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  • I thought I would like this show and really hoped that I would but I just could not get into it at all. I did not like most of the cast or maybe the problem was how the characters were written or some combination of those two things. Either way however I just did not find them or the show at all funny. I thought it was very juvenile but at the same time not very much fun. As a lifelong collector of comic books who has always loved comics and the culture of collecting and hanging out in the local comics stores, I thought a show about a comic book store would have a lot of fun and funny moments but this show did not deliver on those for me.
  • The acting was over the top and the writing was not good either... I didn't like this show.
  • This show had a good idea behind it of being a Canadian comedy series with a geeky heart. They were obviously trying to be a kind of a Canadian Big Bang Theory but just couldn't pull it off. The acting is pretty ham and the writing is not very funny. Not a winner of a TV show but not the worst either.
  • MisterKevin21 October 2018
    I like the idea of the show but the show had some problems. It is too bad because it would have been great to have a comic book store set comedy show here in Canada but it was not meant to be. Good idea but the jokes were not great but that could be the problem of bad acting which this show had in spades.
  • Why this is rated so low is beyond me. "Almost heroes" is actually a funny show. It's about two brothers who run the comic store of their late father. The store is located in a small mall, which is frequented by your randomly weird and neurotic people. Acting is fine, jokes are not bad at all and some are even really good too. If you like stuff like IT crowd, Kevin smith movies or the Big Bang Theory, you might find an enjoyable time waster in this show. And if you think Spawn should be given away as a free complimentary comic with the purchase of a cup of coffee, you are geek enough to enjoy it more than others...

    There are much worse shows out there, so I hope this one picks up some fans and keeps going for a while.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Based on the pilot, this show tries to hard to be 'over the top', with joke after joke in seriously bad taste yet no actual funniness. For example, it's supposed to be funny when an overweight, insecure shop girl head butts her mocking, attractive coworker, giving her "the worst concussion they've ever seen" at the ER. It's supposed to be funny that everyone is such a loser with no grasp on reality. That the security guard takes home a mannequin from the store, for 'date night'. That the predatory sports shop owner verbalizes nothing but abuse and threats. It's like they just came up with every loser-y cliché they could think of and threw it in, thinking it would be funny. It isn't. Because it's all just so creepy and there's nothing and no one to like.

    Watch at your own risk!
  • Just happened to see this listed in the "this show is like" section of another Canadian sitcom and remembered watching it back in.... wow I guess 2011?

    Anyway this show had good intentions and a show set in a comic book store would be cool. Maybe based a bit too much on Big Bang Theory, you can tell the idea is "Big Bang's nerds but with dirty jokes".

    As other reviews here pointed out years ago though, the writing and acting were both very bad. The jokes weren't just old and predictable, they were just poorly written and performed. This show had nothing new to offer and, like so many other bad Canadian sitcoms, it was just cheaply and poorly done on all fronts.

    It's a shame to waste a good location and idea. Now years later we still have the same problem with poorly done Canadian comedy shows continuing to be made. Why is it so hard to just make good shows here?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After watching the first episode, I was hooked! This is not a series to be taken seriously. One needs to understand that this is a joke after joke comedy series and everything including script and props in every scene is literally, a joke. I hate it when I read reviews bashing something witty simply because they take the content too seriously.

    This is a story of two brothers who take over their late father's comic book store. One is a Harvard dropout and the other lives in a world all his own having truly no grasp on reality. Living and sleeping in bunk beds in the store which is located in a small strip mall next to a clothing store "Sassitude" and "Sportapalooza" with owners and workers throwing out sarcasm, puns and insults at every turn.

    I actually wish I knew people like this in real life. I would laugh a lot more and the comebacks may come a bit easier during those little opportune moments when you wish you had something witty to say.

    If you have ever seen and loved TV shows like "PUREPWNAGE" or "Big Bang Theory" then this is right up your alley. If you think the jokes are tasteless and your sense of humor can't handle it, stick with CSI.
  • Peter (Ryan Belleville) followed his father with his love of comic book nerdness. His brother Terry (Paul Campbell) escaped by going to Harvard business school. The opposite brothers are forced together when they inherit the family comic book store. Bernie (Lauren Ash) works next door in the clothing store.

    The humor is hit and miss. There is some fun but especially this is a good fun brother relations. Lauren Ash is the stand out and the discovery here. It has the feeling of a good indie production. It lasted 8 episodes and I could have watched a few more but I doubt more than one season. What's needed is an injection of more popular geek references. It needs better writing.
  • rinicolini16 January 2012
    I really wish this show hadn't been canceled. I guessed it was Canadian before I even looked it up. The humor is priceless, and typically Canadian, with lots of dry wit and slapstick elements: a good meld of Corner Gas (humor type) and Big Bang Theory (geeky subject matter). I actually like it more than Corner Gas, though my husband might disagree with me. But we both agree on this: too bad it wasn't given more of a chance.

    The characters are lovable and zany (and yes, not very believable, but very fun). We are really enjoying the few episodes, and are disappointed that we'll have to look elsewhere when they're done. Overall, a great laugh.