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  • This film completely passed my radar and I only came across it by accident. Some well-known actors in a film that draws on the same dead-pan humor and special effects as Red Dwarf.

    Kristin Kreuk looks great as usual. Amanda Tapping gives a good performance not too far removed from her character on Star Gate and, as expected, George Takei from Star Trek does a great voice for a very unusual visitor to the space station.

    Personally, I liked it. Just don't expect Star Wars - the budget wouldn't have stretched that far. Don't take it seriously and just go along for the ride. It's daft in places - but laugh-out loud in others. Worth a watch!
  • In the not too distant future we find a crew of menial labor astronauts that crew a giant garbage space-station that is designed to clear debris from the orbital lanes of Earth. Soon after they recover a mysterious dimensional device, the crew discovers all life on Earth has ceased to exist and that they face an even greater crisis when a genetically mutated rubber duck terrorizes the station.

    Starring Amanda Tapping, Billy Boyd, Kristin Kreuk and Robin Dunne, Space Milkshake was the perfect ending to an already perfect day of science fiction at the inaugural Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi festival. George Takei voices the rubber duck named Gary.

    I absolutely loved this film and loved that there is still such a thing as a lighthearted sci-fi comedy. It's refreshing to see space humor at the hands of smaller name actors and TV stars too. Sure George Takei is a household name and Billy Boyd was a hobbit, but trust me when I say that it does not cast one shadow on the chemistry between these actors.

    Boyd is comically eccentric as the Station's captain and fuels the blue-collar humor with his various quirks and idiosyncrasies. The fact that the film is set on a garbage space station only adds to the humor as the close proximity of the crew results in hilarious and often ridiculous scenarios. Ridiculous is actually the perfect word to describe this film but it's also just plain fun. It reminded me a lot of something like the Red Dwarf series only with more sci- fi references and shenanigans.

    George Takei is giant mutated rubber duck, what more could you possibly need to make you want to watch this movie? Its delightful fun for just less than 90 minutes, but it still retains an authentic feel to a futurist space story. The audience (*of sci-fi fans) was absolutely rolling in their seats at the various crew interactions and Billy Boyd's performance. I feel the need to add that asterisk in there just for good measure as your average movie-goer probably isn't going to find a hodgepodge of comedic science fiction very funny.

    The humor is probably on the same level as something as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or the before mentioned Red Dwarf series, but whether you're a dedicated fan of those works or not, you're sure to at least crack a smile in Space Milkshake. Billy Boyd plays the Michael Scott of space albeit with more scenes of him barking orders in his underpants and squaring off with a giant mutated rubber duck.

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  • ijameson10 June 2018
    Hey Hollywood,

    See this movie? Made on a budget, yet it manages to be better than any of your recent blockbusters.

    An interesting idea, interesting characters, and good acting.

    It's also funny.

    Watch it, take notes, and please try to learn something.

  • There is a new genre out there: science fiction as work place comedy. This is one of the better examples. It puts no effort into logic or sciencetific plausibility. Some of the characters are fairly funny. The acting is professional. I usually find these things either too cloying or silly but this one is pretty decent. If you like it, you should love Interplanetary from 2008 not the blockbuster I can't see giving this much of a rating considering its mediocrity;it doesn't aspire to more and that is just fine.

    This is a line to make the review long enough.
  • Athanatos1736 December 2019
    Funny little movie that I stumbled across completely by accident. Although I knew all the actors from previous projects, this film flew completely under my radar. It has some offbeat humor and the cast pulls it off and what could have easily been an unwatchable movie is actually quite good.

    Although the entire cast does a good job, Billy Boyd stands out playing the station captain and is outright hilarious as is George Takei for his voice work.

    The one strange thing is that from what I have read this film cost about 30 million to make, and I can't quite justify that amount of money based on the sets and effects I saw. Unless the actors were paid an insane amount, something is off with the budget numbers.

    Recommended for a light hearted fun time.
  • I like cheese, the kind you eat, and in movies too. This is one of the best B movie sci-fis i've seen since Spaceballs and Ice Pirates. I think they did it on purpose, because Amanda Tapping was involved and she's high up in my book of quality actresses and producers. It's clever and funny and well worth the watch. The characters are believable and develop well. Kristin Kreuk's character image, after a good plot twist, was awesome, I won't mention that as don't want to give away that. The special effects were fairly decent and the props were very well done, except the space suits, which could have used some work. Adding George Takei was the topping on the cake. He was the cream cheese topping on the cheese LOL. Overall, I gave it a 9. And that's pretty high for a B movie style. Haven't given a 9 for a B movie since The 24th Reich. I'm pretty picky on ratings. I was LOL through the whole thing. Watch it and you'll see. Oh, and don't get the title wrong, sounds like a typical B movie, but titles are just the cover of a good book. Sometimes. Before I wrote this this movie had a 7.2, which is very good in my standards. Watch it, you won't waste your time.
  • I almost missed this one. Caught this one back around 2014, a late night channel surfing session brought me to this absolute gem! Read the summary and knew there was no way I could not watch this.

    It really did seem like everyone had as much fun making it as we all did watching it. I can see where people make the comparisons to early Red Dwarf episodes. Cringing at the jokes and having tears rolling down my face was exactly what I had hoped for, and it was delivered in spades.

    Mr. Takei's voice work was a cherry on top of this great project. The whole cast really was amazing. I hope they do make more soon. If you're looking for a fun, B, sci-fi spoof then you have come to the right place! I wish it was on DVD, I would buy cases of them and hand them to everyone that came to my home. Yes I love it that much, and hope you do too. Cheers
  • Enjoyable, pure and really simple. A very decent space comedy with well written characters, slightly above average actors with affordable dialogue, flowing plot and good enough photography. Office life in space and its routine-based timetable coupled with strained relationships and neurotic co-workers is even too credible. Taken for what it's worth and how much it was spent to make it deserves the viewer attention. It's not stellar nor incredibly funny but it would not hurt to see more movies made with this quality rather than boring and pretentious stuff that eventually costs triple this budget for half the entertaining value Space Milkshake can give.
  • Kristin Kreuk's resume doesn't have anything we have seen, but Amanda Tapping is well know from the Stargate franchise and lead the cast in Sanctuary, which included Robin Dunne, plus Billy Boyd is best know for the Lord of Rings. Looks like a "B" movie with strong players. While the performances were well within our expectations, my wife said it best with 'Why did they bother making this?'.

    The opening scene shows the theft of an undefined piece of technology -- the centerpiece of this end of the world story. But you never get a good feeling why it was invented to begin with. Our blue-collar workers being forced to saved the universe had great flexibility of unexpected story lines, but it's mostly a tiring experience to watch. At times it feels like 4 great performers were invited to do a sketch on the Muppet Show. Sadly "Pigs in Space" is better than Space Milkshake -- a title that never did make any sense to me.

    You may wish to watch this to see an additional appearance from Amanda or Billy beyond what we are accustom to seeing, but you'll spend the entire 80mins waiting for the movie to get better -- but it doesn't.
  • CyMaddux15 May 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    a bit of a slapstick comedy set in space revolving around a space debris clearing station and its zany crew. Billy Boyd does an admirable job as Captain Anton, who is a cross between Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and Captain Mel from Firefly. Kruek is hot in her little space suit and ads some sex appeal.

    I didn't find Tapping to be that great, but she wasn't horrible, about the same for Dunne, who seemed to overact in parts. George Takei added some comedy relief as the voice of Gary, No stellar plot line here, just some slapstick space fun, decent enough for a quasi sci fi comedy.

  • staunton-gary23 November 2019
    How could it go wrong with two of the hottest ladies in the universe. Light-hearted fun sci-fi. Well worth the watch. The cast worked well together. Don't expect big budget action, it would have totally spoiled this gem.
  • I wasn't expecting much and it was better than I was expecting.

    Most of the other reviews cover it's charms and deficits.

    If you like programs like Red Dwarf, this is not as good but you will probably enjoy. No brainer entertainment good for a rainy afternoon or to unwind after work.