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  • The title for this lousy Kendo feature, bearing both the Playboy in UK signature as well as dreaded Viv Thomas label, is clearly misleading in its active sense (for so sleepy a video) unless one considers it short for "Agent Provocateur", the famous lingerie line. Given that pornographers routinely rip off mainstream movies and TV for their content, I suspect this is an unauthorized "hommage" to that sexy label.

    But Kendo is clearly in a massive rut, trotting out in five exceedingly dull vignettes featuring typical Eastern Euro Porn talent, his usual m.o. of fetish lingerie, severely cropped images, languid, barely awake sex performers who don't relate to each other at all (giving literal meaning to that expression "thinking with your dick") and lulling use of lap-dissolves in the editing that is not conducive to maintaining the viewer's attention. Adding to this is unfortunate lapses into out-of-focus images, poor continuity (in one scene you'll observe a woman's top coming off and back on again in adjacent shots -pure sloppiness in the editing phase) and an antiquated "shooting through foreground objects" sequence that substitutes abstraction for presenting clear sexual content.

    Most recognizable performer is James Brossman, wielding his big dick for the ten thousandth time and given a second scene for good measure. Oldie George Uhl is inevitably on hand, and the women are poorly cast. Jennifer Dark is properly credited on screen, but the Viv Thomas DVD packaging calls her Jennifer Love -thanks, guys.