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  • The movie takes place on Bird Island, an untouched paradise inhabited by birds who are naive and innocent. These good birds know nothing of the outside world. They treasure eggs above all else, and are all carefree and easygoing, except for few. One of these birds is Red, a societal outcast who has had anger issues from the very beginning. Eventually, his outbursts become too much and he is sentenced to anger management courses, where he meets other misfit birds with similar problems.

    The birds are suddenly visited by green pigs, who are dumb but funny. The birds and pigs quickly befriend each other, but Red does not trust the pigs at all. Ultimately, the pigs reveal their true colors, and leads to Red leading the entire flock in a "maddening" frenzy of rightful revenge as well as finding the right means of dealing with rage.

    Everything about this movie is impressive . I can guarantee you this great movie will make you happy.
  • I can not believe how happy I became after watching this excellent movie. Honestly speaking watching movies for children is a thing I rarely do. But after watching the amazing trailer I made up my mind I must see it .

    Angry Birds is a very funny movie. We all need to laugh in these hard days because laughter makes our immunity high whereas sadness make our immunity weak .

    The story of angry birds is about flightless birds who are happily living except for one who is called Red . Poor bird he can't get over the daily problems that he has been facing in life. His angry temper made him attend management class, where he meets birds who have been suffering of disenchantment in life just like him (Chuck) and Bomb. Red becomes outraged when his other fellow birds welcome green pigs to their island paradise. As the swine begins to irritate him, angry bird Red teams with his other angry birds Chuck and Bomb to investigate the real reason behind the sudden occupation of the pigs.

    You will enjoy an excellent movie with superior comedy, entertaining adventure and amazing 3 D from the beginning of this movie till the end.

    This film is currently Number 1 in most countries and in the USA it went straight in at number 1 ( A proof this movie is successful and great).
  • Angry Birds is a great movie for both children and adults. The comedy is simply mesmerizing and the adventure is extremely entertaining.

    On an island paradise populated almost entirely by happy, flightless birds, Red (Jason Sudeikis), a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck (Josh Gad), and the volatile Bomb (Danny McBride) have always been outsiders.

    But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies who steal their eggs and carry them off to Piggy Island, it's up to these unlikely outcasts to save the day and show the pigs, including spokesman Leonard (Bill Hader), just how angry they can be.

    Truly all my girlfriends in the cinema were laughing and having good times including me during this Excellent movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just over 2 years ago, I had never heard of 'Angry Birds'.

    Being 47, it's not surprising, however, my girlfriend

    (who I met that long ago) was and still is a huge fan of theirs.

    So, late yesterday afternoon we went to see it and she loved it. I can also say the same that I really liked it too. (Loved? Most likely.)

    An easy thing of just about anyone to understand, 'Red' is a bird with serious pent up anger issues, that pretty much fly out of his mouth when he just can't stand something that's getting on his nerves. An unfortunate result of bullying in school when he was younger. Which many people of many ages can relate to as well.

    His rage at a father who berates him for being late to his kid's birthday (as the clown), sends him over the edge and he winds up in anger management class. Where he meets his future friends.

    Meanwhile, a boatful of pigs from a neighboring island have come sailing in and extending the hand of friendship (Or are they?).

    Showering the birds of the island with gifts, parties and entertainment, the pigs are secretly 'hatching' a plan to make off with all the birds' eggs and have one huge egg banquet.

    'Red' (whose house they squashed on arrival) is naturally suspicious of them, tries to warn everyone, but they wont listen.

    Anyhow, I'll stop the plot there as I don't want to give too much away, but what I'll tell you from here is, this movie is really worth seeing. I think parents can leave it up to their own best judgement of the appropriate age to attend.

    The film moves at an excellent pace, the animation is great, the story is timeless and there's very little to offend anyone over age 10 here.

    A great lesson learned in the film is, it's okay to feel angry, but it's important to learn and know, when to let it out and for what important reasons

    10 Stars , no doubt about it. (END_
  • So, I'm almost 30 yo. Not the appropriate age to watch Angry Birds, right? Well, I did it anyway. Great decision ! I'm not that crazy about animation movies. I really enjoyed Zootopia, I laughed at Kung-Fu Panda, I would maybe watch Ice Age again, but I'd rather watch a decent thriller, than a really good cartoon. I went into the cinema not knowing what to expect, the trailer was funny and appealing, but after all, it's a movie made after a silly game (oh yeah, I'm not crazy about the game, either). Then, it started. I enjoyed every single part of it. Literally. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I mean, yeah, the story could be a bit more complex, but it's a video game. You can't make a LOTR-like story based on a game with exploding birds. I just loved the characters, every single one of them being funny as hell. The jokes were brilliant. I had to force myself to stop laughing at one point, because my stomach was aching. I still had a smile on my face 2 hours after the movie ended. I never thought I could enjoy a cartoon so much. I could watch it all over again today, and not regret a single moment. This might just be the best cartoon I ever saw.
  • It's been about twenty years or some since I've been to animated movie (MULAN,very nice indeed:)) But Angry Birds- movie just swept me away;, fun, detailed, humorous (+++), likeble, and even details for an adult, which children can understand, but in different way, you know.;) Water was incredible!!! And the attitude! ; nice change for all this pretty, love and easy- loving- main character. I did love the main character, because of his coming out of a box, being himself and Terence...please can I hear your response...:)...especially (Sean Penn).:) 3D was good work, anticipating for a sequel.. I hope people will find this great movie, which is not all about man and woman getting together somehow, like almost every movie is all about: to get homo sapiens male and female in the business, you know... Everyone can relate to this!
  • Very well-made movie, with great characters and a strong message.

    My sons LOVED it- they want to go see it again in the theater next week!

    I'm gonna buy the Blu-ray for sure - there aren't many kids' movies as good as this.

    Animation was of a very high quality, the music was catchy as hell and the voice acting superb.

    I wasn't expecting a movie based on the angry birds game to be any good, but I was totally blown away, so far this year it could be the best movie I've seen, period.

    I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say there are a lot of unexpected twists and you root for the hero all of the way.
  • The Angry Birds Movie is funny, colorful and brisk movie. Somebody has said, that movie is three years late, but I don't think so. It brings nostalgic feeling back from games and make them desirable again. Story line is simple, but it meanders nicely. Movie is full with funny wordplay, even so much, that it is sometimes almost hard to follow all of them and this is promising for the movie. You want to see it again to find all those puns. Movies scenery is beautiful and colorful and all the action will satisfy younger audience. Funny wordplay confidently satisfy more adult audience. Familiar pop songs brings some nice nostalgic feeling for movie. The story could be bit little more profound, but to me movie is basic entertainment and nicely airy. There are many references to other movie and that satisfy movie goers like me. Animation is beautiful and colorful. 3D brings nice depth to scenery and works nicely enough to counsel to see it in 3D.

    In Finland we have also dubbed version of the movie, but that didn't persuade me to test. Maybe when BluRay version comes out I can try how they have dubbed those wordplay. The story is underlay quite long, but when they finally get's to action it feels familiarity with Angry Birds games. Rarely comes out a good movie out of game, but The Angry Birds Movie turns nicely to a movie. It is shameless entertaining, but it almost make me start to play all those old games again. Good family entertainment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yesterday myself,mom and my younger brother(who was dying to see this film in a long time)went to see this in 3D in the cinemas and we all enjoyed it.

    The film is based on the games app Angry Birds and is the first animated directional debut for Clay Kaytis(who was a supervisor animator for Disney and you may know him for Tangled,Wreck It Ralph,Frozen and Big Hero 6 to name a few)and Fergus O Reilly(an Irish director)and tells the tale of a bird called Red voiced by Jason Sudekis who has an anger problem and is sent to anger management as he ruined a baby bird's birthday party and Red loses his cool with the child's father. From there Red(who is a total recluse and a bad reputation for being stubborn) meets 3 more birds a grumpy bird who just moans voiced by Sean Penn called Terrence,a wisecracking hyperactive yellow bird called Chuck voiced by Josh Gad and a bird called Bomb who blows up and together they team up together as a mysterious pig and his crew are trying to steal the angry birds eggs. So will Red save the day and be known as a hero like his idol Mighty Eagle(voiced by Peter Dinklidge)?

    The animation is brilliant and the voice acting is very good. The 3D is very good I really enjoyed it and the story was very good. Now if I had to pick one nitpick I would say Josh Gad. Now he was hilarious as Chuck don't get me wrong he had me laughing out loud but every time I would hear his voice all I could think of was Olaf from Frozen since Josh was the voice of the snowman in Frozen.

    Overall though I liked it since Animation is my favourite genre of all time. Yes folks I am a 25 year old woman with no children and I love animated movies so what.

    I am giving this an 8/10 and a B rating.
  • I honestly watched this with probably some of the lowest expectations. Wow, was I ever surprised! How could a movie about 'Angry Birds', a simple smart phone app game, be any good? Heck, Hollywood can barely make a decent video game movie, even one with an already great story. But, Angry Birds? A game with a few cut scenes and a simple story "Pigs steal eggs, Birds try to get them back". Well my hat is off to the writers and the actors. Enough gushing.

    Angry Birds does what a lot of great animated movies do. Write a funny story that kids can follow along. But also include enough 'inside jokes' for the adults to get, so that they can laugh too. I'm 46 and a father of a teen. We both laughed a lot during it, but I honestly think me and my 8yr old nephew enjoyed more than my 15yr old daughter.

    The voice acting is perfect. Jason and Josh do great job. But honestly I think Josh steals the movie. Josh/Chuck has some of the greatest scenes and lines. And he pulls them off even better than he did as Olaf in Frozen.

    NOT A SPOILER, shown in trailer. For the fans of the game, about half way through movie, you finally get your nod. When the birds attack the pigs, we finally get a taste of the game. But it doesn't take away from the movie as one might expect. They did a great job of sling shooting the birds at the pig's buildings without taking away from the story.

    I give it a 8 out of 10, great movie for the whole family. I didn't give it a 9 or 10, because though it is probably the best movie it could of been. It is a movie that probably could of been even better if it had nothing to do about a game. So that they didn't have to include certain things. But it is still a must see if you have kids or have ever played the game!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think it's great! It's got several sync oh pay shuns.

    It's based on the cheapo video game app that rose out Finland's Rovio Entertainment in 2009 to lock kids of all ages to their smartphones in rapt revenge mode. The Angry Birds Movie is both a big-screen, 3D attempt to cash in on a huge mobile app phenom and a funny ha-ha excuse to party down at the multiplex. The movie is not interactive. There's no touchscreen or digital slingshot that lets you hurl angry, wingless birds at the green pigs who've stolen their eggs. But vengeance is still part of the deal. First-time directors Clay Katis and Fergal Reilly give this animated joyride an eye-popping visual palette and an all-star cast of voice actors to bring this origin story to life.
  • I loved the movie . I have never played the game . The story line was fast page and engaging . The animation was excellent . This is a kids movie , however it reaches out To all ages . I saw 3 year old kids and Grandparents in the audience laughing at the same jokes . Even thou it was based on app that had billion downloads The story stands on it own . It has important lessons through out . However nothing that was over the top . Reds character certainly Teaches us lessons On anger , what happens when we loose control, Why it's import to mange our anger . Of course you will see yourself in one The characters , I have decided I am chuck and sometimes bomb. Enjoy ;)
  • It's been a long time since a movie didn't make my kids curious and ask serious questions.

    Don't be fooled by the childish look of the movie, the situation in which the birds are is problematic and unheard of in the game.

    In short, you identify easily to Red, rightfully angered in a crowd of apathetic birds, but using his anger to fix things, angry-birds-style.

    The movie kindly makes fun of today's hip culture which leads teens to follow all those narrow-minded so-called "e-celebrities", and become adults with no character, no personality and no good role models except reality-TV empty shells.

    The movie does a great job at transcribing our current world in the game universe. You'll notice some winks that you kids won't notice, but nothing that only an adult should understand, if you get what I mean.

    I am very pleased to have brought my kids to a long-awaited movie with good morals, instead of the mainstream "don't listen to your parents" or "marry the first cool guy you see" narrative.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can honestly say I walked into the movie theatre expecting the worst. Long story short I was wrong! (1) The story-line was really interesting and was equivalent to the game itself. (2) As we all know it's a movie mostly directed to a younger audience to send a positive message : Be Happy! But what made me love this movie is the fact that there were these jokes (inappropriate to younger viewers) made for the parents or older brothers and sisters etc. which really cracked me up, for example : Red : "Pluck my life" or Might Eagle playing - Never Gonna give you up by Rick Astley. Many people dislike overused 'memes' but this movie did it just right ... another reason to love this movie. Finally the movie came together really well in story-line , animation and humor! I enjoyed it and so did my 3 younger sisters. I give this movie a solid 9/10
  • I recently saw the film with my wife and two children (7 and 9) and we all really enjoyed it. The story has enough visual gags and toilet humour to keep most children amused (as well as a few adults too) and uses it's gaming app heritage to good effect within the very simple story line. All the Angry Bird characters make an appearance but with the focus on Red, Chuck and Bomb.

    The quality of the animation is excellent and complimented to good effect with the actors voices, making it both fun to watch and listen to. Some of the slapstick humour reminded me of the old Looney tunes cartoons, particularly when the birds are propelled into battle against the pigs, while many of the visual jokes in the background are so quick and subtle, blink and you'll miss them.

    If you and your kids liked the movie Surfs up, then you will probably like this one, however you may see similarities in some of the characters - Mighty Eagle is just a variation on the Big Z character from Surfs up.

    A film based on a gaming app isn't going to be deep and meaningful but if you just want feel-good family entertainment and a good laugh, then you won't go far wrong with The Angry Birds Movie.
  • Having never played the app/game, it was going to be interesting to see whether 'The Angry Birds Movie' was going to make something interesting out of it and how it was going to be succeed.

    'The Angry Birds Movie' is not perfect, but this reviewer was really surprised at how much she enjoyed it. There are better animated films out there and there were better released this year (i.e. 'Zootropolis' aka 'Zootopia' in some places), but also far worse on both counts. From the two animated films seen recently at the cinema, 'The Angry Birds Movie' is the superior film of the two. The other was 'Ratchet & Clank', which is not as bad as critics made out (personal opinion of course) and could have been much worse considering video game adaptations' dubious track record, but also had too many flaws to be considered a good film.

    Getting the flaws out of the way, the story in 'The Angry Birds Movie' is somewhat flimsy and has a tendency to be thin on the ground with a couple of unnecessary parts and parts that don't really go anywhere. It does occasionally feel rushed too, and while the film entertains hugely a vast majority of the time there are a couple of gags that misfire. This is especially true with the quite tasteless, awkwardly placed and too overlong urination gag, that was also really quite out of place.

    However, the animation in 'The Angry Birds Movie' is great. The colours are sumptuous and brightly vibrant, the characters are well-modelled and never look stiff or ugly and there are some very colourful and meticulously detailed backgrounds. There are also some very imaginative visuals in the action sequences. The music never makes the mistake of being stylistically jarring or over-bearing, and has a lot of infectious personality and energetic verve.

    While not hilarious as such and unashamedly but endearingly silly, the script has some very funny moments, is tonally balanced with very little that's inappropriate or distasteful, is solidly balanced without being disjointed or muddled and there are some clever and witty lines. The action sequences are beautifully animated and thrilling, the message is a great one, gives the film a surprisingly emotional core without being over-sentimental or preachy and the climax is quite the knockout and the highlight of the film.

    'The Angry Birds Movie's colourful characters carry the film beautifully, with a protagonist that is easy to relate to and Mighty Eagle despite being a marmite character is great fun. The villains do pose a reasonable threat though are not particularly interesting. The voice acting, including actors who you wouldn't expect to work as well as they did in voice acting, is excellent, with the best contribution coming from Peter Dinklage.

    All in all, surprisingly very entertaining and much better than it had a right to see considering what it was based on. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • Amazing FILM! teaches many great lessons fun for all the family.

    teaches the importance of channeling your anger and the importance of nationalism

    I will buy this once it comes out.

    I loved the character of Red, he is a vert realistic character. He will act as a good role model for kids, much better than the Zoophilia beastiality nonsense.

    It also teaches healthy gender roles and has great animation.

    I'm looking forward to more by this studio.

    King Mudbeard was a frightening villain as well.
  • Dear Angry Birds,

    Thank you for the fantastic movie. Me love the movie so much I buy all you're games and toys because your birds are angry and funny.

    The animation in the movie was superb. Everything looked like the game but more real and better. My favorite bird is the red bird because he's the main one, but I also like Yellow and Fatso.

    All the characters were funny and good development. I laughed at all the jokes and so did my dad sometimes. Please make more, it was sooooooooooo good. I almost had a heart attack watching my favorite characters come to life on the big screen. So big and come to life! Great movie.

    From Bird
  • Really enjoyed this movie. One of the few animated ones that I actually liked. It's different in a way, but I can't pinpoint what specifically I liked about it. The overall feel was just right and I guess I connected with Red (the main bird character).

    An invasion of pigs disturbing the peace of a good-natured bird- people, and with an evil intent to abuse the hospitality which they were offered so dearly. And the inevitable backlash when the peaceful birds rediscover their angry side and decide to retake what is theirs.

    Being a young man from Germany, maybe the theme resonated with me. I couldn't help but draw some parallels to the political situation in my country. Maybe I'm interpreting too much here, but the movie is still worth a watch. It definitely had some funny scenes which have made me laugh for minutes straight. The characters were made with love and I'm sure there's at least one that you will really like!
  • I went to see this movie with my son today and i surprisingly had a good time! The cinematics are good, humour was quite on point and it had a great moral in the movie.

    Some might argue that the movie came a little bit too late, but i tend to disagree. My son remembered the main characters and was happy to see them.

    It's important to teach our kids that we not only have to stand up for ourselves, but also for others. A moral you don't get to see a lot these days.

    Take your family or friends to the movie and have a blast!
  • Best movie for kids playing angry bird. Don't waste time thinking that if that it isn't worth it for wasting time and money. Believe me it is great! Great story and really funny! And forget about the old saying that don't fight with the pig, you will get dirty and moreover the pig likes it. Best animated film! Angry but still cute! And most of us had played angry bird once in our life. Pigs are cute and cunning but will the birds over smart them. #angry is good !!!! Could be the best film of the year. Can't wait for angry bird being smashed in the wall. It's got great voices for the birds. Life of bird is good. Don't get it, watch the film to know about it. Angry birds look great with hand and legs. Watch the film and rate it today.
  • You know what? I went with my kids thinking I will get bored because the movie was rated around 6/10. I actually had more fun than the kids.

    I've watched the movie in 2D. The characters are rather 'mature' and some dialogues will appeal more to adults than to kids. It is not a 'childish' movie.

    The battle scene is wayyy noisy, long (it lasts about 20 minutes) and overwhelming, I noticed several young kids in the theater lost patience and quit standing seat and were getting agitated.

    Other than that, the birds are nice looking. I had no idea what this movie will be about as I'm not a big game player, but the story kinda keeps up well enough and the movie is 'dynamic' at most moments.
  • I absolutely loved this family friendly cartoon because it made me laugh out loud! The animation in this movie is exquisite. It is so detailed that you can clearly see all the feathers on the birds and tiny waves of the ocean. When they show scenes of the town you can see the patch work on the houses and the real looking scenery. Each character is unique because the creative animation matches their personalities.

    This movie is about, Red (Jason Sudeikis), a red bird who never fit in and has anger issues. One day, he has to go to an anger management class and meets the birds Bomb, Matilda, Chuck and Terence, and they all become friends.

    Then, pigs come to the island on an unexpected visit. They have parties with the birds and they give the birds weird gifts like trampolines and motorcycles and generally cause havoc in the town. A horrible turn of events happens and Red and all of the other birds need to save the day.

    My favorite scene is when Red attends anger management class. Matilda, the instructor talks with all the birds about their issues. They participate in many funny exercises such as poetry writing and yoga. This is a funny scene. Red has the wrong attitude and is definitely negative and Matilda the instructor demonstrates some anger issues too.

    My favorite character is Terence (Sean Penn), a giant red and black bird who doesn't really talk as much as he grunts. His facial expressions are particularly funny. Terence gets a lot of laughs from the audience and appears to be a crowd favorite.

    The Angry Birds Movie is definitely a comedy. Almost every scene, even the sad ones, have funny lines. There is some humor that would make sense to older kids and adults but not little kids. There are some parts that some adults might not feel comfortable with some of the content. For example, when the pigs slap their butts and joke about reproducing.

    I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars because of the humor and recommend it for ages 4 to 18. It is a fun and silly animated movie about angry birds. Who doesn't love angry birds? If you like the game Angry Birds or just want to have a good laugh, then The Angry Birds Movie is the movie for you. It opens in theaters nationwide May 20, 2016 so, go check it out.

    Reviewed by Mia A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
  • This film tells the story of an outcast bird in the bird community, because of his anger problems and because of his thick eyebrows. He saves the day when he recognises that pig visitors may have sinister intentions then they declare.

    Yes I enjoyed played Angry Birds before, but when they announced an Angry Birds movie I thought it was rather silly. I thought there would be inadequate plot to fill up the screen time. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the trailer. It actually made me want to watch the film! The film has a simple plot, that is basically given away in the trailer. Well, you might just be able to figure it out even not having watched the trailer. Nevertheless, it is a funny film with lots of laughs. I find the urination scene a bit tasteless and far too lengthy, but each to their taste. The ending is quite touching. I enjoyed watching it overall.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember playing Angry Birds when i was in my early teens and I played it for hours! It was so addicting. I even thought it was funny because you were playing as little birds whose eggs were stolen by green pigs and you have to destroy them with a big slingshot. It such a fun time playing the game like seriously, if you haven't played it yet, you should!

    Anyways let's talk about the movie, I thought the CGI and music in this were brilliant. I even liked the fact, it gave ya that "summery" feeling because the movie looked like it was during the summertime and this was shown last month. I really liked the casting in this, I absolutely fell in love with Red on this. Jason Sudeikis made him more likable and realistic because Red doesn't take any crap. He'll be known as Red for now on!

    Even though I really liked the movie, I just thought it was too predictable in some scenes and pointless characters like the mime guy or the hugging guy were in this. They shouldn't have been on it cause they really were a waste of Space....

    Apart from the complaints, I enjoyed the movie and I cannot wait for the sequel in a few years time whenever!
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