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  • adrossan24 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    What should have been an unbearable cliffhanger in the making was not only NOT a Total Rebuild, it was a Total Letdown.

    The copy I saw was only 43 minutes, so I can't speak for a fuller version, but even so this had the framework of Pumping Iron to follow, and it was just plain shoddy.

    Poorly shot, poorly edited, badly produced, no information, not even a timeline or basic explanation of events, let alone letting the viewer know where it was shot (Sydney) and the behind-the-scenes drama that Pumping Iron captured so well, this cut is a perfect example of how not to present footage.

    A crass attempt to cash in on Arnie and bodybuilding followers, probably with the intent of "they'll buy anything" and doesn't it show.

    What a waste of an incredible event in history.

    I'm glad Paul Hogan shoved an ice cream down your speedos Paul Graham, you deserve a belt in what is probably a very small target.