new dead president and walked away and went home to his sweetheart. do i need to add more? guess not.
  • mbeck-6438412 January 2019
    For being a low budget film, this one delivers quite a punch. Fight scenes are gritty and choreographed well. No CGI here, just good old fashioned camera work. Don't expect to be blown away, the movie knows it's audience.
  • The movies with Austin and/or Lundgren are no gems having an effect on world cinema, but, however, there are hundreds of kick-butt-and-face movies without no plot (almost). The essence of The Package is quite witty, the ending complex is versatile and includes not-so-trivial solutions - not all guilty ones get killed etc. Of course, there is ample pointless violence and reckless shooting, pre mortem reasoning, and WWE star Austin is not very credible type of caring husband. Nevertheless, you can follow the story with some interest and there are no long scenes where nothing happens; you can kill your 1,5 hours without yawning and realize that 55 years old Lundgren is still fit and often more interesting than in his youth.
  • Plot: A courier for a local crime lord must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters.

    This was very disappointing to me, especially having Lundgren and Austin in a movie together would've been great, but the problem is the story is not very interesting, the writing is sub-par at best, the action is lackluster compared to their other films, and worst of all its just boring. Austin and Lundgren do fine with what they do, but they aren't given much along with the rest of the cast. The villains are very one note and one dimensional. I'm glad the writer would then write the John Wick films which definitely improved his writing and gave the heroes and villains depth and motivations.

    If you're a fan of either Lundgren or Austin, avoid it at all costs watch Hunt to Kill for Austin and Skin Trade for Dolph, they are more worth your time and they deliver what you want.
  • p-jonsson18 December 2014
    This is a direct to video movie with Dolph Lundgren so it is fair to say that my expectations where not really that high. Nevertheless, I do like action movies and I do have a faiblesse for Dolph Lundgren. If nothing else we share the same country of birth. So I sat down to watch this movie yesterday.

    I have to say that I was surprised. This movie is surprisingly good. Compared to the average direct to video action-flick it is very good indeed. Both Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren are great as the tough silent gun-slinging hard-hitting bad guys. Yes both of them are really bad guys although one of them not so much and the other one so very much. I really liked them walking through the movie leaving a trail of surprised, knocked out or dead, mostly dead actually, people.

    The story is not really that bad and it has somewhat of a twist to it even though that twist is fairly easily guessed once you are a bit into the movie. There are plenty of action using both fists and guns. I felt it was pretty well done. A wee bit stupid and illogical at times of course but nothing that ruined the enjoyment. The movie moves at a brisk pace yet there are enough material in between to tie the action together in a logical (logical for a direct to video action movie of course) way.

    Dolph Lundgren have never exactly been an actor who would win any awards for his character portrayal or actual acting performance. I have to say that in this movie he is doing a god job of the role though. "The German" is not just a dumb thug that muscled himself to the top. I quite liked Steve Austin as well. Dolph and Steve are the ones that carries the movie. The rest are mostly props.

    I would say that this is a classical "boys" movie with two classical macho heroes. No silly attempts to put some comedy into it with juvenile jokes. No heroine to save. Just the guys slugging it out. Well, of course there is the obligatory sex-appeal female in the movie but she is one of the bad guys so, not surprisingly she is not around for the grand finale.

    Bottom line: this is a fun classical action movie and I definitely enjoyed it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A debt collector Tommy Wick is asked to deliver a package to 'The German' little realising what the package is and having to fight off other people who want to get the package. A good drinking game would be to have a sip when the word 'package' is said. You'll soon be under the table. It's a conventional action story full of fighting but it's not that gripping, which is a shame as it has a decent cast including Darren Shahlavi and Jerry Trimble as villains. Sometimes though the pseudo tough guy dialogue is mirth provoking. Best of all is Dolph Lundgren as 'The German' who is entertaining when explaining how to make a fruit juice drink or a cocktail and rather touching when he reveals his condition. Steve Austin is also in it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tommy (Steve Austin) plays strong arm for crime boss Big Doug (Eric Keenleyside). Tommy's brother Eddie (Lochlyn Munro) is in prison and owes Big Doug which is why clean cut Austin works for him. Tommy has an offer by Big Doug to clear Eddie's debt by delivering a package to "The German" (Dolph Lundgren). There are forces out there that want the package for themselves. We don't know what is in the package, until about midpoint, when we can figure it out before they tell us.

    Dolph is introduced in a restaurant fight scene where he takes down about a half dozen to a dozen guys armed with automatic weapons by using a butter knife. Okay, it's a large butter knife. Tommy likewise has no trouble overcoming automatic weapons with his wits and fist. The climax scene where we expect the titans to fight was a let down.

    It is a typical fun Austin film, made better by Lundgren playing a likeable villain, a role similar to "One in the Chamber." If you like action films with simple plots, tough guy characters, fair dialogue and acting optional, this one fits the bill. A worthy addition to any Stone Cold collection.

    Parental Guide: No sex, nudity, or F-bombs that I recall.
  • To take this movie from a serious and completely professional perspective would be inappropriate. This movie has the feel of a crazy but captivating action movie that is enjoyable to watch and love. Sure, the acting may be a bit off at times, but the rest of the movie holds up surprisingly well. The musical scoring is good, the plot is a bit generic but isn't too cliché that it's frustrating, and the casting/scripts were chosen well.

    To conclude, if you want to see a movie purely to just laugh and enjoy yourself, this is recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tommy (Austin) and his partner Julio (Dopud) are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who work for big shot mob boss Big Doug (Keenleyside). They go around collecting debts for Mr. Big and everything seems peachy keen. One day, Tommy is entrusted to deliver THE PACKAGE to rival crime lord The German (Dolph). Seems simple enough, but Tommy's life is about to get a lot more stressful, because hordes of baddies start chasing him because they want what he's supposed to deliver. Devon (Shahlavi) commands a gang of highly-trained assassins, including token female gang member Monique (Ganderton), and others, such as Carl (Trimble) fight Tommy every step of the way. Tommy just wants to get back to his wife Darla (Kerr) but it's going to be a battle to get there. Will Tommy survive, or will The Package be marked Return to Sender? Find out today...

    We enjoyed The Package. It had an old-school vibe that we could really get into. All the movie really consists of is a series of fights between Stone Cold and various other characters. For us, the highlights naturally were the fight with Darren Shahlavi, who was so memorable as the baddie from Bloodmoon (1997), the fight with none other than Jerry Trimble, who we thought looked and sounded great, time has been very kind to him and we hope this revives his movie career, and of course the Dolph-Stone Cold battle that the whole film leads up to. Dolph is known only as "The German" - it seems he plays a lot of Russian, American, and now German characters, never any Swedish ones it seems - and it was nice to see him as a baddie after a long string of hero roles. It seems his last bad guy role, or at least the only one that comes to mind, was way back as Ivan Drago.

    Not to be confused with the Gene Hackman vehicle The Package (1989), this particular The Package makes for entertaining and pleasant DTV action viewing, and has a different look and feel than another Anchor Bay-released Dolph outing, The Killing Machine (2010) (which interestingly also featured actress Monique Ganderton) - so if you're worried that Anchor Bay is just pumping out a mindless, samey stream of Dolph movies, have no fear, that's not the case. Besides, where else will you see Dolph extolling the virtues of a good fruit salad? That alone makes The Package worth at least one viewing. Of course, the classic clichés are also delivered (pun intended?) - the Prerequisite Torture of the hero, the wife of the hero who wants him to quit his dangerous job/lifestyle, and a favorite of ours, when the baddies find a place where they know the hero is, then break out at least one machine gun and proceed to shoot up the place from outside, in an extended shooting scene, rather than go inside, giving the hero ample time to survive.

    It was comforting to watch a solidly-made modern-day actioner - it always helps to know you're in capable hands (speaking about the writing and direction, and all the other technical aspects, which were all pretty much right on target). Director Johnson had previously made Pit Fighter (2005), so we were familiar with him from that. The Package gets our stamp of approval.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Living without regrets has always been my way. Such a free and progressive life philosophy. Until this movie.

    My friends in this group ("Jrock") decided to get together and watch this movie, and I boldly said that I would correct the oversight of there being no proper reviews for it... for once in my life, I feel an oppressive regret that I can only hope is healed by time.

    First, let me apologize for spoiling it a bit. You are going to watch something else anyways (I hope) so please don't hate me, but a summary does not do the movie justice.

    It stars "Stone Cold" and "Smoking Man (from X-Files)". Okay, so the latter is just a cameo near the end, but he does some good acting. It was a thrill to see him for the few minutes he was in it.

    As for everyone and everything else, I was in disbelief the whole time. It wasn't funny, cheesy, or a parody of Ronin. It was just... sub-par. I mean, I don't know what they did wrong so that I can offer constructive criticism, it is like if they just couldn't do anything right, or put a movie together as a coherent whole.

    I am sorry that I watched this, because it makes me doubt the validity of a "capitalist economy". Really, didn't somebody read the script and say "these people need good lines. We can't let just anybody write this stuff anymore. This is the era of dialogue that people can invest in".

    Okay, if I describe it in parts, you may want to see it. Don't. It is less than the sum of its parts by far. Watch... anything else. Please.

    Sorry, I'm so sorry, I wish I could save the world from this experience. Or at least fix the movie for you.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I won't lie, i am a fan of Steve Austin's movie. They are usually low budget action flicks, but they deliver nicely and I'm in for a good time. Dolph Lundgren is also a star that i like, and owns several DTV movies he made, some pretty good, some not that great, but there is certainly more good than bads.

    This movie and Maximum Conviction(Austin/Seagal) came out nearly at the same time, but i had trouble finding The Package. After having saw the previous Austin movie with Seagal i tough "hey if Austin can make a decent movie with Seagal, he surely can with Lundgren" but i think either the long wait have put my expectation too hight or i was misleaded by the cover.

    I tough Austin and Lundgren where partners in this, but the facts are that Lundgren end up being the big bad of the movie, even tough the movie present him as a main character and somewhat when Austin's charisma free partner get kill, you are waiting for him and Lundgren to team up together or something to go fight the baddies team lead by Darren Shahlavi.

    Honestly i can't understand where it got wrong. I mean the mercenary team of Darren Shahlavi was OK, with a little bit more time and dialogue put trough them i think they could had been better villains and Darren proved many time he is excellent at playing the villain. But here they use him more as a sub boss if i can use a video game term. Add a Jerry Trimble cameo(and the guy still delivers pretty good) for another sub boss and you end up wondering where the movie is going most of it.

    The final twist was kinda disappointing to me, and the fight between Austin and Lundgren is far from being impressive, especially considering the intro scene of Lundgren that was way better. I know Dolph ain't getting younger, but not that many years ago he delivered some pretty cool fight scenes in his recent movie. Must be the robe or whatever... i dunno.

    In any case, yes its a DTV movie, and yes it ain't terrible, i appreciated seeing Trimble again, Darren Shahlavi work very well with the script he was given. Lundgren dialogues are very OK, i just feel the general story of the movie could had been better, and the fights more impressive. Austin's hand to hand fights also need improvement, especially if they put him against real martial artist... I know he is a brawler, but still...

    Anyway i am sure Austin's got many more nice action movie in store, and Lundgren will reprise his excellent role as Gunnar in Expendables 3, so it ain't the end of the world that this movie was under my expectation.

    I would give it a 6.5 could i use this rating, cause i had a decent time, i was just expecting more.
  • In this movie Sean Austin is the hero , while Dolph Lundgren is the villain. I'm not a fan of Steve Austin and I don't think that he has too many fans either. The fact that someone like Steve Austin is being now promoted as action movie star really shows how action movies miss a stars like Stallone , Schwarzenegger or Willis. Austin as an actor is only little better than Steven Seagal and he doesn't have any sort of style or charm. I doubt that anyone will remember him in the next 20 years .

    Dolph Lundgren plays here a villain. Usually he's been good at this type of stuff ("Rocky 4" , "Johnny Mnemonic" , "The Expendables") , but strangely for him he fails here. Maybe it's because he plays here a character completely unsuited for him – intellectual in a robe , talking about how to make a good drink . It's bizarre to see Lundgren in this kind of role and despite the fact that he has one shootout and fighting scene he's pretty much wasted here.

    "The Package" has a very decent production values , especially for a straight-to-DVD movie. It feels actually like a TV movie. Compare this to some of Seagal's most recent movies and you will see the difference.

    The movie is pretty much a standard low budget action movie . There's nothing special about action scenes here . For most of time we have to sit and suffer watching as uninteresting characters played by bad actors talk and talk and talk (there's some pretty bad dialogue here). Same goes for the story with one exception – the ending . The ending , the big twist is REALLY SOMETHING GOOD . It's something I didn't expected . Too bad that the whole rest of movie sucks , because the ending deserved a much better movie.

    Watch out for William B. Davis (Cigarette smoking man from "X-files") in small role of doctor. He actually gives the best performance in the whole movie.

    If you want to see Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren in one movie together you should watch "The Expendables" instead . I give it 2/10 (mostly because of the ending).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a sub B-Movie without hiding it, but that is fine. The question is: why like this? Why not just try to let it make sense.

    The plot is easy, there is just a little twist halfway; but it doesn't matter if you know it already or not. So, for the twist in the plot this movie also does not get any points.

    The acting is bad, but fine. And the 50-something years old fighting like 25 year old kick- boxers; OK. I can deal with it.

    The big problem is the fighting. When you fight for your life, you don't let anyone live; right? Well, you can make that mistake once, but why 3 times? And when you are in a shootout; you just don't empty your gun on 1 guy and then try to fight the next guy with a gun with your bare hands. And that happens at least 3 times. Or when you get a fisted, full power, in your face; and that for 5 times in a row, you just don't stand up. When you finally get somebody who tries to kill you on the ground, you don't wait until he gets up. So, when you make a movie with excessive violence (Gun and fighting), then at least try to make it believable please! I just don't get it that there was some writer of the script; who even tries to put some story line in the movie (even though he repeats the: "I will come for your family"-part once to often); but then he does not care to make it believable.

    So my question is: why do people make a movie like this. Just to get paid? And who is investing in these kind of movies? Are you going to make money on these kind of projects? I really do wonder!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    don't waste your time watching this movie. i don't want to waste my time writing this review. the movie was so bad i feel i have to warn others. what's there to say. you know the formula. it stars Steve Austin so you know many goons are gonna get their asses kicked and old Steve will be alright in the end. Dolph Lundgrin is looking pretty bad these days and appears to be on his last legs taking any role offered to him. what people do for money. this is straight to DVD garbage. fistfights,gunfights, bla bla bla. all pointless. IMDb says i gotta write 1,000 words. so i could go on about how much this movie sucks but i don't wanna waste more time.
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