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  • The only thing I can think of that's positive about this film, is that Cox is a bit of a looker. Otherwise this is like a very long episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. There's loads of terrible dialogues and overly predictable actions played by a bunch of pretty people without charisma. The attempts to squeeze in some lessons about judging one another too soon - or whatever it is they meant - really made my skin crawl.

    Of course, one could wonder why I even finished watching this film... I don't really have an answer to that. I suppose I do like the occasional bad movie once in a while, and again, Cox isn't hard to look at.

    The worst film I've seen so far this year. Don't watch this unless you are a fan of the aforementioned series or want to watch something really awful for a change.
  • Christina Cox plays an Anger Management counsellor at a high school who discovers that her unemployed husband has been in an online relationship with a younger woman.

    Suddenly Cox finds herself being smeared online and suggestive photos and videos are being posted. She thinks that it is one of her troublesome students that is behind it all. No one including her high school principal decide to call the police.

    The actual cyber stalker turns out to be Ali Liebert, a doctor's receptionist and also a disturbed woman under therapy for mental health issues who begins to get increasingly loopy as she stops taking her medication and obsessed with Cox's husband.

    The film leaves no cliché untouched as Liebert tries to ingratiate with the family by babysitting for them one night so she can get close to them. However Liebert displays dazzling IT skills as well becoming increasingly violent. A final showdown between the two women leads to an inept catfight and a preachy conclusion.

    The film has that cheap true story type made for cable look with a low level daytime soap standard script and I am not sure where this was supposed to be based as we see shots of the CN Tower which is in Toronto.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A frustrated laid off draftsman begins an online "chat" with an emotionally unbalanced woman, who it turns out works in the office of his son's asthma doctor.

    This is definitely a thriller all the way. Ironically, the guy's wife works for an anger management company that works with youth who have been through the court system.

    When the wife discovers these chats, she gets her husband to break off with this psychotic woman, but the die has already been cast. Linking into the wife's computer, when she babysits for the boy, she begins quite a campaign of harassment in an attempt to ruin the wife.

    Nothing will stop this sick woman, even murder for anyone getting in her way.

    This is definitely an exciting thriller with the stern message of being careful when you're online.
  • The movie is one that keeps you paying attention, since this woman who is stalking the man is very disturbed. She tries things that are very extreme, and she has no morals whatsoever.

    I finished watching it and am wondering if it is based on a true story or not. In the beginning of the film it says it is, however at the end it says it is pure fiction.

    I would love to know if it is true, and if so who do the characters represent? I believe that there are sick people in the world and this very well could be true.

    In short, if you like suspense I think you will enjoy this film.