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  • This Hallmark Channel TV movie about two kids who had a summer camp romance and in some ways moved on, but in other ways did not is a pretty good romantic comedy for the channel. It is strengthened by some nice photography of the woods-and-lake scenery around the camp and by a change from the usual way that the characters are handled. Like most of them, he's a bit goofy, but successful in the world with a wide streak of philanthropy that leads him to rescue the failing camp where he first met her; she is trying to buy the property for development, but is not the usual brittle-but-ready-to-fall damsel that populates most of these Hallmark romcoms.

    The plot line, including the message that we must accept our pasts and not move on, but build from them, is fairly well foreshadowed early on, but it's all very pleasantly executed and if you have any taste for this sort of movie, you'll have a fine time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One summer of teenage love ends with the summer itself and we then fast forward to 15 years later.

    This is still another wonderful Hallmark film as it deals with the reconnecting of the past, and putting good times over money. It's also the story of land Realtors and their greed.

    When our young lady, now grown and working for the developer, goes to Pine Lake as the representative of the boss, who wants to buy the land and take apart the camp, she meets her summer love who now owns the camp from his retired uncle.

    The two seem to connect and all goes beautifully until he finds out why she came up to the lake.

    This is a story of following your dreams, hopes and ambitions. The ending might have been a little inane but it made a very good point.
  • This is sort of a sweet, sentimental movie. Its not a great film by any means but it is pleasant enough. If you ever attended a summer camp or had a summer girlfriend/boyfriend this might be right up your alley. The scenery is nice and the extensive use of natural lighting was especially memorable. The actor who plays the corporate bad guy wanting to buy and destroy the camp; he is a real hoot and steals a lot scenes. Barry Watson also does a good job as the zany optimist who owns the camp.

    ...I liked this, the thing that made it for me was the interesting plot device involving the old girlfriend undertaking the mission to buy the camp away from her old summer beau. She is stuck in a fun paradox. While this is hardly heavy drama, there were some pretty touching scenes as old lovers rediscover each other. I almost watched this twice, it was fun.
  • SnoopyStyle10 October 2019
    Luke Garvey and Zoe McDowell have a summer camp fling. They kiss in the end and promise to stay in touch. They don't. Fifteen years later, Luke Garvey (Barry Watson) is a rich philanthropist. He buys the camp to run it as it was during his childhood. The camp is in desperate need of repairs but he is short of cash. Zoe McDowell (Mia Kirshner) is a high-powered lawyer and she is ordered to buy the camp from under the new owner to be torn down.

    There is a movie called Indian Summer which has a very similar story. That one is much better but this one is fine. The villain is trying too hard. The pairing of Watson and Kirshner has a sincere romantic feel. They are good together and that keeps the movie going. The plot isn't that complex. It's a very simple romance feel-good Hallmark movie. I just don't like the villain constantly being villainous for every second on screen.
  • kgd506 October 2019
    Some spectacular outdoor shots on location at Evans Lake, Brackendale British Columbia. (North of Vancouver).
  • This one was awful even for the stereotypical Hallmark movie. The script was awful, the acting was weak, the editing was bad, the continuity was terrible....

    It was either this or an NBA playoff game the other night. I should have watched the NBA (and I hate pro basketball).

    The actress who played Zoe as a girl was taller than the one who played her as an adult (that's great casting for you).

    Most Hallmark movies are overly sentimental and sappy, but are at least entertaining. This one was almost campy funny in places (no pun intended).
  • Whoever the casting director was needs to be fired. Mia Kirshner's acting was so dry, expressionless and void of emotion, that she pulled the movie down. She is aptly named Mia because her personality was M.I.A. in this movie. Barry Watson did a great job and really played his role well. This movie would've been a lot better with a strong female lead and someone that had chemistry with Barry Watson.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The scenery is wonderful, I've grown up at camps like this one or even this one as I live in Vancouver, BC. I gave the movie a 4 because of the location and Barry Watson who is able to carry the movie along. Mia Kirshner drags the movie down with a well I'm here I might as well but I'm choosing not to act . . . The storyline is non-sensical - If a philanthropist buys a run-down camp who knows it needs an upgrade to code. Ok so, where is his money and why is he looking for handouts, and didn't pay the outstanding loans? The buyer would have known the camp would be shut down for upgrades. Dialogue is bad - "who cares about camps anymore, no one goes, they only go to computer camps" - ugh? The movie is poorly written. I think I'll write a Hallmark movie - my dialogue will be improved from here.
  • Look, the movie didn't change my life. It didn't have a story line that blew my mind, and the acting isn't genius. With that said, I still gave it 5 stars because I thought it worth watching. It wasn't bad and it is a good movie to watch if you don't want a movie that is all about explosions, manipulation, and all the other garbage. Good, wholesome, and the actors are cute and fun to watch. If you like Hallmark movies you will like this one. James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 1/13/2021