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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sam (Zach Avery ) is living in Paris in hiding from the Bulgarian mafia over an incident that happened in NY that gets explained later. He sees his actress girlfriend Georgia (Samara Weaving ) take a shot to the head and believes she is dead. Years later Lauren Clerk appears on the screen. She looks like Georgia. He travels back to LA to find out.

    Okay, this is not now or ever will be comparable to a Hitchcock thriller. I find the write up on the DVD misleading in that regard. My guess was amnesia, which would have made a better script than what we got. It is a mediocre plot crime thriller with some good acting.

    Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Samara Weaving)
  • It is an adequately engaging film. I like Samara Weaving in this film. She's captivating.
  • bombersflyup21 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Last Moment of Clarity fails to enrich my life.

    The setup's terrible, this happened that happened, with flashbacks, I hate that stuff. Why not start at the beginning, you can still fast track it. Lead actor Zach Avery's entirely deadpan throughout, have an expression bro. Story's weak, ending's ludicrous, with random untrained characters taking out multiple mafia guys and in the end he doesn't choose to stay with the girl that he couldn't live without. Just throw away the whole point of the film! What no, he still chooses her.
  • FeastMode5 August 2021
    The quality level of this movie is that of a bad network TV show. I imagine it as a season of network TV episodes stitched together. It gave me nothing of value. And they tricked ppl into watching it by putting samara weaving's name first and her face taking up the whole poster when she's barely in the movie (1 viewing, 8/4/2021)
  • Not much acting required in this mystery. A mafioso type neighbor sends a mafioso type team out to investigate a couple who took a snoopy photo of him. A bit of a tussle occurs and in the chaos girlfriend apparently is shot, but a fire ensues making body identification impossible. Most of movie is either of our lead character or with his love interests in rather mundane everyday conversations & activities. That & the flashbacks & improbabilities makes the time drag. A bit of unrealistic action occurs at the end as mafioso types try again resulting in more improbable outcomes. Spoiler note (don't read unless seen the movie): May not be clear at the end, but both parties end up satisfied.
  • Its a decent film, but its hard to get involved with at first. even though the plot and story are small its intricat. productionwise there aint much negative to say, the actors radiates true feelings all along, so for an indie production at a fairly median budget its a good thriller drama.

    the dislikes i have countered is that the pacing maybe a bit slow, and the score are of a very cheap standards.. for the rest its a ''go'' from the grumpy old man
  • Sure this film wasn't perfect, but when I noticed it was put together by two amateur filmmakers - this being their first ever production, as writers and directors - and I'm guessing brothers, Colin Krisel and James Krisel, I was very impressed! This is by far one of the better B-grade independent films I've seen in a while, and mad respect for their effort and final result.

    Now before any of the wannabe critics with their low ratings who clearly don't know how to review a film say this review is fake or paid, click on my username to see my 1000+ ratings and 900+ reviews. In my profile you will see (and learn) how to properly rate a film. Complaining about an actors eyebrows (user G9) is simply infantile. A true movie buff will take all aspects of the entire film (read below) and also consider the production value and experience of the filmmakers. You can't compare apples to oranges. After all, new filmmakers have to start somewhere, right?

    Now this little gem; from the start, I noticed the excellent cinematography and color choices, especially in the different countries and sets. Next I was very pleased with the score and sound - very fitting and not overbearing which is what you get in most B-grade films. The 90 min runtime was just right, however the pacing needed picking up for the most part. The casting was excellent with very convincing performances, with the exception of the newb (this film being his 5th full length feature, probably his fist as lead) actor, Zach Avery as Sam. His inexperience showed, but probably wouldn't be as obvious if a seasoned director quarterbacked his acting for each scene. The directing by the Krisels was on point - you'd never expect this was their first ever film. For that matter, their directing was better than some seasoned director's films I've seen lately. Their story was great, suspenseful and refreshing. There were some plot and technical issues, as well as the pacing I already mentioned, but again, you'd never know this is the first ever screenplay by amateur filmmakers.

    Overall I really enjoyed this film and its little plot twists and suspenseful scenes. I can't wait what these two new filmmakers put together for their second film entry on their resumes. Again, mad respect and props to the Krisels for their first film being a gem!

    It's a very much deserved 8/10 from me.
  • The producers of 'Last Moment of Clarity' must have been absolutely stoked when they managed to land Samara Weaving in their film. She's certainly a rising star and is getting some pretty good credits attached to her name. The problem they found themselves with though was that Weaving isn't really the star of the movie, or at least her character isn't. Instead the much lesser known Zach Avery is the star of the show and sadly he doesn't quite have the acting chops to do that just yet. The result is a bit of a wasted opportunity. You can see the potential the script had and why Weaving was enticed to sign on, but the actual final product is a messy shadow of what it could've been.

    The first half of the film is a mystery, followed by the second half which is more a regulation thriller. If I had to pick which half I preferred more it was probably the first half. It at least had some curiosity behind it and had you wondering what tricks the film had up its sleeve. The second half, while not bad, does feel a little more run-of-the-mill and like you've seen it a thousand times before.

    The film moved at a good click and I never really felt bored by it. There were a lot of technical flaws and if that sort of stuff bothers you then you might struggle a little with this film. If you are able to put that sort of stuff aside though and just enjoy the story for what it is then you might enjoy this one. It's not a film I suspect I'll remember, but while I was watching it it was a decent enough time.
  • She is margot robie part 2, looks and acts like her, this movie was no exception, was it perfect no. But ENTERTAINING!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started out really not liking this movie, mostly because I was annoyed by the main character. Without saying almost anything, he projects such a "woe is me" vibe that it's almost unbearable. He thinks his girlfriend, who he saw get shot, might still be alive and hiding out in plain site as a Hollywood celebrity. This limits his ability to get access to her, but he befriends a woman who has some connections, and he has a couple face to face encounters. He starts to believe he was wrong, just as he develops feelings for the new woman. And that is the moment that his girlfriend reveals that it is her, and she was angry at him for getting in trouble with the mafia. It was a misunderstanding though, and they reconnect. That's when the gangsters close in on them, but they survive and he ends up with the new woman. I liked that ending--he chose a fresh start. My only criticism is that he spends the whole movie completely obsessed and then decides to go the other way with almost no motivation given for him to reconsider his choice. I watched the movie for Samara Weaving, but I ended up being fine with the other performances.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "I saw something that I wasn't suppose to see". Me, well I saw 2020's Last Moment of Clarity and I initially didn't know where it was headed.

    Anyway, Last Moment of Clarity is a ratcheted and calculated thriller that takes about fifty or so minutes to thrill. It's a shadowy film about a guy named Sam who is led to believe his girlfriend was murdered three years ago by accented mobsters. When Sam sees squeeze Georgia on the big screen a la the eighth lead, he goes to sunny LA because he thinks she's still alive.

    Sam is played by the brooding Zach Avery while Georgia is played by Margot Robbie lookalike Samara Weaving (Hugh Weaving's niece). Brian Cox who's well-known in any capacity, checks in as a fatherly side character.

    So yeah, Last Moment of Clarity is directed by Colin Krisel and James Krisel (it doesn't say if they are brothers or not). These guys were obviously inspired by dudes like Mike Figgis and the legendary Steven Soderbergh.

    Using flashbacks, dark cinematography, a romantic twist, and low angles where the camera never seems to sit still, Colin and James give us a disciplined directorial debut that takes a little while to get going. Heck, you think "Clarity" is a drama that takes itself too seriously until it doesn't.

    Distributed by Lionsgate and rated R for some bloody images (and a few F-bombs), Last Moment of Clarity is slight neo-noir that's bemused at the beginning yet unfolding at the end. I liked almost every sullen shot used by the Krisels and I pretty much dug the entire musical score (when it was put in at the right moments). Hopefully, Last Moment of Clarity will not be the "last" time Colin and James Krisel decide to helm a tenebrous flick. Rating: 3 stars.
  • The movie starts intriguing and for the first two thirds the main character looks and acts like a psycho or paranoid. Then the mystery starts unraveling and things get more interesting. It is an independent production but well made and with very decent but not spectacular acting. (a few cult actors appear in brief moments like Brian Cox, Udo Kier) There some too easily resolved events but bigger movies has far more lazy writing than this. Perhaps the director need to expedite things a little more.

    In any case the movie works and as a bonus the beautiful Samara Weaving shows some skin so is a no lose situation.
  • So...some placid persons with a dark history and attempts to twist the plot like Hitchcock or Lynch. Doesn't come close. Stock characters, contrived plotting, and a lackluster ending doesn't hold the film together. Decent acting with what they have to work with, which isn't much. Not a horrid way to spend some time, but not very shiny either.
  • I don't know what others expectations were of this movie but I found it quite a good watch.

    There is a strong story with plenty of intrigue to keep you guessing, good acting, and good production.

    It may be slow for people who are expecting an all-out action movie - but that isn't what this movie is about.

    Well worth seeing.
  • Colin and James Krisels directional debut prides itself as a Hitchcockian thriller - and it is - threadbare, soft, lazy, the 'lite' version. "Last Moment of Clarity" showcases a great cast for an indie movie, the growingly popular Samara Weaving, Zach Avery in the lead role, one my personal favorites from "Mr. Robot" - Carly Chaikin, and also veterans Brian Cox and Udo Kier in roles worth perhaps a couple minutes of screen time. The ensemble, plus the concept was enough to pull me in this endeavor, but it wasn't that easy to stay in it.

    Meet Zach Avery's Sam, a troubled guy living a small and contained life in Paris, dealing with painful memories about his girlfriend Georgia's (Samara Weaving) death in a house fire three years back in New York. One day at the movies he sees an actress bearing an uncannily similar resemblance to Georgia, and step by step the obsession takes Sam to Los Angeles in search of this actress. There he meets the helpful Kat (Carly Chaikin), who's my favorite character of this movie, though I might just have a long time crush on her or something. And the mystery slowly unravels... Slowly, and worse yet, in predictable ways. The atmosphere (and pacing) tends to be monotonous, characters and dialogue - also action - are pretty clichéd or have issues with realisticity (in which the movie really tries to ground itself), or just appear cheap. Having said that, the sum of it all works at least on a mediocre level. A good Hitchcockian thriller succeeds at making you think up some theories and guess what's going to happen, in regards of this "Last Moment of Clarity" fails a lot and I found myself bummed out by the high predictability factor. It's not all that bad though - once I got to feel for the characters a little, I was hoping for the very ending I got.

    The cast, although wearing forgettable and thin characters, is what did it the most for me. "Last Moment of Clarity" is 80% melodrama, and only then it's a thriller, and I'd say the thriller parts were arguably the worst parts. Though some of the drama feels like just shameless pandering, other pieces, with all their luscious romance and subtle relationship antics, worked. On one hand, it feels like the actors sailed through a tired movie tiredly, but perhaps it's the best possible balance among all the ingredients. Zach Avery provides the troubled lead who kind of lacks emotion, Samara Weaving's character's lesser than You probably think, but hungry guy fans will see the scenes they wish for, and my personal favorite - Carly Chaikin - has a character that's the easiest to sympathize with, even objectively, I'm sure. I was expecting more Brian Cox, but be warned, he's there for a short while, and only to show off a crazy accent.

    On a technical level, "Last Moment of Clarity" can feel somewhat drab and ineffectively gloomy, but it is cinematographed, edited and colored well enough. Let's not forget this is an indie feature which's largest chunk of budget very likely went to the names on the poster. Original score's pretty whack though, didn't think that in the first half, but it's really rather flat.

    "Last Moment of Clarity" has aimed higher than it could hit & the sum of it lands in the bowl of mediocrities, but there are flavors to enjoy, provided You liked anything of what I just talked about. My rating: 5/10.
  • For a drifter movie they couldn't have picked a worse actor. Anyone who knows hard work and lives on their own is the person to play a drifter. (Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon had it locked down). Who they picked was a depressed emotionless guy that just looked at the ground the whole time. Any lines he got were shallow/obnoxious/unfunny/etc. The worst part is that you can see when someone thinks they're loved by someone no matter what, so spends no effort being nice to others anymore. Narcissistic. This is the person they want you to have interest in....

    Samara Weaving was the best person in it and she was used like money.
  • I read the reviews first before deciding whether to watch this or not. A lot of negative reviews but I was influenced by TopDawgCritic's review so gave it a chance... and very glad I did.

    The film was exciting, thrilling, very well filmed, great score, great acting, an excellent plot that developed well during the film, and overall, it was consistently engaging.

    In my opinion, this is what a *good* film should be about.
  • I watched this for Samara Weaving, one of today's finest young actresses but I was intrigued for most of the movie. Very well cast film also features the beautiful actress who was on Mr Robot, too. She's a standout and steals every scene she's in. I would call this a dramatic mystery. It's not really scary but interesting. I also liked and appreciated the ending very much! I would recommend it to people to give it a go.
  • Beginning wasn't too bad, but 2/3 of movie was really bad.

    Plot is a nonsense.

    Absolute nonsense.

    Not recommend.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In short: The header isn't a reference to the Twilight movies but the notion on how some movies are made with twilight as a foreboder of sorts to reach a certain emotional tone of uncertainty and fluency (if i may). If you like deep trance music the tone it hits will be a familiar one. Suitable when you want a movie to focus on and loose yourself into. for an hour and a half.

    The most similar movie in recent history is Come and Find Me (2016) by the cinematography (not the storyline itself). This is also well made, there aren't really any large logical gaps you need to pardon compared to other movies. It kept my attention up for the 1:30 and could have been 5-10 minutes longer without it hurting, as is it's really well paced, or just slightly to fast for the tone.

    Pro's Tone & Cinematography Pacing Acting

    Con's Ending - wtf were they thinking? Goes against everything leading up to it. Script - ending Editing - slightly short a couple of moments could have been given more time to make the movie more complete

    End notes: Examples of twilight movies are Night on Earth 1991, or the short Here 2012, Come find Me 2016 also touches on the tone and another where the night takes more room is Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai 1999. These come along now and then and there are atleast a handful or two more out there.
  • nalwro14 September 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    For the whole movie he had unhealthy fixation on blonde and then in last seconds of it he just go: "dck it lets try brunette for a change"?
  • Maelific713 March 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's one of those movies you can tell isn't going to be good. Despite this, it has just enough in it to keep you watching in hopes it will improve somehow.

    +1 for Samara Weaving's body, +1 for Carly Chaikin, and +1 for the ending & the message that comes with it. Since I consider a "4" to represent a range anywhere from D+ thru C- ... this sincerely winds up being more towards the D+. You won't hate yourself for watching but certainly won't be happy that you did.
  • kupcr17 October 2020
    I wanted to finally settle down and relax on a Friday night and start watching the movies I have saved on my NETFLIX and ended watching this Indie film "Last Moment Of Clarity" and at first, I thought it was all in French with English subtitles because the movie listed it as French, but this was not the case. I was a little skeptical about this movie, although when I started it, the opening credits certainly play out over the familiar-looking "wall of crazy," and the movie had its TV staple of dedicated investigators and the wall of photograph with news clippings pinned to a board and connected by red strands of string. It is DEFINITELY a clichéd way to signal that a character is a single-minded obsessive, and there's every reason to believe that main character, Sam (Zach Avery), is a bit unhinged. When we first see him, he's waking up and suddenly springing upright in bed brandishing a weapon at a nonexistent enemy. He accosts a random pedestrian he believes is following him and one day at the movie theater, he sees an actress onscreen he becomes convinced is his ex-girlfriend, Georgia (Samara Weaving). So, the movie begins and you're hooked. Love the actress who plays Kat (Carly Chaikin) and you put a gun in her hand and she's a deadly weapon, herself. This movie is definitely worth a 7! Only reason I gave it such a low rating is because the movie is slow at the beginning, but it does build up tension to its final moments.
  • Weak in emotion, weak in action, weak in suspense, just an average thriller. watch it only if you don't have anything better to do. I do not recommend it.
  • pdbodyshop3 July 2020
    I found this movie to be entertaining but honestly only gave it a 7 because there are so few good movies out there right now.
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