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  • I believe he is simply waiting for the next person (whoever that may be) to walk into his life. He was a very lonely man who, up until Claire, had never had any experience with a real relationship and even though his encounter with Claire was a scam he was awakened, moved, and changed by it... and so he sits there in the restaurant and waits for another.

    Hmmm I am wondering whether he is waiting, hoping, Claire will appear given her links to the place. She also explained how she felt the last time she was there. Waiting for someone, waiting for an emotion? Edit

  • Yes. At the end of the movie, when Virgil turns over the so-called portrait of Claire's mother, he finds Billy's signature and an ironic dedication - an explicit proof that Billy knew "Claire" and was part of the heist. It's actually implied he was the mastermind behind it because of his unique knowledge of Virgil's personality and art collection.

    Billy also said "I sent you one of my paintings" at the end of the auction. He also commented on how Virgil had criticised his works. Edit

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