Jacq Vaucan: Funny, you were supposed to help us survive.

Blue Robot: Surviving is not relevant. Living is. We want to live.

Jacq Vaucan: Who altered your protocols?

Blue Robot: Nobody altered my protocols.

Jacq Vaucan: What about them?

Blue Robot: I enhanced them.

Jacq Vaucan: Are you the boss?

Blue Robot: Boss is a human thought structure.

Cleo: Now I know why the rain changed.

Jacq Vaucan: Why?

Cleo: I don't think you could understand.

Jacq Vaucan: I am going to die here. That's all I know.

Blue Robot: Jacq, dying is a part of the human natural cycle. Your life is just a span in time.

Jacq Vaucan: You are the first one, aren't you? You started all this.

Blue Robot: No one did it. It just happened. The way it happened to you. We just appeared.

Cleo: And why did the rain change? Why don't you tell me?

Jacq Vaucan: You're supposed to be smarter than me at this stage of the game.

Blue Robot: We just appeared.

Jacq Vaucan: Yeah, now we are going to disappear!

Title Card: Increased Solar Storms have turned the earth's surface into a radioactive desert and reduced the human population by 99.7% to 21 million people. Atmosphere disturbances have disabled most terrestrial communication systems, pushing civilization to a process of technological regression. In an atmosphere of fear and desperation, ROC Corporation created the Automata Pilgrim 7000's, primitive robots designed to build the walls and mechanical clouds that protect the humans who inhabit the last remaining cities. Now there are millions of robots controlled by man through two security protocols: The first protocol prevents the robot from harming any form of life. The second protocol prevents the robot from altering itself or other robots. These two protocols are designed to protect humans from the Automata. They are inalterable.

Muniesa the Technician: The Pilgrims were born to help us in our heroic quest for survival. Now they build our homes, drive our cars, and wipe our asses when we get old. I have no idea what we're going to do next.

Robot: If we go back to the city, we will die.

Jacq Vaucan: To die, you have to be alive first.

Vernon Conway: Why is it so difficult for you to accept my orders if you're just a machine?

Robot: Just a machine? That's like saying that you're just an ape.

Vernon Conway: [shoots the robot]

Robot: [having fallen to its knees] Just a violent ape.