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  • jebinms30 October 2011
    Yes, its a stand out film and I mean it. Though i am not a Muslim and not a Keralite,I loved the way the director made this simple yet most powerful tale of two aged couple willing to sacrifice anything without compromising their self values. Each and every frame explains the inner nature of the couples being. Be it the simple shot where the lead, sacrifices his meal for saving money,or where the couples getting scared when a policeman comes for an inquiry or when the couples act like kids when they see their passports..Kudos to the director for considering all the minutest details in each frame. The Christian wood trader,the Hindu teacher, the Muslim travel agent who all tries to help the couple not only add value to the film but also portray the integrity of the country. The ending note where the couple takes the sequences on a positive note was the directors' lesson for reality. On the whole one of the best film in recent times. For all those directors, who consider hero worships, 5 songs, exposed heroines and 2nd rated comedies are their mantra for their film, do watch this movie.

    Verdict: This movie is an ART. Only for those people who know how to feel the art
  • I have always wondered why no-one from India makes movies like 'Children of heaven'/'Color of paradise'/'Baran' short I always longed to see an India director doing movies very much like that of Majidi Majidi..I am so glad, I finally found one in the form of Salim Ahamed, a débutant director from Kerala. Without revealing the story much, the movie is all about old couple, whose last wish is to go to Hajj and what happens in the process..story telling is very profound and heavenly with some outstanding background score and cinematography.

    Anyone with real taste in movies should not miss this precious jewel. No wonder why it is an Oscar nominee from India this year.
  • On very few occasions does one's heart pour out after watching a movie. 'Adaminte Makan Abu' is made with such compassion and class that my words will go begging. The film is about an aged couple whose only wish is to pay a visit to Mecca. As pious Muslims, they have certain compulsions that puts them in an uncomfortable position with their friends, where a Hindu teacher, a Christian businessman and an orphan Muslim travel agent try to offer help to Abu and Aisu.

    Even though Abu desperately wants to visit Mecca, he never fails to recognize his responsibility towards his wife and his society.

    Setup with a backdrop in a rural village in Kerela, the movie is a beautiful journey of pain, love, compassion, forgiveness and brotherhood. Even though I am a staunch atheist and not a Keralite, I loved the movie for its originality and sincerity.
  • nosiaJ11 November 2011
    Recently I watched one Malayalam movie which is on martial arts and Portuguese invasion, a big budget movie. I became disappointed big time seeing the way the Malayalam movies moving ahead. Before that I happened to watch couple of Malayalam movies those were commercial success. But I found them disappointing as well. I heard about this movie, "adaminte makan abu" and its performance in various awards, especially the best actor national award. So I bought t the DVD of this movie, and kept aside for some time. Finally when I watched this movie, I became speechless. What a movie !!! This is clearly a statement to Malayalam movie industry. There is no need for them to go to foreign locations or import glamorous heroines. This movie tells the story of an elderly Muslim couple who had their own share of personal agonies. Irrespective of that they decides to go to the holy Hajj, they kept aside all their savings only for this one ambition. I do not what t say what happens in the movie. If you are the ones who love good movies, go buy this one. I will not be surprised if this movie gets another Oscar to India.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a treat to watch showcasing the goodness and self values that one should always try to hold. I definitely learned something good and will try to practice in my life. Salim Kumar just excelled with his performance and he deserved the national award for best actor. Zarina Wahab supported him well too.

    Salim Ahmed's direction is just so soothing and touches so many things in life and religion. It depicts human emotions so well and silently questions the social rules and brings out the goodness involved in religion (applicable to any). "Man is selfish in front of God." dialogue was so connecting and is truthful. One should also pray for others as well is the right thing being a good human. Before we ask anything to god for our desires, we should strive for it with self values and ensure good will with fellow living beings.

    Very touchy scenes and brilliant BGM and songs. This deserved to be the oscar nominee for India back then. Salim Ahmed is a great person and I will look upto all his films.
  • Adaminte Makan Abu / Abu, Son Of Adam (2011) : Brief Review -

    Whoever thought that a small topic like 'Trip to Haji' could be turned into a seminar of evaluation of misdeeds and goodwill of human life. Hats off to debutant Salim Ahamed! I was looking forward to watch Admininte Makan Abu since a long time for only reason that it has won four national awards and four Kerala State awards in major categories. But after watching Salim's 'Pathemari' (2015), i couldn't resist experiencing his terrific vision again. This was his debut film but i took me few secs to believe that because he has showed better skills than many so called great and popular directors in his debut film only. I mean how? And yes it's true but why the hell this film and Salim's name have remained unpopular for years? It's been 10 years now, how? A big shame for Movie Buffs and paid Critics. Anyways, Adaminte Makan Abu is a big sensational human drama based on small topic. A poor aging couple struggle to fulfill their lifelong dream of going to Mecca for pilgrimage. This film is not just about their struggle but it also about the people around them. Some are good and some are bad in some way and even these two who have been loved for their characters for years also have shortcomings. This is where the film makes a big social statement. Not only muslims and their religious beliefs but for every single human being who ever believed in Humanity. Salim Kumar as Abu gives a performance to remember for years. I have watched this film in 2021 and i will remember his dialogue delivery, expressions and body language even in 2051. Zareena mam as his wife is flawless. Hats off to Salim Ahamed for thinking about making a film on such a small story and delivering more than any other big blockbuster script. A true Classic in human drama genre that teaches you a lot about life.

    RATING - 8/10*

    By - #samthebestest.