Mum: [to son] Honey, you go do a poo-poo. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Dad: Danny Glover had nothing to be afraid of in "Lethal Weapon 2."

Dad: Lots of people have died on the toilet.

Mum: Like who?

Dad: Elvis.

Mum: He died on the bathroom floor.

Dad: Yeah. Died on the toilet and then fell over.

Simon Barrett: It's not my fault we got the letter Q. That's you being disrespected.

Adam Wingard: I know. Did you see the press release? I was last!

Simon Barrett: Yeah, I saw that. You were even after Nacho Vigalondo.

Adam Wingard: None of this is working.

Simon Barrett: This a fucking disaster.

Yoshie: Or maybe that black gas is a fart from the ass of God?

Dad: Call the plumber now. It's an emergency!

Adam Wingard: Let's kill this fucking duck.

Yoshie: Miss Yumi and I both have the same kind of animal smell on the inside. I'm so happy.

Mum: The battle was so long that in 1958 the government had to make a truce. Benito Juarez agreed with the snowman that he could live in a cold-storage container with one condition - he could only go out at night and could only take the children who were not lying down after 8:00.

Man: Is he the Bogeyman?

Mum: If you have to choose, choose the Bogeyman.

Yoshie: I don't want to die from breathing in that gas! If I have to die...

Miss Yumi: Yes?

Yoshie:'s your - it's your gas I want to breathe!

Miss Yumi: [smiling] All right. As long as you don't mind if it smells bad.