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  • irtelam14 September 2011
    Steins Gate managed to get a top spot in my anime collection.Why?Because it is simply brilliant.I have to give a special thanks to writer and director of this series since I hardly wait every week for a new episode.

    Well enough flattering and let me give suggestions why you should watch this series.Firstly the plot is awesome.I haven't seen any 'time-travel' topic like in this anime.With every passing episode,you left with wanting to see and learn more.Characters fits the show perfectly.Their relation with each other and their progress through the series is worth watching. Voice actors did their job very well.And I love the combination of comedy-drama-action trio.They pulled it so good.

    All in all,it's a worth watching series and highly recommend for anyone who wants to see something different in an anime,you won't regret it.
  • This is an amazing anime no doubt. Outstanding story and unbelievably unique characters that will stay with you forever. Unbelievably strong character development and plot structure. This is one of those anime's that you could easily re-watch the early episodes and every time you do you will end up connecting more dots - "oh, so that's why that happened! I get it now!", you will think to yourself.

    The first 11 episodes are slow paced but for a reason. Don't give up watching because the early episodes are necessary to set the context for the outstanding story that follows. If you stick with this anime past the midpoint, you will not regret it. Episode 12 is where the action starts and from there the action doesn't stop until the end.

    Okarin, the main character, is amazing in the English Dub. You will laugh with him, cry with him, and feel with him throughout his journey. Some characters seem annoying at first, but they grow on you too, so be patient. Honestly, everything about this anime is unique; the characters are unique, the plot is unique, the writing is unique; it's unlike anything I've ever seen before and that is what makes it so wonderful.

    One of the best anime's I have ever seen.

    If you are looking for a compelling story and strong character development, look no further.

  • I don't have words to express my love for this Anime. Simply put, one of the best Animes to ever appear. I actually feel blessed to be able to watch this.

    The show starts off slowly but steadily. Each episode makes you yearn for more and more. About halfway through the series, the show takes a turn from its simple and slow style to a massively emotional and intellectual one. With near perfect pacing, amazing writing and direction, deep and involved characters and spectacular voices, this show is one you will remember for a long, long, long time. I would have given 15/10 stars if possible. El Psy Congroo.
  • ecimir28 January 2012
    After Death Note and Code Geass, I finally found another show worth calling amazing.

    Starts slow and immature. But soon plot develops great as well as the characters and their relations. Amazing and very realistic characters. Great plot. Great sound and animation. Very emotional. I was skeptic when heard that this show was about time travel but it exceeded all my expectations. It's amazing and must watch show. Consider that I gave 10 starts for this show and I am very hard to get impressed. 9 of 10 movies or series I watch I'll probably consider boring, stupid or simply bad but this one is simply amazing.
  • Well i think i probably haven't added anything to what the other have wrote but actually here are some of my thoughts about the anime

    This anime contains almost everything needed, it has a good and captivating story-line. It stays on the story-line in every show and has its good combination of sci-fi, romance, comedy and mystery. the proportions of these factors are chosen in an expert way which makes this anime keep you watching it till the end while keep you guessing from time to time.

    I felt like it had a little slow start but i'd say it doesn't affect the richness of the series.

    This anime is actually one of my favorite one. and i hope to see if they make a second one. but chances seem pretty slim.

    Oh and a personal request please if any of you know some good anime specially in Sci-fi and mystery a reply would be very much appreciated
  • raulflober11 September 2013
    Im not that of a crazy anime fan or such, i just like amazing stories. Well, you got one of the finest here.

    At first the show starts slow and kind of childish, but as soon the story develops, it transforms into a quite deep and emotional one.The pacing of the story, the way they play with time in both storytelling and the plot itself is just superb.This show got all packed just right: drama, romance, sci-fi, action and comedy. The music is good. The animation is quite nice and i agree that the voice acting is outstanding, specially with the "Mad Scientist", he will become in one of your favorite characters ever, i can tell you, he is incredibly well developed. And for that matter, all the other characters are very well made too, you will feel emotionally connected to them. The premise of the show has some deep philosophical meanings: If time travel would be possible, Could a man escape his fate? What would a man do with almost divine abilities? What does the time really mean? At the end of the show, i was left thinking about the immanence of our existence and many other mindf*cking stuff.

    If you want a really, really outstanding show, you don't have to look to another place.
  • WOW, now this was an amazing anime. Its been a long while since I was this interested in an anime and enjoyed it this much.

    The characters in this anime are just AWESOME. They are so well made and you just get to love them immediately. The main protagonist is a great one. I immediately liked him and he just kept on getting better and better. Loved his dialogues and character. I self proclaimed evil mad scientist who is a actually a good guy. You get to feel for and love every main character, and even some of the side characters. Their meetings, bafoonery etc etc, its just fun to watch.

    The writing and dialogue in this anime is another thing I really liked, its just awesome. The anime might seem slow paced to many because it is basically dialogue and interactions for the first few episodes but not for me. It was so enjoyable that it didn't even seemed a tad bit boring or slow paced.

    Story is also a great one. It is not everyday you get to see a take on time travelling in this way, which is very personal and emotional. You get to see and feel that messing with time, even a tad bit is no joke and shouldn't be taken lightly. It can have great consequences. Even when the plot thickens and gets big, the anime never lets go of its personal touch and feeling instead of pursuing grandeur scenes. The anime is really humorous too at times. But it doesn't get way too much that a person starts cringing or groaning, which is the case with many animes. In fact, the humour in it is one of the best displayed I have seen in an anime which is not specifically a Comedy anime. It doesn't get childish or too animeish etc. It just stays right. I had a pretty good laughs at some scenes while in others a smile was always present on my face.

    Animation is really good, well defined and detail and pretty to look at. Soundtrack is also really good. Sets the mood in emotional scenes and is rightly appropriate for funny scenes.

    I do wish that the anime was a little longer so that they could have shown some background of some of the main characters.

    Overall, I would say, a really great anime and of the best take on time travelling I have ever seen. 9.25/10
  • I just binge-watched the whole series in a few days. It has one of the most compelling story arcs of any anime I've seen. The early episodes are interesting but not exceptionally so, with an unstable protagonist, a schlub, and some idiot cosplay girl. But it's amusing, and various characters are added. The time travel story starts slowly, but this is necessary, and the series becomes incredibly compelling as the results of small time shifts create big problems.

    At times I got a little lost in the story, but the series does generally catch you up again, and while I would need to see some sort of elaborate diagram to see if this all holds together, in my mind it seems to.

    The series is swimming in time paradox issues, and at times I think it's closer in spirit to fantasy than to sci fi, especially since there seems to be a rather unscientific concept of fate, but it's incredibly absorbing throughout, and the characters become surprising likable and nuanced as the series progresses.
  • randomguy9419 July 2013
    Wow, what a fantastic series. This anime will definitely leave a massive impression on you if you give it the time and chance. I almost gave up straight after the first episode due to not being able to follow what was happening, but in retrospect this is necessary to allow a brilliantly constructed story to unfold to a climactic and satisfying conclusion. At first some of the characters can seem fairly annoying when looked at individually, but their personalities and chemistry makes the group cohesive and vibrant. This is the first sci-fi anime I've seen and the time travel concepts and the physical laws imposed are thought through in great depth. I love how they relate to modern physics at some points to add depth and realism to the plot. All in all... Great looking anime, quality soundtrack and voice acting, and amazingly written story.
  • Ore-Sama27 March 2014
    First off, I will say that the comments the series starts off slow are misleading. True, it takes awhile to get to the main point, but "Steins;Gate" never fails to engage on any level, and in fact engages on all levels beautifully. Humor? Gut busting. Intensity? Oh yes. Drama? Undoubtedly. Starting out as the misadventures of a self proclaimed mad scientist who may have stumbled upon a means of time travel, this series can shift gears in the blink of an eye, without any sense of whiplash, because it can do every tone so strongly. It's rare to see such a mishmash of genres pull off all of it's genres. You have a sic-fi thriller with elements of Haruhi Suzumiya esque club based slice of life dramedy, with elements of political thriller to boot. I don't want to say any more. This one should simply be experienced with as little foreknowledge as possible.
  • It's been some time since I've seen an anime that I enjoyed so much. Especially when I thought I was done with the genre because of the repeating themes and motifs.

    Steins;Gate is a cleverly written anime revolving around Okabe Rintarou aka the self proclaimed mad scientist Hououin Kyouma and his meddling with time. I can't tell more without giving the best part of the story away.

    I started watching the show after seeing that it had favorable reviews and I must admit that the beginning is kind of slow. The spark that ignites the main conflict only shows up later, which is a rather peculiar structural property of the plot. However, I will say this: if you're somewhat appalled by fan-service characters, overly dramatized reactions, childish characters and anime stereotypes, wait patiently because a beautiful story is about to unfold and the necessary plot preparations must be done. For this story, a careful setting of the stage is very important.

    What I enjoyed most was the chemistry between the two protagonists and the way these character develop. Also, the execution of the time travel story was well done, time travel being a genre that many have failed to illustrate properly.

    And now, the bad parts. The pace of the show is rather irregular with a slow start and a somewhat abruptly orchestrated (yet satisfying) finish and many of the characters lack depth; they just fill a designated role. Also, science part behind the time travel gadget did not really convince me.

    I would rate this show with an 8 but in the end, I really enjoyed the characters and the interactions between them. Also, the big WTF moment was really... WTF. That's why I'll be a bit subjective and add an extra point. I would be more specific on the extra point but I do not want to spoil you.

    I really hope that I will have the opportunity to watch more anime of this quality. Truly, a job well done.
  • I logged into the account I never use to write my very first review on IMDb because THIS IS DESERVED of it. Steins;gate is a sci-fi, maybe even on the noir side, epic, that will have you crying, laughing, cringing (in a good way), and laughing again. If you like anime, and you have not seen Steins;gate, this is the thing you should go watch. Steins;gate the series. I have not played through the visual novel, read the manga, or seen the movie. I just know how spell bounding the anime was.

    Some say it starts off slow, but it actually does kick off to a relatively good pace in the first episode. It just seems slow compared to what lies beyond it, which was very fast paced for me (and I loved it). The English voice actors did a beautiful, beautiful job. The character depth and progression had me hooked very early, and up until the end it was such an emotional journey to be on indeed. The music was just heartwarming and also sad (in a good way).

    the main character, mad scientist whatever his name is, is a goofy little guy with a love for gadgets and trinkets, and math and physics. In a turn of events he gets himself caught in some kind of time paradox, in which the world goes to ruin, mostly because of the accidental invention of a time machine. Without knowing yet what lies at stake, he rounds up more friends to share in the glory of being able to harness the power of time itself BUT soon enough everything falls apart, and he has to like, y'know fix it, and now I've said enough.

    This is THE anime epic I had waited to see, and I'm so glad I did. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all let me warn you though : the first say 1.5 episodes are a bit slow, but then it is taking up speed FAST, so be patient till it does.


    It is also a bit confusing how reality changes a few times in the first 1.5 episodes ^^ But as soon as they did teleport the banana everybody should be on board for the ride ^^ Well, that is the latest point at which you start loving it, usually you will start even earlier.


    But once you are getting a feel of the land, so to speak, it get's really awesome ! You just need a bit to get into it at first, once you are in, it is one hell of a ride (at least the episodes I have seen so far). What else can I say about it without any spoilers ? It definitely belongs in the top 5 Anime series of the last 5 years. I gave it full 10 stars, and I do that extremely seldom ! Just don't be discouraged cause in the beginning you get the feeling it is all confusing and no fun. Give it 2 episodes,by then you should start loving at, 2.5-3 at the most. I know I had to start it 3 times (3rd time was the charm, I guess), and was discouraged the first 2 times, but then I read one good review after the other, and people there also said it is a slow starter, that I should give it a little time to warm up to it, and BOY am I happy I listened to them and gave it a 3rd chance !!!

    Just have fun with a wild&crazy ride
  • You don't get many pieces of entertainment that does justice by picking up the cliché time travel concept. Steins;Gate was made by the objective of 99% science and 1 % fiction.

    The first 11 eps may make you believe that its just a light hearted sci- fi , slice of life , but after that it picks up its pace. Some of you might not understand fully what science they're babbling but you can just try to comprehend whatever you can do and if interested , get the visual novel for detailed experience.

    Steins;Gate is THAT roller coaster which will make you cry , smile and shock altogether. A well crafted story+ believable theory + awesome characterization + perfect time loop = masterpiece .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly a thank you to the director and producers of Steins Gate.

    This Anime is now set fast at number 1 on my list.

    I love the idea around the time travel in this series, the story starts off very playful and foolish almost idiotic, but as it develops is almost as if evolution itself is happen in front of your eyes it turns into something masterfully absolutely beautiful.

    The idea of moving between time lines(almost like string theory describes (multiverse)) mental rather than physically is brilliant. The characters are amazing, the story itself leaves no holes. It really gripped my attention all the way through, i found myself tearful and laughing out loud.

    I will forever now recommend this be viewed by anyone and everyone. This truly is an Absolutely Beautiful Master Piece どうもありがとう。 Hiroshi Hamasaki & Takuya Sato (bows)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of my favourite anime series of recent years; it features a good story, a great cast of characters as well as moments of both comedy and tragedy. The story follows Rintaro Okabe a self-styled mad scientist who has invented a time machine from a microwave and a mobile phone… he can't transport people but figures out how to send text messages back in time, which can cause time to change; each time it changes only he can remember the previous time line. Itaru "Daru" Hashida a computer hacker and Kurisu Makise a girl who died in the opening moments of the first episode but came back to life after one of his experiments assist him along with his old friend Mayuri Shiina. In the early episodes he sets about using the machine to improve the lives of his various friends but becomes aware that he has come to the attention of SERN and they want to stop his actions. One day they find him and in a shocking moment one of his close friends is killed. He repeatedly tries to change the past to save her but whatever he does she dies. If he is to save her he must undo everything he has done… and ultimately that will mean Kurisu will die again; will he be able to make that sacrifice or will he find a way to save her?

    As stated before I really enjoyed this; I was quickly pulled into the story and eagerly looked forward to seeing each new episode. Rintaro was a great lead character as he was both funny and sympathetic and the rest of the group were fun to watch too. I had thought it was a comedy until the 'tragic moment' when I was genuinely shocked! The animation style is more realistic than many anime series and a more subdued colour palette gives it a distinctive feel. I strongly recommend this series to fans of anime and science fiction alike and hope that it gets a DVD release here one day.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • Discovered anime late in life and was pretty much gobsmacked not only by the quality (usually high) but the variations. As with any other production most usually do one thing better than another, some have better art, some better scripts, some better voice actors, etc. And then we have Steins Gate, pretty much a 1-of, where every aspect is well perfect. (Yes, I know, a very controversial statement. I have seen anime fans say the same thing in chat groups, only to elicit responses of contempt, suggesting perhaps their parents never married). But folks this is I think as good as it gets. Superb art. Super voice actors (in Japanese of course, but after a while it doesn't matter). Characters so real you think you know them. And a story unlike any other. No crazy wars, no crazy magic, no crazy fantasy world, just a young man with delusions of being a mad scientist, with his own Scooby gang, who actually invents a time machine (sort of) and then has to stand by while his world comes apart. This series is nothing less than extraordinary.

    And oh yeah I almost forgot. In an entertainment universe of a million love stories (with my favorites being, in no special order, HERE COMES MR. JORDAN, LADYHAWKE, and the Buffy TV series) the love angle in this is nothing short of spectacular. Especially for animee.
  • tsudarshan64428 August 2014
    well to begin with the concept itself is really amazing and the animation is top notch,the starting might be kinda slow but further down the road it makes you stay on the edge.Overall a fantastic anime easily in my top ten.I would give this show 11 stars if possible hats off to the writers.It might come as a new concept believe me its worth every millisecond of your time but it has only 25 episodes which is kinda sad u might finish it in a few days, i think you cannot continue these thriller anime for long so nothing to blame.Coming to the plot , one word "amazing" it mainly revolves around a student who thinks that he is a mad scientist and it moves on to all his research and experiments and how he meets new people during the course of time.Nonetheless i wish you enjoy this anime as much as i did.
  • It starts kind of slow and lazy. Unlike other masterpieces (i.e. Death Note) that capture you from that first episode, it takes more than few episodes here for the viewer to invest in the story. It is absolutely crucial though, to see the first few (say 10) episodes. It is in those episodes that we learn the world the characters are living in. Their relationships, their goals, their ambitions. We need to know these in order to enjoy the rest of the show. It's been so long since I binged this anime and I can still hear Okarin's "mad scientist" laugh and the sweat sound of Mayuri's tutturu!

    When you enter the second half of the anime, every episode is a race for dear life. It is pure gold if you endure the first few episodes. I don't want to give anything away, just watch the show. I'll give you a piece of advice though. It might be more convenient to watch the dubbed version. I think in order to really relate to the characters (how innocent Maturi is, how crazy Okarin is, how disgusting/genius Itaru is) it is best to watch the anime with Japanese audio.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i recently watched death note and was confused which one to watch next. it finally came down to choose between code geass and steins gate. I really feel that i made a good choice in choosing steins gate. it took me two days to come out of the mood set by steins gate. so many thoughts kept flashing my mind making me wonder if these things are really possible or not.

    the story is about time travel. but the complexity and character development is where i fell for in the anime. i wont spoil what happens but it all comes down to a choice between a loved one and a childhood friend. that choice changes everything and makes it much more emotional.

    it contained everything. comedy,romance,friendship,sadness,death, whatever you can ask for you can find it in this anime. i highly recommend it to anime lovers.
  • To put it in simple words ,there are few characters which match up with each other and the plot deepens each character role and the character are awesome... a mad scientist,a cute little girl who always follow him, a super hacker who is funny as hell and a smart and cute female scientist , a guy who is mistaken for a girl because he dress up like one , and etc

    As the plot gets deeper u will get to know the complexity of each character and how much they play a role in bringing the series to the next level..

    The story is about time travel, time line, time machine and how manipulating time effects the people around them ...

    24 episodes with an ova and a full movie...

    watch all of it to get a full picture and trust me it is worth it...

    Story(Plot):10/10 Character:9/10 Animation(graphic):10/10

    Music(soundtrack and sound effects ):9/10

    overall:10/10 #
  • Maybe this is the best anime in the world after "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood". Why? Because this anime has a very complicated story, a very epic dialogue, a plot-twist ending, and a very supportive seiyuu. Due to the very high rating, I will try to review this anime. By the way, this is my favorite anime. Also, I usually rewatched how many times because it gets boring.

    "Steins;Gate" has an impression of a very slow plot. For people who are very unfamiliar with this anime will not be able to survive watching this anime. In episode 4-6, you probably will not understand the plot. But, you must be patient because maybe you will be very interested to watch it considering it's has a very high rating. Starting from episode 13, you will instantly get carried away due to its fast-growing plot, many explanations about a time machine, time shift, dystopia, and things to be explained very well. This is what makes this anime very interesting because the thriller side is very shocking and gripping. Perhaps, for those of you who love physics, I recommend this anime.

    "Steins;Gate" has a very interesting visual because of it's very abstract, simple, and very simple graphics supporting the thriller and mystery genre of this anime. I don't know according to the people, but after reading the comments and reviews they judge the visual because it's very simple and not very interesting portrayal. For me, the graphic is very interesting. But, back from the perception of the people who watch it.

    Although this is an anime fiction and thriller, there's some comedy that will make you laugh. How not, Okarin, a mad genius scientist who has a chuunibyou (called "eighth-grader syndrome" in English) character or often fantasizes as a crazy professor makes Okarin very unique as the main protagonist. Mayuri who has a very childish but always help Okarin, Daru as a hacker and friend of Okarin, Kurisu who have the nature tsundere (a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time), and much more side-by-side characters.

    Mamoru Miyano, the voice of Okabe Rintarou character is a very genius in filling a voice in this character, remember in the anime, he always says "El Psy Congro" a slang to end the sentence while calling. Hana Kanazawa, who filled the voice of Shiina Mayuri had a similar slang like Okarin "~Tut Tu Ruu~" a slang for a 'hello' replacement when meeting his friend and saying it in a very cute tone. They are both my favorite seiyuu.

    Overall, if you are a fan of a sci-fi story, you might be interested to watch this anime. But, as I said, you have to be really patient and focused when watching this anime because few of you will be really fooled and don't understand the story.
  • choubeyaakash2 December 2017
    The start is a bit slow. Most people leave this show because of the start, which doesn't make much sense to most. But that is the character and plot development stage, and if you actually care, it does make a lot of sense.

    This anime has everything - comedy, science, emotions, love, sadness and sorrow.. Steins;Gate is not a typical anime, but is absolutely amazing !!
  • Please don't watch this anime expecting a sci-fi show, that's not really what it is. It may be about time travel, but the real meat and potatoes is the character interaction and growth. The first couple episodes are slow, yes it's true. However, I still enjoyed them. Our main characters in Future Gadget Laboratory (2 dudes in a tiny apartment with one female visitor) all have very unique personalities that work off each other very well. If you don't like the humor that slice of life anime usually has, you may not enjoy this. And although the plot may be slow, much more is happening than you think. Those who stopped a few episodes in thought the plot was too slow and nothing was being done. But as you get further into the show you will realize just how important every action was. After a while the show gets serious, and very dark. It almost switches genre. It works well and is very gripping. I'll stop discussing the plot to avoid spoilers, but I will also say that the ending did not disappoint. I watched the English dub of the show, and thought it was spectacular. I know many people don't like English dubs, but I thought the cast did a really great job. Especially J. Michael Tatum as the main character. Overall, I highly recommend everyone watch this show. I know not everyone likes everything, but Stein;s Gate will go down as one of my favorites.
  • This show is one of the greatest series I've ever seen. Such a fascinating and engaging approach to the concept of time travel, fully humanized by the characters and plot to pull me in and take my breath away as it progresses.

    All of the characters have their own special quirks that left me caring for each, particularly the main friend group headed by Okabe Rintarou, the self-proclaimed mad scientist. I found myself quickly becoming entertained with these characters, feeling everything from happiness to depressive devastation as the story went along.

    The story began in a way that for many would be somewhat confusing and perhaps even hard to get into, but as it goes along and explains itself more you get the ropes of what's going on and become more immersed in the world. Unexpected turns occur throughout always leaving you wondering what will happen next, and often leave you with a strong emotional response. The captivating blend of sci-fi thriller with the dark and thoughtful undertones put this series on another level.

    A truly delightful experience in every sense. The characters and story alone make it well-worth the ride. But the implications it leaves for the concept of time travel add another layer of thought-provoking ideals to grapple with. Which makes it even more worth the experience in my opinion. All in all, one of my favorites without a doubt and a show I fell in love with very early on.
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