• WARNING: Spoilers

    If you agree you don't know anything about exclusive you then you watch this documentary.

    Everything belongs to the universe including the lives has a time for its beginning. But here we see that it is just going to describe about the life in this documentary. So at the beginning of our lives, in the silence, before there was a world, before night or day, alone in the stillness where nothing was, we were being formed by the unknown & we've been being accompanied to this unknown place called Earth. We knew nothing about this universe at that age as a beginner. So everything we saw, felt were fresh things to us. We were quaked in wonder about the every feelings and every scenes we were seeing there. Perhaps we even didn't have known about the place we are going and we might never saw the pains of this world life. Then we were just like in a dream that we were floating. Only we needed would be the love because we were supposed to have a birth. The unknown or the life giver poured us with the affection and kindness and accompanied to this unknown place. Finally we got the birth with restless, full of the joy and the pain. Beginning of ourselves is buried and hidden. We don't need to thing about our beginning to live with the life in this world. So the greatest mystery in the universe has been hidden from the ever life. When we compare us with the beginning where nothing was, these everything is seen as a riddle. What really are we? What is this creation? Who are we to the nature? Why were we brought here? What is this mysterious world? What for it? Life has so many pleasures & pains even for kings. Did the life giver ask us to give us a life like this? Did we agree with the conditions of the life before getting on? The life giver devour lives for another lives. The foods. Lives need to find them to live. But why lives on this world are depending on another things? Sometimes we see the life giver as terrible. Sometimes beautiful. But why? Because we love our lives. We even don't like to give it back to the life giver. We sometimes see this world as a mess.

    But only when we look at the beginning everything was beautiful and lovely. Life giver gave us what we needed at that time. Now we see this mess as an acting on a show. The love created us. Life giver is our mother. If the love was not there, we could not have born. Love binds every lives together. It's needed to the birth of another life. Our mother accompanied us to this world. We were with her all the time before coming here. And she gave everything we needed there. The love was the only thing we needed at that age. We saw everything as good.

    But now, we are lives. we have pains. We are helpless. We need help. We fear to the death. We love to our lives. where are our mother now? Why don't she help us? Why can't we see her? How should we reach her? . But we are full of troubles. Are not we her children? Why our mother have gone? Speak with us. Are you going to abandon us...?