At the end of the credits there is a rendition of Daisy Bell, a nod to the first song ever performed with speech synthesis on a computer.

Cleo, the feminine blue-haired robot who helps Vaucan in his search for the mysterious "clocksmith" that repair robots, is uncredited voiced by Melanie Griffith.

The protagonist's name "Jacq Vaucan" is probably a reference to "Jacques de Vaucanson," an 18th century inventor famous for his creation of intricate clockwork automata.

The word "Automata" is a plural of "Automaton" which comes from the Greek word "Automatos" meaning "self-acting" or "acting on its own", which was in use as early as ancient Greece. Modern words like "Automatic" (in use since 18-th century) and "Automation" (in use only from 1940's) are of the same origins.

The rendition of Daisy Bell is remeniscent of the song sung by HAL, as he was being shut down in Kubrick's 2001A Space Odyssey.

Elena Anaya, who worked with director Gabe Ibáñez on Hierro (2009), gave the screenplay to Antonio Banderas while shooting The Skin I Live In (2011).

The film takes place in 2044.

Reunites Antonio Banderas with Melanie Griffith after Two Much (1995). Though they work together in Crazy in Alabama (1999), Banderas was director, not actor, therefore they didn't share a scene. Banderas and Griffith fell in love on the set of Two Much, marrying in 1996 until their divorce in 2015.

This is the second movie where 'Melanie Griffith' appears related with robots and post-apocalyptic futures. The first was Cherry 2000 (1987).

The title Automata was inspired by the musical band Steam Powered Giraffe whom the writers are fans of.

The newspaper seen early on during the montage explaining the robots' creation and failure to stop the desert is called "De Omni Re Scibili," which means "everything known," or, more loosely, "all the news fit to print."

Dylan McDermott and Robert Foster both worked on Olympus Has Fallen (2013).

The movie uses two different visual effects techniques: while the city's locations are CGI, all the robots were created using animatronics and manipulated via remote control.