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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not only does Missa X write the screenplay for this impressive all-girl feature (for her Allherluv label), but she found a new director: Fumigalli, who impresses in his first assignment for her.

    The only earlier credits for him I could find were videos for Kelly Madison's label, not much of a recommendation. But he does justice to this tale of infidelity, well-performed by a quartet of talented actresses.

    Three vignettes (separated into two parts for Allherluv web release) star Rachael Cavalli and Olive Glass as a married lesbian couple, whose marital problems become obvious as Rachael hires a femme private eye (Aiden Ashley) to track Olive, suspecting she's cheating on her. Her suspicion is correct, as we see Olive having a hot sex scene with cutie Lily Larimar, even while carrying on a phone conversation with her spouse.

    Deceptive Olive later proves irresistible to busty mate Rachael, and after they have sex together, feature climaxes with Cavalli expressing loyalty to her wife, but succumbing to seduction by private eye Ashley.

    You can't ask for sexier women than this quartet, and Fumigalli puts them through their XXX paces skilfully.