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  • Starting with the pun of the title scene, these Girlsway vignettes lack creativity, merely hooks for sex to be presented.

    On a dim-lit set, two girls search by flashlight in "Thrill Her", with zero chance of Michael Jackson showing up. April Snow and Kristen Scott are afraid of ghosts, but nothing much happens, other than their lesbian humping.

    "Left at the Altar" has Tiff Watson suffering due to having been stood up, then comforted by IR sex from Kira Noir. This scene was made in 2019, before both actresses opted for breast enlargement.

    Busty Aaliyah Hadid plays a door-to-door saleslady, peddling encyclopedias. Emma Hix ain't interested, rightly pointing out that she, like everybody else, uses in internet search instead. However, it turns out to be a book by and about lesbians, so Hix takes the hint and humps Hadid. Too stupid for words.