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  • This show not only is a disappointment in general but will be a huge let down to not only to fans of former show Kenny vs. Spenny but for any of Spenny (spener rice's) fans as well.

    Any Kenny vs. Spenny fans who are thinking of checking this show out for Spencer Rice do not waste your time on this dull series.

    It is an unintelligent poorly acted drama that may only appeal to those in the age range of 50-75.

    Spencer Rice is not an Actor and it shows in this series.

    I am very surprised any T.V station would take a chance on such a dull show.

    It is not creative has no plot twist and gives nothing us as viewers have already seen on cheap soap operas.
  • I wish I could give this show 0/10, and I wish I could have the 45 minutes I spent watching this show back.

    I watched the first two episodes of this series, stupidly thinking that it might get better in the second episode after how good KvS was, but it just gets worse with every minute I endured this show. Spencer is quite possibly the worst actor I've ever seen, he should really look into another career path after this abomination of a show. If you really feel that you would like to watch Spencer on TV, then look at Kenny vs Spenny, where his lack of acting ability isn't so prominent.

    If you enjoyed KvS, don't be fooled into thinking that this show is even slightly amusing, it isn't a comedy, it's like reality TV with worse acting than you will ever think possible.
  • As a big Kenny vs Spenny fan I might have been expecting a bit much here- Spenny finally gets his own show with a chance to shine, step up and show what he can do without chief antagonist Kenny there to foil all his well laid out plans. But what we actually get is something far different. Lots of Spenny's neurotic behavior just like we came to expect in the K vs S series, but without any real villain to play off of the plot attempts to go in a thousand different directions at once, but ultimately bogs down due to lack of any clear objective.

    The whole premise of this show as far as I can tell is to explore the issues a mid-forties man-child has with the various woman in his life. One of the issues with the main character is he's supposed to be a socially inept nerd due to the love he never received as a child from his mother (played very well I might add by Debra McGrath). Of course simply building on that premise is not enough for our intrepid hero as he eventually pushes the character over the top into full retard mode with brilliant lines such as: "mommy said to wash my hands after making a duty" and who can ever forget that memorable scene in the park where a jovial Spenny cuts loose on the balance beam and kiddie slide...classic stuff!

    Spenny, if you're reading this what I'd like to know is if you're afraid of getting type cast from the whole K vs S thing then why are you still doing a another variation on the Spenny theme? Why not flesh out a whole new character and take it in a completely different direction. Personally I think you'd be great as some sort of action super hero fighting the forces of evil on a weekly basis. What makes your character unique could be the way he acquires his super powers, such as injecting frozen him Captain Canada or even Cockman if you can slip it by the censors.

    Of course an encore season of K vs S might also work for all us die-hard fans...Cheers!
  • kristabridges21 February 2014
    I give this show a three mostly because I used to like Kenny vs Spenny so I will bump up the rating here. It is not the worst show ever made in the history of television like some of you are saying but it is definitely not a very good show at all. The writing on this show is the worst with tired old cliché situations and the worst jokes you can imagine, as if a public school writing class was doing it as a project. The acting is terrible too with Spenny pretty much just playing himself except he's dating and having sex with a lot of girls which (sorry Spenny) just does not come off as believable or original. I have no idea what they were even trying to accomplish with this show.
  • This show is awful. I couldn't even make it through the whole episode without turning it off. I didn't expect a Kenny Vs Spenny rip-off, but what you get is a bizarre sitcom where Spencer Rice is some type of sex symbol. Revolving around how confusing his life is being single, while dating multiple women. Spenny is a type of gigolo character which isn't funny, seems more ironic. Maybe I missing something but so far. There isn't much laughs. All this scenes evolved women. Going on a date, seeing an ex, complaining to a girlfriend, then getting back with the ex. Very repeatable and I couldn't imagine the plot getting much deeper. Also it's hard to care about his "Character". I don't feel bad that he's cheating. His problems are self inflicted,relate-able and unlikeable. This show wasn't for me. However if you enjoy watching a 40 year old cry baby womanizer this is your program.
  • This is almost as good as Kenny/Spenny just kind of stupid and juvenile, immature jokes about sex and bodily functions and stuff. It's not so bad as long as you are expecting something just dumb and easy and stupid.
  • This television series is smart, clever, off the wall funny, and for audiences above the age of 2. Seinfeld can't act, Woody Allen can't act, Larry David can't act, and neither can Spencer Rice. But, in this day and age, that doesn't matter, it's a comedy series. The show has a very low budget "feel" to it, however the thing is well written, humorous and enjoyable to watch. I laughed out loud many times during each episode. If this show was meant to satisfy the Kenny vs. Spenny audience, the creators made a huge mistake, but if the intention was for the "Spencer persona" to transcend into a new series that is wacky and intelligent at the same time, then they succeeded. All it needs is a bit of time to get the right audience and another season to find it's groove.
  • I loved this show! It is so good to see a funny show for mature audiences. Great cast - and fantastic writing. I laughed out loud many times. Any negative review of this show - simply shows that the reviewer missed the point. I would choose this show any day over the usual predictable junk I see on television. I can't wait to see the next episode!! I wasn't really a huge fan of the KENNY VS SPENNY show. Too sophomoric for my tastes. In this show, Spencer Rice get's to show another side to himself - an actor- and a funny one, too. He does a terrific job. The entire supporting cast is very funny, too. That guy who plays the neighbor Phil is a hoot! Isn't he also in the kid's show WINGIN' IT? Anyway, loved it!!
  • This is my first review ever. I was motivated when I saw how the average reviews of this show were so far off from how funny this show is to me. I am not sure how other folks don't find this show funny. It is. Since it's a little off the wall, I think it might be just a matter of getting used to it. As far as the quality of acting, I don't think particularly strong acting is a focus or a requirement of this show. It's strong enough to get the humor to come though, and it's a new show so I think they'll gel as time goes on.

    I laugh repeatedly at each episode, and some people gave this 1 star. 1 Star!! That's just not realistic. I'm sure they didn't like it, but there's no way it deserved a 1. So, in order to try and even this out I'm rating it a 10, but really I'd normally probably give it an 8.
  • MisterKevin21 October 2018
    This was a good show. Don't expect an intelligent piece of Shakespeare or something and you will be fine. This show is not meant for everyone it is for us dumb KVS fans who want to see stupid bathroom and penis jokes and it delivers on that. Of course Spenny is not a good actor in this he is not an actor! He is just playing himself and going on stupid dates where dumb embarrassing stuff happens.