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  • Immersing myself in Sweet Sinner features lately, I enjoyed this first edition of THE TEACHER series as an example of Nica Noelle's approach before the more regimented structure of recent SS videos. It's a bit closer to traditional porn, signaled by casting old-timer Tom Byron in a lead role.

    Per IMDb the once emblematic youth star of 25 years earlier had already more than 1600 XXX assignments completed by the time of THE TEACHER and he looks basically the same here as before, minus piercings, long hair and with the addition of a pot belly.

    He's a college math professor married to an English prof Darla Crane, and Nica's story has them both seduced by sexy students who they are trying to encourage to work harder in their studies. It doesn't take much persuasion to start humping on the desk (same classroom is used for both profs). Amusing touch is that during Byron's sex education with lovely newcomer Alysson Westley on the soundtrack we hear the bubbling sound of chem lab beakers, as the initial establishing shot has this classroom doubling as a chem lab (doesn't make sense but does add atmosphere).

    Darla's humping is more straightforward, as an overage student Mr. Pete gets her going, and going, and going, Darla being Sweet Sinner's go-to gal in delivering its trademark promise of "real orgasms" in every video.

    Both profs receive blackmail letters threatening their jobs with disclosure of their affairs with students. Director Noelle doles out plot developments so sparingly (the emphasis is on the sex, of course) that the video becomes fun in its simplicity and clarity. It's somewhat refreshing in our era where audiences, especially of TV series, have been trained to expect three or more overlapping stories, endless time shifts and constant red herrings en route to resolution (or suspension) of a mystery.

    Cast is very effective at delivering arousing sex though Byron in particular seems ill-suited for Nica's dictum of naturalness, as he falls into his learned long ago habits of porn-speak and fake passion. Crane on the other hand is always spontaneous (seeming) and genuinely enjoys having sex, in an infectious manner. The new kid on the block Ms. Westley is very natural, not much of an actress and apparently disappeared from the Adult Industry almost as soon as she arrived -not a one-shot but almost.