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  • Screenwriters have never been given respect in Adult Cinema, a defect only getting worse.

    This Digital Playground feature from a decade back is far better than others directed in assembly-line fashion by Robby D., and the reason is obviously a serious screenplay written by Kay Brandt, who would go on to a successful directing career.

    Contract star Kayden Kross is featured opposite Erik Everhard as her husband. He brings up the notion of trying swinging, as a one-shot, supposedly to spice up their marriage.

    KK balks at first, but tacitly lets Erik try it out, with serious consequences. Brandt's dialogue is well-written and believable, and the cast does some acting for a change, most of them used to pulling faces in those lame set-ups that precede gonzo footage.

    Revelation here is a sympathetic, convincing performance by Lela Star in support, playing Evan Stone's wife and better known for her all-sex assignments. As a sexy neighbor girl, Brooklyn Lee looks fabulous.