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  • Kjøttsår is strangely named Cold in English, which might refer to a severe damage, because this is is about love. Kjøttsår would really translate into something like "open wound".

    The start is about a father carrying his drunken son into the car, to get him home after a party, where he illegally has consumed alcohol. He is drunk because he has found out that the girl he is in love with, Vesla, is more interested in another boy.

    Many will have difficult to get the point of this, which is one of these short movies you might interpret what you want into. But this is about love, jealousy and a broken heart. Beautiful music, but slow and somewhat understated.

    But it's beautifully shot, and quite some talent behind, bu if you're not fond of slow movies, these 11 minutes are just that. Then keep away.