Joey: When I'm sober... When I'm healthy and well... I hurt people. I'm lethal. I drink to weaken the machine they made.

Joey: You've got a knife? I've got a spoon.

Cristina: How will you get home?

Joey: I'm a gangster, I'll steal a car.

Tracey: So Joey, are you exclusively gay?

Joey: You know, it's interesting. Recently, I've found myself attracted to nuns.

[last lines]

Joey: [in his letter] Now I go back to the street and disappear. I was alive again for one summer. I'm glad I spent it with you. I hope Africa treats you well. All my love, Joseph Smith.

Joey: You know why she ended up in the river? Because that's what the river's for. To wash away girls when they're finished with them!

Joey: Sister, I'm Catholic.

Cristina: I'm not your sister. I'm drunk, and I'm up against the wall.

Cristina: You look like a good man.

Joey: So take a picture.

Cristina: Did your daughter ask for photos?

Joey: No, when she's older. This way she'll have something to remind her of me.

Cristina: You won't see her?

Joey: I don't think I'll look like this for much longer.

Cristina: What exactly happened ?

Joey: You don't remember ?

Cristina: [shakes head showing she does not remember] It's all a blur

Joey: You asked me to kiss you... So I kissed you.

Cristina: You didn't have to kiss me just because I asked.

Cristina: [Christina in taxi on her way to airport destination Africa opening envelope with a letter and Photos from Joey Smith] Dear Christina... I just wanted to say thank you for taking the photographs Considering I smeared the pictures they turned out pretty well. Gave all the best ones to my daughter. So... you are left with the ugly ones... and the scary ones. Sorry

Cristina: Actually, Joey, I do like photographs. I take photographs... usually of nature.

Joey: Penises are nature, I suppose.

Cristina: Yes, I suppose they are.

Mr. Choy: You want to work?

Joey: Yeah.

Mr. Choy: You know what kind of work I do...

Joey: They say you want a driver.

Mr. Choy: I got a lot of businesses. They say you're a hard man. It's a hard city.