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  • Key and Peele make SNL look like the worst episode on Sesame Street.

    If these two where put on earth to do this series and that's it, we've been blessed.

    This is top shelf comedic brilliance in every aspect. The quality of the skits is outstanding. I'm shocked how they fit so much entertainment in 30 min. Yet it leaves me smiling all day. Even the extra actors in the skits have better acting skills than most of the hosts on SNL.

    Good days or bad days, these guys make me laugh.

    My only complaint is that I wish each episode was at least 60 min.

    And very sad this legendary series is over.
  • I saw their "I Said Bitch" skit a few months ago when one of my friends shared it on Facebook. It caught me off guard with how clever, perfectly-timed, well-acted, multi-dimensional, and downright funny it was. I told myself that I would definitely start watching this show…but my hectic schedule caught up with me, and it faded from my memory before I was able to set aside time to watch one episode.

    But the videos kept going viral on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and after clicking on "McFerrin vs. Winslow," "Ultimate Fighting Match Preview," "Yo Mama Has Health Problems," and "Gay Marriage Legalized," I was hooked! Next thing I know, I was ripping through episodes on Hulu, and posting and emailing episodes to my friends…I was even pulling co- workers into my office and telling them, "You HAVE to watch this sketch RIGHT NOW…it's only 4 minutes long."

    This is the closest production I've found to Chappelle's Show, although the comparison isn't exactly fair. Chappelle's Show was outrageous and far beyond the bounds of anything anyone had seen on TV before (not taking away from the fact that it was extremely creative, witty, and funny), leading to ROTFLMAOs. Key and Peele is a bit more subdued, and much of its humor lies in its subtext. You'll still get a few ROTFLMAOs, but a lot of the laughs may just be LOLs, or smirks. Not every skit is a hit, but the producers manage to cut the less-funny skits before they get annoying, unlike Saturday Night Live (again, an unfair comparison because that show is live, while Key and Peele is pre- taped and edited).

    Key and Peele are both extremely witty, charismatic, and talented comedians and actors. I enjoy their two-man stand up (I think it's a successful formula, when you have the right team), and watching the entire episodes actually allows you to enjoy the episodes more than simply watching them on YouTube because the setups often give you additional insight. Dave Chappelle used to do the same thing successfully. Peele's imitation of President Obama is impressive, and the "Anger Translator" skits are hilarious. I can't wait until Season 3.

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  • There was a void in Comedy Central after "Chappelle's Show" ended and, while I don't want to say that "Key and Peele" completely filled it, they sure helped me not notice the absence as much. "Key and Peele" were gut-busting hilarious and YouTube users have enjoyed them by the millions. It sucks they only gave us four years, but like they say: "Leave them wanting more."
  • This is and always will be one of the greatest sketch comedy shows ever. It's brilliant and practically perfect. The writing is smart, insightful and hilarious. But best of all, actors Key and Peele are chameleons who vanish into an infinite number of characters with a wide range of different personalities, and that's what makes this show work. Even the best writing can fall flat if the actors aren't up to the challenge. Those two are pitch perfect in every single sketch.
  • rzajac28 November 2014
    I'm not saying it's perfect. Genius is not equal to Perfect. It's a little hit and miss... and yet I feel it deserves a '10'.

    I think it deserves this because these guys (and their writers, natch!) have stumbled upon a wondrous land of infinite possibility. Not many people attain to this; which restriction is also an indicator of true artistry. From top to bottom, the produced sketches reek of talent and inspiration. From conception to writing to directing to acting... We are treated to comedy on blue-flame fire. It's head humor, it's body humor, it's slapstick, it's transcendent, it's bestial.

    It'll be interesting to see how long ComCent lets it run.

    And, btw, I PREFER the new format (using road trip bits as ligature).

    Highlights: S04E03; Georgina and Esther (*gotta* watch it uncensored!). S04E10; The scat duel (brutally mocking and lovingly homaging the tradition at the very same time!).

    I'm looking forward to K&P continuing on an upward trajectory... Forever and Ever, AMEN.
  • I was a bit afraid when I saw the teasers but blown away by the production value! Comedy is not just something to make you laugh. Comedy has levels to it watching Key & Peele I saw tragedy, Irony and humanity. There have been very few thought provoking comedy shows that have made me copy and paste youtube links and mail them to my friends. Key & Peele have somewhat tedious dialogs about their humdrum lives (sorry guys) But their comedic insights are brilliantly creative and should be revisited as ongoing themed webseries. I swear Jordan Peele is so dedicated to his scenes that his focus alone makes me laugh. This show is incredible and I search for new episodes of it in my comedy central on demand. Keep up the good work guys
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first heard of Key and Peele, I was very skeptical, since I never found MadTV to be extraordinarily funny, and these two guys never stood out to me on that show even. When I watched the first episode I wasn't pleasantly surprised, as the stand up acts were dry and the sketches were very hit/miss. Luckily I don't have a remote, so I watch comedy central pretty much all of the time my television is on. This means I watched the episodes succeeding the first, and I must say, they only get better. I found my self laughing hysterically at the last episode I saw, particularly at a sketch involving a group of Republicans disagreeing with Obama regardless of what he is saying. The stand up is a bit better too, but their main purpose is still to give the following sketches some context. All in all, Key and Peele have a good base with their smart writing and creative sketches, and they could have a great show if they continue to build upon that base.
  • This is an American TV sketch comedy show created by MadTV alumni, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. As with most of this genre, each skit is a bit hit and miss. There are a few that is hilarious although I probably laughed more with MadTV. A couple has even reached cultural pinnacle of the moment. There is something insightful and imaginative with Obama's anger interpreter. It's a show of a moment in US history. It is a show which announces the arrival of two important voices. It's a show of cultural importance. It's a smart show that makes you think. It doesn't hurt that it's good and these guys seem like the best of friends.
  • I really want to like this show more that I do. As pure comic talents, Key & Peele are great. They possess natural comedic talent and they are both very likable. The problem is that every skit devolves into yet another joke taken way too far. While the ideas and premises are mostly good, the skits are written such that the joke is revealed within the first 15 seconds and then exhaustingly repeated over and over and over until it has been milked to the point at which it is no longer funny, rather, it has become annoying and tiresome.

    I remain convinced that these guys can do so much better and frustrated that they have yet to do so.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    K&P are two talented, capable and self-absorbed actors and entertainers. The skits are full of funny and interesting ideas. Well produced and shot, borderline cinema quality, which is special for this kind of comedy and adds to the atmosphere. That is to say, it distracts from the shows two main flaws: 1. Dealing mostly with stereotypes and not pushing their boundaries and diversities far. 2. Most skits follow the same formula, which usually consist of two opposing sides somehow confronting each other.
  • getupday11 June 2015
    Key and Peele are the most acerbic, gutsy, and funny duo on American television today. In fact, comedy duos seem to be a lost art form in the United States (gone are the days of Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, and Martin and Lewis). Perhaps, that's why Key and Peele seems fresh, while at the same time, hearkening back to pre-war era comedy. The writing is heavy on satire, but the performances are rife with pratfalls. In an era of snark and ironic distance, it's invigorating to watch a comedy in love with the execution of a sketch, not just the target of a joke. The cinematography also elevates the show above the usual crop, with its filmic look and splendid editing. Noting about this show is slapdash (Judd Apatow improv, this ain't). The show's writing and performing is deliberate and the dividends are many! Highly recommended.
  • I first thought these guys were soo stupid, but when you see a couple of their great skits, it makes you kinda GET their humor, so pretty much all of the skits are funny in their own way. If one skit doesn't hit, 3 others do, and they have plenty of great and/or iconic characters, Obama and Luther, Meegan and Andre, Cedric and Levi, Wendell, and who could forget the Continental breakfast guy? Whether they are tackling race issues, or just being stupid, these guys are great. My favorite skits are: Two old Church ladies vs Satan, the East/West bowl, Stan Lee, Luther and Obama going away, Levi's lightning in a bottle, Wendells superman bed, Andre breakups with Meegan, Teris on a plane, and the parole puppet.
  • rodsweis5 February 2012
    In the current state of movies and TV shows, executives try their best to appeal to a demographic obsessed with authenticity and genuine absurdity with purpose. With that being a handicap for some, most writing leans more toward absurdity for the sake of being absurd for no reason. When that happens, the line between genuine originality and simple stupidity becomes blurred. However, this show is the perfect polar opposite. Key and Peele manage to merge genuine ridiculousness with unparalleled brilliance. This show is sheer genius cloaked behind sheer nonsense which makes it the quintessential candidate that will represent absurdity and brilliance alike, and without prejudice. The very thing Shakespeare once held true himself.
  • At first when I heard of a Comedy sketch show starring 2 bi-racial (half black-half white) guys who's sketches coincide with them being bi-racial, it didn't sound too appealing.

    However, I saw a small clip of "Key & Peele" on Conan and found the clip to be very funny. So, I decided to catch it on TV.

    To my surprise, I was not disappointed. Not all of it is laugh out loud funny but it does make you smirk and at times you do indeed laugh out loud. The opening sequence was hilarious.

    "Key and Peele" do grow on you. That being said, there is still a lot of work needed. For example, cutting out the whole stand-up bit they do in front of a live audience in between sketches.

    The show should be purely a sketch show. Much like Portlandia. It is the same concept for Portlandia except for that it is the "black version".

    The show is funny to all demographics especially black and white Americans which I believe was the main aim.

    I will definitely be watching the next episode.
  • Key and Peele are like a modern day Abbott and Costello. So. Many. Hilarious. Characters.
  • One of the worst sketch comedies of all-time definitely not madtv or chappelle show so how anybody ever thought these guys were funny is beyond me but this show sucks donkey balls
  • Why did it have to end? Because Jordan Peele went on to make 'Get Out'.
  • Some stuff like "I got shot in the penis" was just wrong, but the "Racoon not Zombie bite" and "Unicorn Sighting" are very good! They take famous you tube clips, movies, and news and creates a spoof off of them. However I miss the "Bad Luck" skits and "Deal of no Deal" spoofs on Mad TV. The on stage jokes and skits that were done in front of an audience need a lot of work on, it can be funny from time to time however they tend to be stretched from what actually happened, for example, how key talks about how he cant sit in his seat while he laughs on a plane. Needs work but it seems like there is a lot of potential for this show.
  • The stand-up parts of the show aren't that great, but the sketches are always hilarious. I normally skip the stand-up show, but its the sketches that really make it worth watching. Key and Peele is definitely my favorite sketch show, despite the lackluster stand-up in between. Sketches come across really well over a screen, but for stand-up you really just need to be there in the room. It loses a lot if you're not. They make some of the funniest sketches I've ever seen though. They're always very funny and very high quality. A lot of work goes into the design, the sets, the costumes, the characters, even the acting; its all very well crafted. And the humor is very on point. Its a shame the shows no longer running, hopefully someday it comes back.
  • Remember a guy named Dave Chappelle? Take him and dilute his blackness between two guys and you have Key and Peele.

    The show is designed exactly the same as a lot of other shows focused around one or two people; quick stand-up bits between skits. This being said, the show is pretty good. Its not all laughs all the time but when they nail a joke they really do NAIL it.

    If you like racial humour mixed with truly creative writing (in the skits at least) then you should probably watch the first few episodes. The only bad thing about this show is the over-scripted and frankly very awkward stand up bits in front of the audience. Good show, good guys, bad stand-up. The skits are way to good to stop watching this show just cause of a little bad stand-up (which they might figure out SUCKS later on) i'll keep my digits crossed.
  • bgar-809325 January 2021
    All sketch comedy has hit or miss sketches but Key and Peele seemed like about 90 percent hit and that's about the best I've ever seen. Chappelle's show's best episodes probably were better than Key and Peele's best ones but wasn't as consistently good. They bowed out at the right time because season 4 and 5 were a little more hit and miss but still had plenty of hits. Very funny show and I'm glad I re-watched it because there were numerous episodes I hadn't seen.
  • I love it so much that when i finished the whole season, i had to rewatch it all over again😁😁😁soo freakin funny!! love love it so much
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is truly awful , I knew from watching the promos that it was going to be bad because not a single ad was funny . But I had no idea how bad it could be until I watched it , I was not disappointed . I don't know how anyone could interpret this stuff as funny , how they could sit there watch it and put it on the air , its a shame . I realize it must be difficult to put a funny skit show together , but why put garbage that is not at all funny , and I mean NOT AT ALL FUNNY !!! On the air ? It supposed to be very street and in the hood humor thats has an edge , and Peele resembles Pres. Obama nicely when made up , but they don't even use that to their advantage . Just not funny , Key has the habit of just yelling a lot and thinking that makes it funny , Peele who I think is the more funny of the two seems somewhat lost as if he knows how bad it is and is waiting for it to be realized . I don't blame you , take the money and the exposure ( any publicity is good ) as long as you can .
  • The show will either keep me straight faced or in hysterics! Some really great writing and acting! Some skits are really not funny and should be skipped, either I don't get the joke or they're just generally not funny I don't know. But others are really good, no spoilers but a skit in Episode 5 of Season 1 is one of my favourites. The stereotypical black jokes are made quite a lot but they do it in different ways and it isn't overused too much which I like.

    I definitely recommend to watch it if you have nothing to watch, or even if you do. You will have to get past some of the bad skits to get on the funny ones, but is definitely worth it.
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