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    This film is a sequel to "A Golden Christmas" and if you liked the original then you will like this one as well. In this follow up film Rod and Katherine are enjoying their retirement in Florida. They've made friends with their new neighbor, Lisa, whose three golden retriever puppies give the couple's dog, Jake, three new playmates. But when the retrievers take off during a walk with Lisa and interrupt a wedding proposal, Lisa is mortified to discover the proposer is her ex, David.

    The casting is fine and the plot hums along but at times it just feels like everyone is just going through the motions without much depth in some of the scenes.

    My favorite scene in the whole film however is the final scene. I thought it was creative and inspiring.
  • Lisa (Julie Gonzalo) has moved to Florida with three darling golden retriever pups. At once, she makes friends with the nice couple next door and their adult golden. The three become so close, in fact, that Lisa feels comfortable telling them how her love life is not running smoothly. It seems her heart was damaged long ago by a former best-friend-turned-suitor. Unbelievably, Julie is walking the dogs on the beach when she spies her "ex" kneeling near another lady. The canines break lose and knock the man, named David (K.C.Clyde) for a loop. Since it was a proposal that was interrupted and the ring is now "lost", David is upset and so is his blonde fiancĂ©. Lisa apologizes profusely, naturally. However, it is clear that this surprise meeting between old flames has rattled their nerves and, perhaps, their hearts. Since it does appear that David has moved on and seems happy, Lisa is reluctant to see him again. Yet, they meet several times over the next few weeks. Lisa even discovers that one of the dogs has the "lost" ring in his possession. Is there going to be a wedding for David in the future and just who will be the bride? This is a sweet, funny, cute little holiday flick for folks of all ages. The cast, including old pro Bruce Davison, is winning and the dogs are adorable. Also, the setting is lovely, the costumes are terrific and the script has a definite charm. Add on an energetic direction and a holiday theme and another winner has arrived in the vast repertoire of Christmas films. Do take time to find it for you and your loved ones.
  • dogzfan123411 November 2013
    It is Christmas time, in sunny Florida, the movie takes place on coast of Florida. The movie would be considered a holiday, comedy, and romantic movie.

    When Lisa moves to Florida with her three puppies, she becomes instant friends with her upstairs neighbor who also has a golden retriever. While the husband of the upstairs neighbor becomes friends with David. When Lisa sees David, she ends up telling Katherine about her past relationship with David. When Lisa runs into David on the street, he is proposing to his girlfriend, but Lisa's dogs get loose and David looses his great aunts wedding ring. Every time that Lisa sees David things do not go so well for David. The girlfriend absolutely hates Lisa, and blames her for everything. Lisa must figure out if she loves David.

    The acting in this is very good. the main girl is now one of the main actors in the new television show Dallas. while the little girl is also really good. she does not over act, nor does she underact. although the script is not perfect the actors and actresses are what make the movie perfect.

    This movie is one of my favorite Christmas movies, I make sure I watch it every year. it is not like the other Christmas movies, although it is based on the same things that most Christmas movies have. absolutely love it!!!!
  • I did not realize this was a sequel of sorts to a Golden Christmas. I have not watched that one yet. The cast is good, the story is sweet. A few things bugged me, like no single women would get three golden retriever puppies and what landlord would allow her that many dogs? That felt like a plot gimmick to me. But really who cares? Cute girl, cute puppies, cute kids, who were pretty good actors too. I used to live in LA, so while I watching it, I thought what beach did they film this on, kinda low rent. Then it said Long Beach in the credits. That explained that. The setting is not lush in any part of the movie. The story is sweet, the acting is good and it is enjoyable. I am not giving a plot synopsis, because other people did that and I avoid spoilers. Holiday movies are their own genre, when I read reviews on those, I just want to know if they are any good, not the plot really. Since there are only about 4 plots that keep getting recycled for Holiday movies! Happy Holidays.
  • I just watched this film for the fourth or fifth time and was reminded why I like to revisit it each Christmas season. It first caught my eye as a movie that my girlfriend's young daughter would enjoy and that might have something for her mom and me as well. But it turned out that this movie isn't about puppies, and I wonder if it might have found a larger audience if it had not been presented as a "family" film. It's more like a Hallmark romantic comedy, but with much better acting. In that regard, Julie Gonzalo is luminous, but she's not just a pretty face. I was impressed with her acting and prompted to check out her other credits. The other acting highlights for me were Alley Mills and Alexandra Peters, the latter being a rarity: a child actor who could really act. These three ladies all made me feel like I was eavesdropping on real people having real conversations. There are a couple of morals to this story, but the one I like best comes from Aunt Pearl, whom we never meet: A gift without a big price tag can be priceless, and rich are the ones who realize it.
  • I put this movie on one day just to get a Christmas atmosphere in the house while doing other things. I had no real plan to pay much attention to it. But I wound up getting a lot more involved in it than I expected. It's funny and touching in parts and the characters are interesting with pretty good acting. It has some really beautiful and well-written scenes especially when the older neighbors try to help the young friends sort out their feelings. The movie even has some good life lessons. Having said that, I have to say this is not really a Christmas movie but a romance that happens to take place in December. Still, I highly suggest it to everyone even when it's not December.