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  • Warning: Spoilers
    ha ha ha! I came here to check to see if maybe they've finally killed him off.

    I LOVE the show but had to stop watching' cause I absolutely cannot stand him. So I checked the reviews (as I do periodically) chronologically and look what I found right off (from rosig- 55535 from Canada):

    'The Rusty character has high jacked the show; a kidnapping has occurred. The story line is awful, the incessant whining is infuriating and his acting is awful . . .

    May I ask if others feel the same way? I have seen other sites where the primary write-ups are virtually all "negative" Rusty based. Do the producers and writers not read these. The minute I see him come into a shot I fast forward. Not fun at all.'

    YES! others feel the SAME WAY!

    I feel EXACTLY the same way. PLEASE get rid of this guy. I WANT to watch the show and can't.

    Update. Season 5, Episode 1: So . . . SPOILER ALERT . . . SPOILER ALERT . . . SPOILER ALERT . . . Rusty is now gay. Watching the show I am reminded that I truly enjoy it. Rusty at least looks a little better. Still sets my teeth on edge, but I fast-forwarded through his scenes and I really enjoyed the other parts of the show . . . SPOILER ALERT . . . he'll be moving out and somebody else will be moving in, so maybe he'll slowly ride off into the setting sun. LOVE the show . . . PLEASE get rid of Rusty once and for all. Some kind of tragic accident. Or a murder . . . !

    Sigh . . . episode 10ish . . . they're keeping him. I give up. I just hate even seeing Graham Patrick Martin in the frame. Sorry Provenza and Sanchez, funny as you all are I give up. Good-bye.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My wife and I have watched every episode of the Closer at least 6 times now in succession and still love the way the writers and actors deliver an engaging story while having some genuine comic relief in serious and believable plot lines. Major Crimes on the other hand have stooped to the level of completely unbelievable story lines and scenarios due to what would seem just pure laziness from the writing team. The last episode I watched was pretty much the last straw for me.

    A guy is found dead in a tree, who as it turns out was pushed out of a helicopter, yet somehow remains completely intact except for a wound where he was impaled on a branch. The rest of the episode is taken up with the Deputy Medical Examiner pretending to run Major crimes because his father, whom he has lied to about his status, is over from Italy and is conveniently allowed to tag along with a Police murder investigation and the whole squad wholeheartedly goes along with this farce. Detective Sanchez brings his foster son along to the crime scenes and police station because with all his free time as a detective who is single he is the best option for a foster father. Flynn then consults the totally superfluous Rusty, on how he should pop the question, (because Rusty would know so much about relationships), to Captain Sharron Raydor, (who in no way resembles anything of the character she was in The Closer). And somehow if all this is not stupid enough, they manage to randomly insert Camryn Manheim to create some much needed annoying friction, who has no relevance at all to the story line but they must figure that everyone hates her already so they they don't have to come up with a relevant reason for the "Bad Cop" character.

    In the Closer the squad were committed to solving crime, in Major Crimes it would seem that the Police station is there as a community meeting place where people come and go as they feel, regardless if it has the slightest thing to do with police work , and they are consistently trying to divert the audiences attention away from hollow story lines with irrelevant reasons why characters like, Gus, Rusty, Mark, etc, can appear in the show.

    If the writers could come up with gripping plots without the unnecessary meaningless filler that they are using to allow each episode to fill it's time slot, then maybe no one would notice Andy Flynn with his health problems and obvious distractions from doing his job by being an item with his boss, and Provenza, who's main claim to fame apart from being over 100 years old is that he has this huge list of the things he DOESN'T do, and the rest of the squad who also seem to have very few redeeming features.

    It is always so sad when a series exists purely on it's past reputation and becomes a shadow of it's original conception. Chicago PD is a far better show in the genre and hopefully will stay on top, but given that Chicago fire is now struggling for ideas and repeating previous story lines I am not confidant there will be another show like the Closer that ran seven seasons and still finished strong.

    I am afraid that if we keep accepting these once great shows when all they offer in their later seasons is poor and lazy writing, we will be paving the way for entertainment to consist solely of cheap reality shows where the host eventually becomes President of the USA. Now that would never happen..............

    Thought I would add some comments after watching the first three episodes of series 6. Just when I thought they had gone pretty much as low as they could with this show, season 6 really dropped the bar in a big way. Rusty's role has become even more irrelevant with him appearing in scene just to hand DDA Hobbs a coffee. The dialogue between the characters has gone from verging on ridiculous to totally stupid, where no-one can complete a statement, it takes four people to finish one sentence. The new chief is hopeless and does not have 1% of the credibility or character depth of Will Pope, It would seem that the cast now is made up of people that someone owes a favor to, as most of the characters are superfluous to the story line, yet they keep bringing in more, (an expert in missing children who is now permanent, ??, the FBI agents who are portrayed as incompetent, DDA Hobbs) Why are they there?? The only thing worse than the acting is the writing. there is no humor, clever plot twists, or believable drama. The only redeeming factor will be if Philip Stoh returns and kills them all and becomes Rusty's new love interest. Oh and by the way, nice of them to explain why, (again) Provenza charges the Major Crimes team to use his printer, and the reason Brenda has no interest in Philip Stroh, is she is too busy. I bet the writers thought long and hard about those story line. I was overjoyed to hear the show has been axed and it would seem they are going out on the lowest note possible. Hopefully The Closer and Major crimes will never again be associated together in the same universe.
  • I've got to admit I will miss Kyra Sedgwick, but for the past couple of years Mary McDonnell has been honing and refining her character of Captain Sharon Raydor so that we are familiar with her. As Sedgwick left the LAPD, McDonnell was poised to take over.

    I do love Captain Raydor, she stays in control no matter what, completely unlike Brenda Lee Johnson who occasionally liked to cowgirl it up and cut a few corners in the pursuit of justice. Cutting a few too many corners is what forced her to leave. Raydor will never cut corners, she's all about the rules.

    Like Sedgwick this first season and probably for some time after that McDonnell will be gradually winning over, Tao, Flynn, Sanchez and Provenza,those who hold over from Brenda Lee's crew. Brenda Lee's crew took a long time to warm up to her and even though McDonnell rose from the ranks, the squad views her still as the woman who was investigating their methods from The Closer.

    I'm not sure that bringing in Graham Patrick Martin a street kid who was a material witness to a murder left over from the last episode of The Closer is a good fit. Clearly he's brought in for two reasons, to get a younger audience watching the show and to develop a personal life for Captain Raydor. She's got two grown children and I'm sure they'll visit from time to time which will provide plots for future episodes.

    I like what Mary McDonnell does with her character of Captain Raydor and I hope the show lasts.
  • Major Crimes has taken the already rich and developed characters of The Closer and endowed them with more back story and more emotional depth. I particularly like that every character is now up front and am thoroughly enjoying the interplay among the characters. The new teen character is helping to expose a tender side of Lt. Raydor. Kudos to all the actors for developing such dynamic and sympathetic portraits.

    In addition, the writing and directing is exemplary. The asides and business among the characters enriches the relationships, and the plots are moving, sometimes at breathtaking speed, but also with a rhythm that enhances the tension and release of the plot line. This show is the highlight of our television viewing week!
  • dboufant24 July 2017
    I like the show and many of the characters, but this Rusty thread has Taken over much of the program now and not just a good show. Go back to solving crimes instead of the mushy drama. Not entertaining at all. This show had some funny, light heart ed quips, but now this Rusty, who never smiles and life is just too much of a depressing drama has taken over.
  • Major Crimes is a very good crime drama indeed.

    But I just don't understand the Rusty character. What is he supposed to be exactly? Why is he in the squad room while all the detectives are discussing the case (any case for that matter)? Why is he in the video room while the detectives and sometimes the ADA are watching an interview with a potential suspect?

    I'm pretty sure no police organization in the world would allow such bull.

    Why is his dialogue so LONG and TEDIOUS, having nothing to do with the show at all?

    I'm trying to figure out the point of having him in the show and of course, what are the writers thinking.

    Like one reviewer said, automatic fast forward with he's in the scene.
  • The Closer was one of the best shows ever on TV. For the first few seasons, every episode was riveting and most episodes had an unexpected twist or surprise ending. The final episodes of the series gradually and flawlessly morphed Captain Raydor, who had always been a thorn in Brenda Leigh's side, into a hero and set her up to be the lead of the Major Crimes squad. The best of the cast from The Closer was carried over as well, and it looked as if the spin off might turn out to be nearly as good, if not quite as good, as the original show. Unfortunately, while Major Crimes is pretty good, even very good at times, it falls short of its early promise, mostly because of the storyline involving Rusty, Capt. Raydor's teenage ward. Rusty comes across as unpleasant, rude, annoying, and petulant, and the writers have given him way too much screen time. In addition, his constant presence at the police station is not credible, as detectives do not have time to coddle a whiny teenager as the Major Crimes squad does, going so far as to help Rusty with his schoolwork and offer him advice at every turn. Without Rusty the series would undoubtedly be far better. But as another reviewer mentioned, he is designed to attract young viewers, and so we're probably stuck with him for the run of the series. Too bad.
  • It's a great show, and though I regretted Ms Sedgwick's departure, Mary McDonnell does just as well - a thoughtful and individual portrayal that keeps you watching her. She gives a master class in how to play drama quietly and still grip. I like all the other characters, too, especially F. W. Bailey and Michael Paul Chan, who grow as the series progresses. Also - and this is essential - the stories and their solutions are of the highest quality. It is that rare combination of police procedural and humour, which gives the distinct impression that there people are real human beings, who not only work together but like one another. So I am a devoted fan - with just one problem. I would give it 8 or 9 if one vital change were made. That is:

    Get. Rid Of. Effing. Rusty.
  • I don't want to chase a show for 6 weeks. Go back to the original format. Oh yeah, I agree lose Rusty!
  • This Rusty character totally ruins the show. First of all, he contributes NOTHING to the show, plus he sticks his nose in every investigation, running off and doing things that he wants to do. He has free roam because he's the captain's son, uses the police department's computers to do an illegal background search, runs and talks to the judge, and on and on. He's a SPOILED BRAT that has no business on this show. Get rid of him!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Rusty character has high jacked the show; a kidnapping has occurred. The story line is awful, the incessant whining is infuriating and his acting is awful. I see no purpose in that whole story line that robs other "great" characters from shining in a meaningful and positive way. I am very exasperated by the arrogance, self serving and me me me attitude of that character.

    May I ask if others feel the same way? I have seen other sites where the primary write-ups are virtually all "negative" Rusty based. Do the producers and writers not read these. The minute I see him come into a shot I fast forward. Not fun at all.
  • I have read elsewhere that the real LAPD served as consultants on the show. If that is the case, how on earth did this whiny Rusty character make it to the screen? What department on the planet would allow some kid free access to squad rooms, computers, interviews, etc. I don't care that he was the Commander's adopted kid or that he had a miserable biological mother -- if anything, Raydor should have been extra cautious about him being around because it could have also meant the end of her career.

    His presence reminds me of a continual "bring your kid to work day," except he can do whatever he wants. Interview a prisoner who's involved in an active investigation? Sure, no problem! Want to sit in on viewing interviews or hang out in the murder room? No sweat! Want to have access to privileged information? Sounds good to me. NOT!!!

    I know this sounds really mean of me -- and fasten your seatbelts Rusty lovers -- but when I saw Stroh's message on the wall that Rusty was next, I actually cheered.
  • I watched The Closer from beginning to the end! I absolutely love this spin off. I love that some of the characters have stronger roles and I love the firm and human side that Mary McDonnell brings to the show. Last weeks episode was so realistic with the use of infra red surveillance equipment and I must say that I was on the edge of my seat during the shoot out! I love the continuing appearance of Rusty and honestly prefer him and his problems to Brenda Leigh's cats. Seeing Fritzy in ongoing episodes lends to the continuity of the story line of the last show of The Closer. I do miss Det. Gabrien and I hope he has moved on to to some opportunities but all in all I totally do enjoy the new show and the existing cast!
  • My wife and I were big fans of The Closer so when it went off the air we gave Major Crimes a chance. I'm still not a huge fan of Mary MCDonnell but she's alright. The rest of the old cast that made it through to Major Crimes is just great, and the few additions are fine as well. But we just can't stand the Rusty character.

    For us the Rusty character ruins the flow of the show. We enjoy one Major Crime per episode and find the Rusty story to be a disturbing diversion from what is going on in each episode. It was okay for four or five episodes but it should have been killed a long time ago.

    We don't feel the Rusty character adds anything to the show, on the contrary we are bothered every time he shows up. I'm sure the actor Graham Patrick Martin is fine, its just the character we don't like. I'm getting more and more irritated by Rusty every episode.

    Every time the Rusty character shows up we go into smartphone mode with one eye on the screen to see when we should refix our attention on Major Crimes instead of the weather, email, Facebook, or news on our phones.

    Please Please Please lose the Rusty character and don't replace that character with another side story.
  • I've only recently come to Major Crimes in Universal (UK) and I'm still undecided whether it's a serious crime drama series, or a comedy caper. But my main concern is ...... RUSTY. The first episode I watched was when he was the chess playing geek in the park seemingly trying to entice a serial killer. And then I found out he wasn't a cop after all .... WTF!! It was almost like he was on work experience from school but doing the most dangerous of activities ..... obviously because the rest of the squad are geriatrics.

    Having only watched 3 episodes, I don't think I'll be watching any more ..... heading off to find some more Law and Order franchise repeats.
  • alameli15 August 2012
    I was thinking whether to watch or not MAJOR CRIMES, and yes, I am gonna watch! Traditionally, quite a lot of humor. And, as in first episodes of THE CLOSER - conflict between the department and the new boss. This time conflict is deeper, I believe, and the scene between Provenza and Raydor was very intense. I was always fond of cap. Raydor both because she is played by Mary McDonnell and because she is such a pain in the ass. She is so cold-blooded and determined sometimes, and than next moment you can see her confusion and doubts - as with Rusty storyline here, which I liked very much, and I'm looking forward to see, what happens next with the boy.

    I'm also curious, if Raydor's passion to the rules will ease with time, or if she'll have to break the rules one day, may be? And if there will be a situation, when she will not agree to negotiate plea bargain... All of this could be interesting twists in the plot and could enhance drama.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This review could have been a 10. Love the cast, love the dialogue, love the plots, but have absolutely no idea why this kid, Rusty, has figured so prominently in the series. He's neither a good actor, nor does he have any particular relevance to anything in the series. There is some concocted plot to kill him for some reason, he's begun to ride around with the squad and Raydor has assigned one of her detectives to teach him how to drive. Huh???????? He must be some executive's kid...I can think of no other reason to insert him into every episode. Thank God for the fast forward on my DVR. Not only is this kid thoroughly irritating, but he dumbs down what could be a top-notch show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this show, I would give it a 10 if I haven't watched the last episode. I'm very disappointed at how James Duff ended the Phillip Stroh storyline. In 5 and a half seasons, this show has shown us a group of decent detectives who followed, respect and protect the law and use the law as their weapon to protect justice, which not only made us audiences became better people but also give us back the confidence on the law enforcement system again. But the last episode totally ruined it. There's no doubt that Phillip Stroh is a evil soul and he deserves to die, but let Rusty shot him 5 times while he is still in the surrender position is not a good idea. What Rusty did is private execution, he went there with a strong intent to kill Stroh, he fired 5 times to an unarmed surrendered man(at that time he didn't know Stroh has a gun on his leg)and he asked several times "Is he dead?" to make sure he finished him, this is absolutely "MURDER". James Duff has many ways to make this Rusty shot Stroh part looks better: he could let Rusty fire his weapon while Stroh has reached his gun, or he can let Rusty happens to know that Stroh has a back up weapon......ether way this would not be a murder and Rusty would be a brave hero who saved his friend but not a selfish coward who murdered a a man just because he is scared. I'm sure Sharon Raydor would be very disappointed in the grave to know that this so called "son" who she tried so hard in 5 seasons to lead to the right way did this right after she dead. And if what James Duff made Rusty did is bad, what they made Provenza did is worse! As a policeman he broke the laws to cover up for Rusty, this is suck! Rusty is a selfish coward what he did is reasonable but as a advance police officer what Provenza did is unacceptable! James Duff should let Provenza told Rusty to shut up and help find Rusty a good lawyer, let the lawyer make a Rusty know Stroh is gonna shoot Provenza story and let the DA's office make the decision that they are not gonna charge Rusty. Instead he let Rusty murdered a man let Provenza broke the law to covered up for him and what's disgusted me even more is although the whole LAPD(including the IA)knows what really going on they all kept their mouth shut and Brenda Leigh Johnson who doesn't even work at LAPD anymore is still monitoring the squad. This is suck! Made me wonder how much James Duff hate Sharon Raydor that he not only killed her 5 episodes before the ending but also let everyone betrayed her will and believes. Or if he is just trying to tell the world that "double standard" is fine, it's OK to be hypocritical, we can always ask others to follow the rules and when it is about ourselves, screw the rules.
  • guldikeni13 October 2012
    Excellent plot.I like Captain Raydor.Now that we can see more of her inner world. Of course I miss Brenda,but Captain Raydor is showing us that the same job can be performed in different yet equally perfect way.Provenza's more responsible personality(in comparison to that in 'The Closer')is really in place according to new circumstances.On the whole, characters are very attractive,interesting,consistent with reality and these in 'The Closer'.There is not logical gaps between 'The Closer' and 'MAJOR CRIMES'and this is respect for us, for viewers.We like clever plots.I hope it will continue.Thank you for creating such a wonderful film.
  • sposeido610 January 2018
    I thought I'd be sad to see the series end much like with The Closer. But, if I had to endure one more scene with that character, Rusty Beck, I'd seriously consider picking up the mantle from Philip Stroh.
  • Every time I see Rusty, I turn my eyes away from the TV. This character is annoying. Not to mention that the idea of letting the boss's son hang around in the police station and stick his nose in the investigations is ridiculous. I don't think this character helps anything. It ruins the good show.
  • hipthop23 September 2012
    I really enjoyed The Closer so I was really sad to hear about Kyra leaving. However, the spin-off, to me is very good. I think it has a totally different vibe and feel from the original show. I enjoy the supporting staff and like the continuation of their interactions. I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been more information regarding the politics behind the change from Brenda to Raydor. On the pilot it seemed to insinuate that the background of "men's dominance and undermining tactics, would be continuing. However, I am glad not to see that at this point. I feel that took away from the premise of the show. I hope this show continues because I will certainly be a loyal fan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This spin-off is getting off to a great start. Most of Brenda's crew remains in Major Crimes and as to be expected doesn't warm up to Captain "by the book" Raydor, to say the least. I like the Raydor character and McDonnell's deadpan delivery style which often results in pithy and/or humorous observations. Like when she says to Provenza, in the second episode, something like "Why don't you stay with the department until you find a job where everything is always fair." This was not said sarcastically but ruefully for she has just been cheated out of a promotion - so no, life in the workplace is not always fair. McDonnell's character is so different from Sedgwick's - and this is good because they're both interesting. It's great that so many of the cast from The Closer moved over to the new show (Corey Reynolds' character didn't but Gabriel was my least favorite character so that's okay with me; besides given the attitude of a couple of the team members towards him, it would have made no sense to keep Gabriel in the Major Crimes department). I'm not too taken with the material witness kid yet but maybe he'll get a little less annoying. I liked the first episode of Major Crimes as much as I liked the first episode of The Closer. Here's hoping it will last as long.
  • THE CLOSER, let's be frank and give it credit, was a phenom.

    Like other rock-solid shows (CSI VEGAS and Miami come to mind) it is almost timeless. If you should ever end up on a deserted island (whether by choice as part of a reality show, or accidentally) you could do worse than have the complete set of CLOSER episodes to watch.

    Sedgwick's role in making CLOSER work was unusual even by TV standards. She was of course the "star," but she was also the "glue", ie, the presence that kept the episodes working from scene to scene.

    In most shows the star is NOT the glue. That Kyra was able to carry a dual burden is a testament to her talent.

    Which brings us to this forced spin off, where, clearly, the producers looked at a bunch of broken eggs and decided to make an omelet.

    McDonnell has both charisma and talent (Dances with Wolves, BSG) but her power in the original Closer was as a foil to Sedgwick. On screen, they created sparks. By herself, she is a little lost.

    They are trying to give the rest of the cast more dialog and more personality. Doesn't work. G.W. Bailey for example was a character actor for years and was fine on Closer. On Major Crimes, he punches each line of dialog like a young George Foreman but to no avail.

    And the writer's attempts to differentiate the shows by making the theme in the spin off about "cutting deals" -- that's just wrong.

    I don't expect the fans to agree but I calls em as I sees em. One of the worst spinoffs ever.
  • t-sinclair11 September 2012
    I must say, I don't care what anybody else thinks, if you were a real fan of the Closer, then basically, whats the difference??? Gosh i was just so Happy to see my people again :D....OK, Brenda and Gab are missing but the rest are there back to there usual gig....whats least we have still got them a while longer, I was so happy to hear the music, see the crime and watch Buzz getting all Buzzie again...good, good, good, no complaints from me...keep the fun coming ;)....Just don't know what else I want to write about 10 lines more ^^. Umm, I think the Captains good and it was really funny bringing "Brenda's mess, back in" how could anybody not like it, changes had to be made...else people would have sued more ^^
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