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  • It opens with a group of men fighting over a list of names. Demonstrations continue over the credits. Cliff Lok is demonstrating kung fu outside a school. He seems to be possessed and the teacher has to come out to fight. Cliff requests the teacher to take him as pupil.

    This movie could be titled "Cliff Lok learns a whole lot of kung fu" but that would give away the entire story. There is plenty of well executed action but it stills drags because of the worn out story line and tired old situations. If you are a fan of the genre and find yourself going into withdrawal and just need to watch a movie - here you go. Otherwise, I can't recommend it.

    I have the Rarescope DVD version as "Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu". It has a bonus video of Cliff Look demonstrating kung fu and an interview. He mentions he was one of the Seven Little Fortunes along with Jackie and Sammo but also clarifies that any group of seven from the opera school had that title. At that time there were so many excellent martial artists available to make movies one could hardly tell them apart. On IMDB it is "Choy Lay Fut".