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  • The beautiful '90s Euro porn star Erica Bella takes the title role here, one of many gender-switch porn takeoffs on THE GODFATHER. Too-busy director Joe D'Amato spotlights here attractively, but fails to deliver an intriguing storyline.

    Bella's dad is gunned-down in a barber shop, and she inherits leadership of his minor Mafia empire. That's the entire plot, with the well-lensed video concentrating on sex scenes depicting the favored D'Amato positions, notably double penetration.

    Jill Kelly receives top billing because she was the #1 porn star in America when this was made. Her free trip to Europe was worth it because, despite a non-role appearing in just one sex scene, she's extremely lovely and delivers solid XXX action.

    Otherwise it's business as usual, semi-glamorous (though no longer big budget in the late '90s) porn, Aristide Massaccesi-style.