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  • lor_18 April 2022
    This once-notable Girlfriends series slides further toward "all-sex" status, with four dumb stories leading to the usual XXX-rated lesbian activity.

    Opening scene is stupid, as we watch Ember Snow and Misha Cross outdoors in a hot tub. After a few seconds of underwater photography groping, they end up wearing lingerie in bed for sex action. Sappy dialogue has Ember arbitrarily wanting to break up with Misha, who tries to talk her out of it. Infidelity and a sort of "Same Time Next Year" plot gimmick are pointlessly tossed in.

    BIg tits dominate a pairing of contract star Aubree Valentine and Jasmine Wilde. Aubree watches Jasmine take a sexy shower, than they're on a bed talking about a threesome (with Aubree's husband) that fell apart, with a parting lesbian f*ck taking place, after Valentine gives Jasmine a wad of cash, as if latter was a prostitute. Idiotic plot line has Jasmine moving from Miami to Mississippi for a fresh start. About as dumb an idea as starting an abortion clinic in either locale, given current right-wing domination down South.

    Newcomer April Love plays a vapid blonde stripper who gives Jenna Noelle a lap dance, and then humps her at home in bed.

    Finale has Madi Meadows getting mad at Olive Glass for having had sex with Olive's ex-boyfriend. Olive supposedly is new to lesbianism (which will come as a shock to fans of her girl/girl expertise) and humps Madi into forgiving her in "my first time with a woman".

    Strictly filler.