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  • anitamakkarin5 October 2011
    I watched this short in Datça Film Festival as festival's opening film. I really liked the story which is simple, emotional and impressive in its own way. I grew up in countryside of Turkey, and this film really reminded me of my childhood and my grandpa. It is a colorful portrayal of childhood dreams and brutal reality. During the interview after screening they said most of the actors are amateurs, who live around the shooting place. The old guys were brilliant and it was so much fun to watch them. The small girl is also so successful and pretty. I especially loved the opening scene and how colors/sounds are used in a unique way to separate what is real and what is imaginary. The story is not crystal clear, so there are scenes you're lost between fantasy and reality, but these transitions kind of create this blurry story. So I can say that it was a beautiful 10 minutes, film is definitely worth watching and I recommend it especially for the art-house lovers.