• jeff-cusack11 July 2012
    There aren't "good guys" or "bad guys" here. That's the point.
    A lot of reviews here have argued that Continuum show advances a pro- corporate, anti-democracy viewpoint. It doesn't, but you could be forgiven for thinking that. Most American shows have a clear good guy (the protagonist) and a clear bad guy (the antagonists).

    This show, however, follows the Canadian tendency to operate in shades of grey. Continuum presents two opposing factions, and asks the viewer to make up their own mind whether they agree with the protagonist or the antagonists.

    I'm not speaking from my own interpretation, but the official stance of the people behind the show. The "choose your side" mentality has been presented repeatedly in an explicit manner, most recently on the Continuum Facebook page, where a post recently asked, "Which side are you on? Team Kiera or Team Liber8?"

    The show doesn't choose a side, but instead presents an interesting challenge to viewers which some won't be ready to meet:

    The Freedom Fighters (antagonists) use brutal methods to accomplish their goals, but their cause is just.

    The protagonist character Kiera operates within the law, uses non- lethal force, does what she thinks is right, and tries to protect people... And yet she champions the cause of despots.

    Do you believe in the righteous champion of despotism, or the brutal champions of freedom? ...Or do you side with neither?
  • Amy Reyn16 July 2012
    Best Canadian Show Ever
    This show is better than any Canadian show I've seen so far. I'm actually surprised it's Canadian, we normally see extremely low tech and odd plot structures.

    Continuum is amazing for so many reasons: the writing, the cohesive nature of every episode, the technology, the visuals, the editing, the flashbacks, the graphics, the acting, the music, the speed of action. I look forward to the rest of the season because I feel like, while other TV shows play at being high tech and futuristic, this show doesn't play around. This show IS high tech, it IS awesome! Watch this show because you won't be disappointed.
  • Upright Man28 May 2012
    First impression
    **minor spoilers only for the first episode for explanation of the series**

    This Canadian series caught my eye on a trip up north to Vancouver (where it's actually being filmed), and I'm very glad it did. I was surprised to see a very good cast anchored by Rachel Nichols and sci-fi fans will recognize a lot of faces from other series. This review is only after the pilot episode, so obviously I don't know how the series will turn out, but it looks like a very promising cyberpunk/cop hybrid series.

    It is a time travel show in which future corporate "Protector" Kiera Cameron (Nichols) is unwittingly zapped back through time from an evil corporation-run 2077 to present day 2012 when trying to prevent a group of freedom fighters (or terrorists depending on your politics) from escaping execution through some kind of wormhole.

    Not realizing the situation, Kiera tries to call for backup using her implants' encrypted transmission but instead reaches young computer genius Alec Sadler who happens to be inventing the future technology in his step father's barn. The escaped prisoners realize that instead of being transported back the six years they were supposed to be in order to stop the evil corporations from taking control, they've been sent back over sixty years.

    Unfortunately, when they realize they can't strike against the future evil corporations, they decided the present ones will do just fine! Kiera realizes she must bring in the escapees before they start an all out war in present day Vancouver! Problem is she hasn't been born yet and hence has no jurisdiction. While investigating the transport site, she meets up with Detective Carlos Fonnegra and passes herself off as a Portland detective and the series begins.

    It has a lot of cool near future tech like augmented reality eye implants, as well as recording and memory implants. To top it off she comes back wearing her Protector issue smart chameleonware body armor that not only deflects bullets, but provides invisibility cloaking, can interface with computers, and also deliver electric shocks, making Kiera a bit of a super spy in the present day.
  • bobprice1017 September 2012
    Continuum - A Great Idea That Works
    Continuum is very well acted thanks to a host of established actors from other series. The leading lady Rachel Nichols is thoroughly convincing in character and has the on-screen ability to keep viewers wondering and watching what she is going to do next. The overall plot has lots of room for development which is significant if the series is to continue. Best of all viewers will want to watch episode after episode because the storyline is that good. Special Effects are very good too as should be expected today but the show obviously has been awarded a fair sized investment because there is a sophisticated gloss to the entire production other shows don't have. The first series is very good and I am currently looking forward to the second. If the second is as good as the first this could develop into a long-term show. I sincerely hope so.
  • markimel121 January 2013
    I'm hooked!
    Let me tell you…I watched the final episode of season 1, and…I can't wait season 2!!!

    Canadians sure know how to make a great TV show! I've always liked Canadian TV movies, high quality „products" by all means…and „Continuum" is just like a fresh breeze on your face. Why?! Because it's mysterious, very well made, smart, intelligent, and it puts your logic to a test! If you loved „The X files", liked „Millenium", watched „Fringe" and love mystery and suspense with a smart and refreshing story, „Continuum" is the way to go!

    It explores theories… time travel, history, future…it questions today and its impact on tomorrow, and how yesterday's decisions become today's reality. It also brings a healthy dose of nice special effects, and just the dosage that can't hurt and make the show too „virtual".

    Acting is superb! The characters are slowly being developed, the backgrounds seem to perfectly fit…all in all…exactly what fans of sci-fi and mystery need(ed)!
  • melcher-200117 November 2014
    One of the Best
    This is one of the most creative and imaginative shows on television. It honors the sci-fi genre by actually addressing the questions we must ask ourselves about the future and how our actions in the present will shape it. This is what science fiction, at it's best, is meant for. Instead of depending on elaborate sets and overblown special effects (almost everything is filmed on location in Vancouver) the show leans heavily on good writing and performances and a plot that twists and turns without coming off as totally implausible or absurd.

    Although it draws one in with the familiar vocabulary of a police procedural, Continuum isn't a western or a magical fantasy in disguise, but a sobering look at very contemporary questions. Much like the superlative Battlestar Galactica (only with a much smaller budget) it isn't afraid to address scary subjects. And yet it's still fun.

    Best performances are by the leads Rachel Nichols and Erik Knudson, with a cast of great supporting actors. Nichols, as Kiera carries us with her admirably through all of the twists and turns. I believe the key here is an admirable restraint that keeps performances focused on creating convincing characters while opening the doorway to a dazzling array of narrative possibilities. Rather than relying on formulas the show gets more interesting as it goes along.
  • 9/10
    What make Continuum different and interesting, isn't the central plot to the show, it's the characters and their motives. It's a bit more nuanced than your typical good cops vs. bad guys.

    The show starts off in a distant but possible future where governments begin to fail to repay their debts and Corporations bail out the governments, to what extent we don't know. You do learn that the government very close with these corporations, and that not everyone enjoys how the corporations are running things.

    A group of terrorists are constantly trying to disrupt the corporations and bring them down with any-means necessary, or so we are lead to believe, and this is where the show get's interesting. The terrorist are really just terrorists, but rather they are revolutionaries that are trying to build an honest society without the corruption of the corporations.

    As the series unfolds. I like knowing that the core 'good' characters want the world to be a better place and are fighting for what is right, while the other characters each have their motives and their means. They each make their own decisions and don't have simple 'bad guy' motives. In fact several times I found my self rooting for the revolutionaries because heck I don't want a corrupt government in place, and some of the characters when given the option of fighting without violence opt for it.

    If you give this show a chance I think it's one of the most compelling scifi shows out there. If you liked Caprica, or Battlestar Galactica you will like this show. The characters are very strong and compelling.
  • delightful-life28 May 2012
    A Sci-Fi Treat
    The premise - A cop (Rachel Nichols) is accidentally sent to 2012 from the year 2077 along with a very very potent terrorist group, a group that the present league of police/crime fighters are just not equipped to handle.

    By 2077 governments have been replaced by corporate rule and the terrorists are trying to bring back democracy by a revolution, so they have decided to go back to the past. Unfortunately though they wanted to go back just 6 years they are accidentally taken back 60.

    I have just seen the pilot episode, and this was just brilliant. It was almost like a big budget movie and the quality is about 90% that of Fringe. Plus the novelty and the tech part exceeds Fringe! The main girl in the show is the pretty girl they introduced in the last season of Alias, and she was sort of the only disappointment. Its just like from Alias, she looks good but her acting is too artificial. Jennifer Garner would have just rocked this role. :-).

    The Sci-fi is super good, and 'that' is the main attraction of this show. I am not sure if they would be able to keep this up, but I really hope they do, as right now there are very few good shows.

    Is it recommended? Yes, definitely worth our 45mins. :-).............



    After reading a lot of the negative review of this show, yes, I too agree to many of that. The quality is not 90, but about 75% that of Fringe. But this show left me really excited and surprised right after seeing it. A majority of the TV shows are just mediocre/silly and this one definitely is 'not' mediocre.


    Review after seeing the 2nd and 3rd episodes:

    The 2nd episode was pretty awful compared to the pilot and was disappointed. I decided to give it one final shot and see the 3rd episode, and it was good (relatively). I think I should give this show some time before making a final judgement. Some character development started happening in the 3rd episode and they have removed some of the cheeziness from the 2nd. It seems as if they are learning from their mistakes, but they didn't go back to edit out their mistakes from the previous episodes (aren't these shows shot continuously over a period of time and then aired months later, or maybe even a few weeks later, so doesn't it give them ample time?).

    The sci-fi aspect is making me stick on. :-).

    Check it out if you have some extra time and make your own decision.


    Review after 2 full seasons:

    The show became significantly better after a few hiccups. I had thought that this show would loose steam, but no, they have greatly widened the story line, more characters and good character development.

    Thank You for reading. Cheers!
  • tmz-401-51881219 June 2012
    This show looks promising! An interesting storyline with talented actors and actresses. Fantastic CGI. Easily the best new sci-fi show this month.

    Why are people immediately assuming it is backed by corporate America? Last I checked there was more than one country in North America. A 'North American Union' would contain at least 3 countries. Just because the plot starts with corporations taking over the world? People have barely watched 1 episode and they are already jumping to conclusions. The possibilities are endless, the story has obviously captured your attention, why are you bashing it?

    There is no conspiracy theory, the main character is doing her job. Not quite sure how that equates to her stopping freedom?

    Look past real world existing oppressive regimes. If you haven't noticed, it is a Canadian made and produced show, and I can almost guarantee the storyline is going to be surprising you as it progresses. You can feel that as the main character Rachel learns more during her experiences in the past, and how that experience will affect the future time line.
  • rich-stryker31 July 2012
    Continuum brings Canada Sci-fi to the fore
    My week is not started until I get to watch my Continuum.

    There is something about the program that engrosses me. I am so happy that the show doesn't hide that it is filmed in Canada and doesn't need to make the Canadian Armed Forces look uber- tough nor the police all spit and polish. The film quality and special effects are sharp and look up-to-date with American standards, I know the Canada has been doing such quality for American shows for decades. Also, it was hilarious to see "Carlos" doing the nude bathing scene and getting his butt kicked by a woman when normally Hollywood does the opposite.

    The storyline is slow at points but it doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the show. The teasers and cliffhangers in the show such as in episode 9 makes you want to come back for more.

    The show does use swearing. I'd prefer to have nothing at all but at least they keep it down to a minimum.

    I am hopeful that there will be a second season and that foreign companies will start showing the program. I think it will do well in the UK and US.

    Keep up the good work!
  • NyteShift4 June 2012
    Promising show came out of nowhere
    Warning: Spoilers
    Stumbling across this action/drama/sci-fi as I looked over what shows I was going to scope out this season, I wasn't actually thinking this show was going to be quite as good as it actually was. I am a sucker for ANY sci-fi/fantasy shows, even those that are quite terrible, and this one certainly not does not fall into the terrible category. I was kept on the edge of my seat, and I can't wait to see more.

    This show does indeed throw some wrenches into the mix. When I first started watching the show, I was confused at first. They immediately turn on the head the concept of "good" and "bad". The "good guys" revolve around a government in which the common people have basically been stripped of their freedoms. The "bad guys" are fighting to remove this corrupt system. Ultimately, I personally was unsure who to cheer for. I want to know more about the struggle in the future and how the government system came to be personally. I hope they develop this more, and from the first few episodes, seems like this will happen.

    Something I didn't like: The main character (the protector) is likable, even though she serves a government that has stripped our freedoms. The terrorists, on the other hand, despite fighting for a good cause, are bloodthirsty, ruthless, very unlikable and some are borderline crazy. If we could change that about the terrorists, and perhaps give them more personality (other than just pure violence), and get us to like them more, I can't express how much that might enhance the shows overall plot. It would throw the viewer for a loop as we struggle to decide what/who we should be rooting for. The second show starts to show us that this could be possible, and I hope it takes hold.

    I felt the cast is very solid, and has potential. The future tech is pretty cool and enjoyable to watch. Not overwhelmingly futuristic, but just enough to keep the sci-fi fans like myself interested. I read a review in which it compared this show to the Sara Conner Chronicles, (which I did enjoy), and I must say, I do see the comparison. The time travel component is present, the futuristic tech and the future being an undesirable place to live in.

    This show currently is on my must watch list. I think it has great potential, and hope it stays as good as it is now.
  • ed-2681111 October 2015
    Ending was about what you'd expect
    I thought the series was really good, and the ending was about what you'd expect. I wish they would have had a full season to wrap it up, though, instead of trying to cram everything into 6 episodes. That really made them have to skip a lot of things and constantly left me thinking I missed an episode somewhere in between even though I hadn't. Having a 6-episode final season was better than having the show just dropped, don't get me wrong, but it didn't quite do it justice like a full final season would have. I felt this show was good, creative sci-fi, and it's a real shame that it got cancelled since they could have done so much more with it. Still, despite those nits I've picked, it was worth watching, and I would recommend it to any sci-fi fan.
  • hrobertsizemore26 February 2014
    I wish I liked it
    While the concept grabbed my attention and I love seeing some of the faces from other shows I have never gotten past the pilot. I find the main character acting wooden and stiff. Makes you hope the Freedom Fighters or Anti-Corp Terrorist win.

    I have set through the pilot twice several months apart. The CGI and special effects are pretty top notch. The concept as I said is very interesting and is probably someone take on where the world is headed. But the topic has been covered before in books and stories.

    I will probably try it one more time like I said I really did want to like the show. I am amazed that the show has been on for 3 seasons. And based on other reviews it may be better now then when it started.
  • Javin Torado14 October 2015
    Thank You
    Warning: Spoilers
    I would like to thank you for entertaining all of us. It is heart dropping to know the season has finally come to an end and it's time to say good bye. Thank you Mr. Simon Barry, Rachel, Victor, Erik and all the cast and crew in keeping the love for the show. The show was inspiring and fascinating to watch, with a very creative and honest story. As a small time actor and film producer, I could only have dreamed of working with a great producer and cast on a production such as Continuum. I would, very much like to see everyone in other projects but will surely miss everyone as the original Continuum family. Thank you once again for being there,..... here,.... now and forever.
  • Stephanie Mingham28 May 2012
    Propaganda or critical?
    Warning: Spoilers
    The pilot of Showcase's new TV show Continuum, featuring the stunning Rachel Nichols, seems at first like a cookie-cutter Terminator-type plot where goodies and baddies time travel to hunt each other in the past. However, it may have more depth than it first leads us to believe.

    It's unclear what agenda Continuum is pushing. As the documentary Operation Hollywood shows, the state uses movies and TV programming ...well... for programming people to their particular perspectives.

    Continuum seems at first to push the status-quo line of the evil terrorist 'freedom fighters' committing a 9/11-type event killing 30.000 people to kill 20 members of the corporate congress. They escape into the past and decide to cause a revolution, but are chased by the valiant supercop Nichols - who seems unphased by being propelled 700 years in the past and keeps on performing her professional duties regardless. Of course, the contemporary cops embrace her immediately in her fight against the evil terrorists.

    Other clichés that reinforce our current statist status-quo is that the terrorists are cold blooded killers that kill a bunch of cops to get their weapons and free their comrade. We can see they are baddies because they throw knives at each other, have scars, dodgy hairstyles and decide to wear anarchist-militia-type outfits to 'blend in'.

    Contrastingly, the future they present -although high-tech- does seem somewhat despotic as well as very familiar. The 'corporations' bailed out their failed and bankrupt government and the population lost their freedoms as a result, making them 'slaves to corporate congress'. Their future democracy was replaced by a corporate dictatorship. This seems like an exact description of what we have today - except maybe that the bailout was the other way round where corporations were bailed out by the governments.

    So this would point that the future world seems to be a metaphor for our current situation, with government bailouts and the rising police state. They describe the future USA as the 'North American Union' which is a term associated with the globalist agenda. It is run by the corporate congress, which again is appropriate for our current congress.

    The writers of the show probably don't want to be too blatantly critical of the status quo so they target their criticism at the 'future' society which is a caricature of our current society. The cop chase in 2012 seems pretty standard where the cops are the goodies and the baddies are our familiar terrorists. I'm hoping these covert criticisms of our current society were used by the writers so that the show would be approved by the censors and networks. We'll see in future episodes which side they are really on.

    A few things that trouble me are that the Liberate freedom fighters seem to blame the corporations for the corporate dictatorships. This appears to be the standard socialist viewpoint which blames corporations for subverting democracies, resulting in fascism. To some extent they are correct in that corporations -like any other special interest group - uses state force to impose rules that benefit them. The real problem is the presence of the state's monopoly on force which becomes a magnet for special interest to take control of it for their own ends. Without the state, corporations are nothing more than voluntary associations of people. Actually, without the state, there are no corporations as it is a statist construct that shields its members from personal liability - something which would not exist in a free society.

    Also, the parents of the geek Erik Knudsen can be heard saying that the government bailed out the banks and that Erik is not 'ready' yet. Are they freedom fighters too? Why is Erik blindly helping this supercop Nichols? Why does it seem like they've taken current fears of the rising police state, Muslim terrorism and conspiracy theories, blended them together and spewed out a very confusing resulting story that seems both pro- and anti- establishment? It's not clear to me which way the writers are leaning at this point. Maybe this could be an interesting vehicle to criticize the current status-quo, or maybe it's just using the plot as a device to show that fascism is the way forward.
  • kershmey_baker23 August 2012
    Struggling story, oddly offensive elements
    I don't often sit on the fence with shows and films, but in this case I find it hard not too. I want to like this show. Its Canadian, the acting is decent, the lead is terribly cute, and though the 'Time-Tangerine' is perhaps the most ridiculous plot-centric prop in TV history, all the other futuristic elements are relatively neat and believable. The first few episodes seemed to suggest that the show would portray a continuous, developing story; one that would surely get side-tracked from time to time, but would flow through each episode, as seen with most of the truly exceptional dramas on TV today. To my disappointment, the show has instead adopted the more classic 'single story per episode' method more in keeping with the buckets of 'CSI'-style shows out there, which this show increasingly resembles with each new episode, the last two of which have been particularly weak.

    There's also elements to this show I find oddly offensive. Its about Kiera, an adorable corporate cop of the year 2077, living in a society of corporate rule that's embattled by anti-corporate terrorists. These terrorists escape with the Time-Tangerine, the cute copper gets caught up in the timesplosion, winds up back in present day with them, alone and having to stop them. Here's the bit that bugs the hell out of me: These future-terrorists, whom the show goes to great pains to associate with 9/11 style imagery at multiple times throughout the short-lived series, are gradually equated with anti-corporate sentiment in general; portraying anti-corporate/capitalist protest as a sort of gateway drug to terrorist activity. At a time in Canada where there's an active campaign by the administration to label and charge peaceful environmental protesters as 'eco-terrorists' in order to give corporations greater protections from obstructionist protest actions, I can't help but wonder if this none-to-subtle suggestion is just a crass attempt to be current and topical, or if its a sentiment paid for by the show's sponsors.
  • Baron_Munchausen10 July 2012
    Avoid at all costs
    I don't know why I kept watching this show even after I had to put my brain in a jar 10 minutes into each episode. Where should I start? 1. Evil corporations are good and Freedom Fighters/Rebels are bad? 2. All the bad guys are ex-special forces but are no match in a fight with the good guys. Be it guns or fists. 3. Kiera's suit and gun would amaze a bad guy from 2012 but why should any of these (eg tracker) be a surprise for a bad guy from 2077? 4. The bad guys always kill people even if there is another option to get their job done. 5. The bad guys have gang tattoos, funky hairstyles and smoke dope.

    I can keep going. For the life of me I cannot understand why this show has a rating of 8.
  • Ash Alizadeh28 May 2012
    Decent, thats all..
    I remember when the first episode of Terra Nova came out..Close story, a family living in the year 2562 (just making the year up) got separated and so much graphics and effects have been introduced to the viewer which made high expectations on us ended after the first episode.

    Same story with Continuum, they introduced us with high technology amazing graphics with the ideological future expression but somehow that end after 10minutes. A hot mother got separated by her family and jumped back in time..

    I am afraid that we will watch "good cops trying to catch bad criminals" on each episode where the only story will be the woman's "I wanna go back my to my son" phrase.

    As a conclusion, I am not sure Continuum will be a huge hit but lets give it a shot.
  • ivko12 June 2012
    If Ayn Rand wrote SciFi, this would be it.
    Basic plot; in the future the world is run by corporations. A group of terrorists (or freedom fighters, as you will) commit a 9/11 style crime and are captured/sentenced to death. However, just as they are to be executed they manage to smuggle in a time machine and slip away into the past with a cop unwittingly coming along for the ride. Now in their past, our present, they have weekly bad guy trying to destroy the world, good guy trying to stop them hi-jinks.

    The production values are decent but not amazing. The acting is unspectacular but not awful. There are numerous plot holes here, but none worth getting too upset about. The real thing worth talking about with this show is the extreme conservative viewpoint. Not only is the corporate control of the future not challenged, it is actively championed by the writers. Lack of privacy, restraints implanted into suspects that deliver electric shocks until they report to the courthouse for hearings, a total lack of anything resembling a bill of rights; not only are these "realities" presented as matter-of-fact for the future, but no one in the future is shown as having any problem with them whatsoever except lowlifes and blood thirsty murderers.

    To sell this view the show has cast a pretty, sympathetic police officer as the main protagonist. Her sense of justice is unswerving, her bag of technological goodies apparently bottomless. She is the only one who understands how crazy these terrorists are. Well, her and a teenage boy (and future corporate titan) designing technology 60 years ahead of it's time in his barn. Together they push past the red tape of the bleeding heart laws and legal system to stop the villains.

    I have never seen SciFi this skewed before. I forced myself to watch the first three shows with gritted teeth, waiting for the show to present the opposing view, but it never happened. The only people on the show shown to be opposed to this vision of the future are literally murderous sociopaths. At some point it hit me. The worship of the industrialists, the complete lack of sympathy for the downtrodden, these are the exact views of Ayn Rand. This is SciFi for neo-cons.

    Now, personally I find this show so offensive I can't even begin to describe how much I hate it. At best I think it's thinly veiled propaganda with a pretty leading lady and plenty of guns and explosions thrown in to draw in the brain dead. But my conservative friends are always very earnestly upset about what they see as the liberal bias in the media. I don't agree, but I suppose that it's fair that neo-cons get their own show. Bottom line, while I REALLY don't like the philosophy espoused here, I suppose it's decent middle of the road SciFi fare. Watch it to get your weekly fill of jokes about how bad government is and what unpatriotic jerks people who talk about personal liberties are.
  • bobbybits6 June 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not a good sci-fi or action series.

    The plot from this first episode, and going by this episode will continue this way throughout this series. It is well, full of mindless holes and predictability. For instance the Seattle PD is in the habit of taking estranged cops into a questioning room, to help them question suspects on nothing more then good faith. Why were those cops still holding that person who had commit no crime. While without bothering to check on any of this imposter's credential. Meanwhile anything that doesn't fit is covered by them playing the from the future card, where all of the future tech is backwardly compatible to present. Does future cop MILF sell? No not that really interested at all.... Lame

    If you like watching Muppets act badly, without questioning the strings pulling them of plot lines, dialogue, concept and final production. Then I'm sure you will clap your hands and be amused by the brainless attempt at a series.

    4 out of 10
  • George Ariton30 May 2012
    Extremely promising
    Warning: Spoilers
    My personal opinion is that time travel has always approached the same paradox "if you are here, you already modified the future", but this series appears to NOT follow that rule (i will try to keep spoilers to the minimum).

    The action is initially set in 2077, but that is so we would know the "past" of the people involved. In 2077 during an execution, some terrorists are sent into a room so they can be "processed", but somehow they used a device to go to the past and change the outcome of the war that they started, but in this process a determined female law-enforcer jumps in with them. Initially they were supposed to go only 6 years, but they manage to go 60 years into the past landing smack down, face first into our time. All of the inmates use their knowledge of the future and advanced tactical training to start a war, and only the cop from the future knows how to stop them, and the biggest surprise is the person who is now helping the cop.

    The acting is great, the story is entangled and everyone has a back story, the actors are not acting like in a soap opera, i loved every second of it. Considering this is a pilot, the rest of the show might go down hill from here, but I hope for the best.
  • zeetoddy28 May 2012
    Fresh new sci fi series
    Brand new sci fi series that looks promising. I saw the pilot (and yes IMDb helped me make the decision). In 2077 rich corporations rule the North American Union. A group of criminals slated for execution instead travel back in time (2012)to terrorize the past. By accident a cop from the future also gets sent back in time where she helps the Vancouver police to bring the baddies to justice. I'm really interested to see if it is actually the criminals who are bad or if it is the corporations. What side will morality and freedom take? I think that will be interesting to see in this new series. If you remember Charmed, Coop Phoebe's husband plays the good cop. I wonder if I can take him seriously in this role. Ha.
  • fy_nesh11 June 2012
    awful and stupid
    Warning: Spoilers
    How stupid do you have to be to come up with a series where the main character is hunting down freedom fighters for the benefit of big corporations, especially at a time where in the real world people are struggling to make ends meet and a sentiment of growing resentment towards big money and big corporations is on the rise, i guess the geniuses behind this disaster of a show will eventually come up with a twist that changes the main character mission, probably at the end of the first season where she will switch sides and start fighting big greedy corporations, but it is too much self-punishment for me to wait tell then, not really into masochistic pleasure, another thing is that i don't really know why in all Canadian TV, the leading female characters are very hard to like. If i could give it less than one star i would have, don't bother with it.
  • bewareofthecow28 May 2012
    Great Premise, Poor Execution.
    The concept for this show is great. You have a dystopian future setting in 2077, time travel, some interesting technologies. A corporate congress that has taken over the government. Terrorists that are fighting for liberty by any means necessary. A story that treads the line between good and evil and moral quandary. The special effects are pretty decent for a TV show, and I was impressed with the production value. All of it seemed like an amazing setup for a show until it devolved into a cliché crime show drama with really poor dialogue catch phrases. The actors feel really stiff, but you can tell they are trying to make the most of very poor writing. It is almost like they felt the need to make it more like CSI or Law and Order to please a mass audience. Maybe they are right, but I found it dry and it left a bitter taste in my mouth because the premise had so much potential. If you are looking for a real SciFi show you will probably be disappointed, maybe even angry that a show that could be so much more has been diluted down for mass appeal.
  • burgif4 June 2012
    corporations defenders
    Warning: Spoilers
    In literature; the hero is a Robin Hood like person, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, this series does the opposite as the main character is a brainwashed female law enforcer who is set to capture or kill the people fighting the dictatorship of the corporation. It makes you wonder if this series was financed by wall street and the likes. the story has flaws as the knowledge of the past was well managed by the main character while the assumed villains have no idea how to react in a past time environment even when the show indicates that the time travel was initiated by the so called villains and the main law enforcement character was dragged to the time travel by poor chance.
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