[First LInes]

Procurator Fiscal: [voice over] This is an unusual case, My Lord. The accused was at an unmanned station under the influence of a strong fortified wine. Railway personnel from some 20 miles away manning security cameras saw him staggering towards the station's edge.

Station Master: [over the speaker in the train station] This is God calling. Get off the fucking track, will you?

Judge: It seems to me, young man, that your profound stupidity is matched only by your good fortune.

Harry: I'll tell you what. If you can tell me what year it is, I'll let you come with us.

Albert: What year it is?

Harry: Yeah.

Albert: Feels as if I'm fuckin' on Who Wants to be a Millionaire here. Can I phone a friend?

Mairi: Now every year about 2% of the spirit is actually lost. It just disappears and evaporates into thin air. Gone forever. It's what we call the "angels' share".

Harry: They're thugs. Do you want to phone the police?

Robbie: No.

Harry: I'll help you out.

Robbie: No way, Harry.

Harry: I'll tell them what happened.

Robbie: Harry, look, we never do that, ever. It's no' happening.

Robbie: Whisky? I've never even tasted whisky.

Robbie: [to his baby son] Luke, I swear on your life, and on mine, that I will never hurt another person as long as I live. That's a promise, wee man.

[kisses the baby]

Leonie: What if Clancy turns up? What about your promise then? Will you walk away?

Robbie: Leonie, if I turn and walk away, or run away, it's not gonna make a difference to me. He's gonna stab me in the back.

Leonie: What is it between you two?

Leonie: His dad fought my dad at school. It's been like this for years, it's just the way it is.

Leonie: The way it is? And will Luke fight his son, too, Robbie?

Albert: What is that? That there. What is that?

Rhino: What, that big thing on top of the hill?

Albert: You cannae miss looking at that. What *is* that?

Rhino: It's Edinburgh Castle, Albert.

Albert: Is it?

Rhino: Aye.

Albert: What did they put it up there for?

Harry: You don't recognize Edinburgh Castle?

Albert: No. Or I wouldn't have been asking you.

Harry: Have you been living in the cupboard all your life or what?

Albert: And what's the matter with that, Harry?

Robbie: Why are you doing this for us?

Grace: Someone gave me a chance once and it changed my life. And it sure sounds like you two could do with some luck.

Robbie: What the fuck is a "Firth"? Dornoch Firth? We'll probably need huskies, maybe even a boat, depending where it is.

Robbie: He used to tell a tale about an Arab smuggler who used to go across the border every day with bags of straw and his donkey. He admitted to the guards he was a smuggler, so every day they used to search him. They couldn't find a thing. And then, once he retired, one of the guards found him one day and says to him, "Right, come on, tell, us. You've gotta tell us now. What have you been smuggling?" The old guy smiles and turns round and says, "Donkeys. I was smuggling donkeys."

[Last lines]

Leonie: You're a scamp, Robbie Emmerson. From the first day I saw you.