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  • So, the movie-going audience for this film will divide into two categories: those that have seen the original 2011 French classic "The Intouchables" that this is based on, and those that haven't. "The Intouchables" would have got 10* from me, no problem.

    This movie joins a list of standout European movies - for example, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"; "Let The Right One In"; "Sleepless Night"; etc. - that have had Hollywood "makeovers" that don't match up to the originals. And this is no exception. However, it's still been well made and deserves respect as a standalone piece of movie-making.

    Based on a true story, Phillip Lacasse (Bryan Cranston) is left both paraplegic and widowed by a string of bad luck. Not that money can buy you everything, but his care arrangements are substantially helped by him being a multi-millionaire ("Not rich enough to buy The Yankees; Rich enough to buy The Mets"). This is from success in investments and writing about such investments.

    Depressed, cranky and with a "DNR" that his diligent PA Yvonne (Nicole Kidman) seems unable to comply with, Phillip lashes out at anyone and everyone and so dispatches his carers with monotonous regularity. Dell Scott (Kevin Hart) is on parole, with the requirement to seek work. Due to a mix-up, he finds himself in the employ of Phillip: with the suspicion that he's been hired because he is the very worst candidate imaginable, and thus the most likely to let Phillip shuffle off this mortal coil. But the two men's antipathy to each other slowly thaws as they teach each other new tricks.

    Those who have seen "The Intouchables" will fondly remember the first 5 minutes of that film: a flash-forward to a manic police car-chase featuring our protagonists (there played by Fran├žois Cluzet and Omar Sy). It drops like a comedy hand-grenade to open the film. Unfortunately, you can't help but feel a bit let down by the same re-creation in "The Upside". It has all the same content but none of the heart.

    After that rocky start, the film continues to rather stutter along. Part of the reason for this I think is Kevin Hart. It's not that he's particularly bad in the role: it's just that he IS Kevin Hart, and I was constantly thinking "there's that comedian playing that role".

    However, once the story gets into its swing, giving Cranston more of a chance to shine (which he does), then the film started to motor and my reservations about Hart started to wane. Some of these story set pieces - such as the one about the art work - are punch-the-air funny in their own right. Cranston's timing in delivering his punchlines is immaculate.

    There seems to have been some furore about the casting of Bryan Cranston as the role of the disabled millionaire instead of a disabled actor. Lord save us! He's an actor! That's what actors do for a living: pretend to be people they're not! It's also worth pointing out that Fran├žois Cluzet was an able-bodied actor as well.

    As already mentioned, Bryan Cranston excels in the role. Phillip goes through such a wide range of emotions from despair to pure joy and back again that you can't help but be impressed by the performance.

    On the female side of the cast, it's really nice to see Nicole Kidman in such a quiet and understated role and it's nicely done; Aja Naomi King does a nice job as Dell's protective ex-girlfriend Latrice; and there's a nice female cameo as well, which I won't spoil since I wasn't expecting to see her in the film.

    As a standalone film it has some laugh-out-loud moments, some feelgood highs and some moments of real pathos. The audience I saw this with was small, but there was still a buzz in the room and sporadic applause as the end titles came up: God only knows that's unusual for a film! The director is "Limitless" and "Divergent" director Neil Burger, and it's a perfectly fun and innocent night out at the flicks that I commend to the house in this month of celluloid awards heavyweights.

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  • I'm so thankful to Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, Neil Burger and the rest of those involved in this remake! Movies entertain us but they are even better when they can educate, entertain, and make us laugh at the same time. There have been no movies with big celebrity actors showing that a quadriplegic can actually live a regular life and have happiness. There were 2 big movies that came out and the quadriplegic chose suicide at the end. Instead of being looked at like a regular person, we are looked at with pity. Yes our life is hard! It's not easy being completely dependent on others for everything! It's been 22 years and I don't have millions of dollars or a fully accessible house or a nice "patty wagon" like Bryan's character had in the movie but I have God and family and friends and I live a good life! I still got a bachelors degree and I still found love and I was able to be a mother! We have fun and choose to laugh ALOT despite our circumstances. I hope everybody learns something from this movie! #TheUpside #stillstandingalwayssmiling
  • don-6665 January 2019
    Yikes -- people giving this a 1 rating, sight unseen, so they can boast that they saw the French original? Excusez moi, gimme a break. You claim to be a movie buff but sabotage and distort the public ratings system? Did you give The Departed or Insomnia a 1 rating too because they are remakes? Did you skip Sorcerer because The Wages of Fear is on your Criterion shelf? I like the original Intouchables a lot, and this American remake, with much of the same material, has similar impact for a wider audience.
  • This is a good movie. Simple. It's not the original French one so don't rate it poorly because of that fact. This is well acted, heart warming, funny and left me feeling good after watching it. Kevin Heart and Brian Cranston have great chemistry and work well together. Ignore the stuck up Wall Street Journal reviewers and just go enjoy.
  • fubeca_5111 January 2019
    Folks, this film was released in the US Jan 11th, 2019, many of the 1 star reviews were back in October 2018 and appear to have sour grapes that Hollywood seemingly stole the story from the french movie 'The intouchables'...(even though it's marketed as a remake of that film) The mere fact that there are so many of these indignant 1 star ratings suggests that there seems to be a campaign to torpedo the movie's popularity...If all the one star ratings were discounted the movie would likely be somewhere between the 7-8 range
  • I virtually never write a review on IMDb but I have to say something... I'm not sure what's up with negative reviews. Even if you liked the original better, don't be stupid and use that as an excuse to pan this movie. I've never seen the original so I'm not biased. This was a good movie!!
  • Remakes happen, as well as re-imaginings. However they make sense when a director/writer have something more to add to the story, especially as beautiful as this one in a French original. Here we got a back to back copy of a quite recent movie. A movie, that was a huge international hit, and is well known outside of the USA, so a so recent remakwe, ekhm, copy, is the more baffling. This is not the case of The Lion King, which was inspired by an obscure Japanese cartoon, and a wider audience got a chance to known the story. THe original made over 400 millions of dollars worldwide... Are Americans so afraid of subtitles, that they have to make their own versions of movies?
  • yogagalCO3 November 2018
    Just saw this at the DENVER Film Festival. Ignore the critics. The leads had excellent chemistry and the film was well paced. Hey folks- this is based on a true story forget the PC police and their BS comments.. I enjoyed the original French film but this one stands on its own. Very enjoyable film.
  • Literally every negative comment asks you to see the original one. well, we are in the age of remakes and this one is really not a bad one. I enjoyed this film. I knew what i was going for and it came to my expectations. Ofcourse it's not as good as the original "Masterpiece" but it is really good. So just ignore the absurdity and enjoy the movie on it's own. Cheers :)
  • senkeldanny9 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am disappointed; there was no need for the movie.. The audience wasn't given anything new, basically the same movie it was based on "The Intouchables". What upsets me is the main actors weren't vibing, especially in the beginning; the set up was just unnatural. The movie continued but you didn't feel the characters, especially if you have seen the original. About the actors.. I really had my hopes up because of the good cast. I felt like there was so much potential.. they should have put Kevin Hart in the chair. That would have made it twice as interesting. The audience was told by the director personally that this is going to be a more serious role by Kevin Hart, but that he is still hilarious. In an interview regarding the movie Bryan Cranston mentioned something like.. that the movie could change the perception of Kevin Hart as an actor. I am sorry, but that is not going to happen. His "more" serious side had no suspense. You haven't felt like this person been through stuff. After a couple of jokes you just thought:" Oh, it's Kevin Hart.." There were funny moments but that is it. Well done Hollywood, you ruined a perfectly good movie and there was so much potential. I could go on, but what for..
  • Every single negative review repeats the same thing, watch the original that's plainly a poor idea for a review, many movies are remade THAT DOES NOT MEAN A REMAKE IS NOT WORTHY
  • In a weekend where I had to watch two depressing films about disability this film was a welcome surprise. It was funny, it was charming. It was almost like watching 'me before you' without the depressing ending. Heard this is a remake of the French film so I intend to seek that out and watch it now. Was really great to see a film about disability where it wasn't all doom and gloom.
  • This movie is really funny and i enjoyed very much !!! just watch it !
  • Face it, remakes get done. And if you go into this with an open mind just willing to have fun and enjoy a good story, you'd end up saying the same. So ignore the negative reviews purposely trying to bash this film and go see it for yourself if you want to. It's not the best movie in the world, but it's definitely a movie that will leave you smiling in the end.

    Kevin Hart really held his own in this movie to the point where I'm hoping he will consider doing more movies like this in the future as he showed good range for a comedian. The match-up with Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman was brilliant. I would definitely recommend this for a chill movie night to enjoy with your family.
  • I saw the movie tonight and it was fantastic. The reason this movie is rated so poorly on imbd is because of those who are immediately brushing it off as a copy on the French film the intouchables. I don't understand why people don't give things a chance, isn't art meant to be interpreted? Haters are going to hate I suppose. But if they opened their eyes and didn't troll, and maybe gave this film a chance, maybe it would be an eye opening experience for them. I enjoy films for what they are, art, and despite the fact that this is a remake, it is a great film in it's own right. Shame on the trolls, sit on your high horse and spread negatvitity, or here's an idea appreciate art and don't be so quick to dismiss things that rehash old ideas.
  • I was taken aback by this film by the story of a paralysed man and what he faced in life but through the help of carers managed to see the 'upside of life..a great cast and especially the chemistry between Brian cranston and Kevin Hart gave the film even more to it. A mixture of fun and seriousness and thoughtful emotions glide you through the film ending in a positive note.. Definately worth seeing
  • Kevin Hart is really stepping his acting ability up a few notches. His co-acting with bryan cranston made the movie very enjoyable. I would see it again.
  • baaustin11 January 2019
    Wow, I was totally surprised how much I liked this movie. But, I do not usually enjoy action type movies. This is a feel-good movie that leaves you satisfied. Just go.
  • Got to watch this movie at an advanced screening. It was amazing. It had comedy and drama. Amazing performance by Bryan Cranston. Kevin Hart's comic timing is simply amazing. An overall movie worth watching!
  • tlstaz654314 January 2019
    Probably the best I've seen in quite a while. Highly recommend this movie to anyone!
  • Not a bad movie in its own right, one of the better ones in the string of americanized versions of good films such as Ghost in the Shell, Old Boy, Taxi, Dinner for Shmucks, etc. etc. Here we have a knockoff version of the The Intouchables which won an Oscar for the best foreign language picture about 7-8 years. The positives are decent casting and the fact that they didn't dumb it down completely to suit the target market. The negatives are a complete carbon copy of the original script down to to minor scenes and details such as clothing and zero original thought - just swap Paris for Brooklyn and throw in an ex-wife for some dramatic effect. I guess that's what happens when original writers go for a quick cash grab. If you're the type that wouldn't watch a movie with subtitles, this is for you. If not, just stick with with the original, don't expect to see anything new.
  • sgirl2314 January 2019
    After not going to the movies for several years, my husband and I saw 3 just in the last couple of weeks-two were very disappointing, and then we saw The Upside. Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart were great. Kevin Hart did a fantastic job-so different in a more serious role. We thought it was very good and left the theater with smiles on our faces.
  • Just to let the people know who are saying people are reviewing before it's released that's not exactly accurate. This movie was made in 2017 it was released this year at different film festivals across the US so it has been viewed by a select few. With that being said I realize some individuals don't like when "Hollywood" remakes what they feel is a classic picture. I've also heard some say comedians should t do serious roles! I call BS on both those ideals! Robin Williams was a comedian and went on to do fabulous work in dramatic roles! I've seen Kevin Hart in About Last Night his character was very diverse and one of my favorite parts of that movie is where he gets serious talking about his love for his girl on such a deep level that he cries! He's come a long way as an actor don't write him off because he started as a comedian!
  • This movie is a very touching and fun movie! Kevin Hart really stands out in a more serious role and does an amazing job! He and Cranston have amazing chemistry! Don't listen to the reviews and give the film a chance before you judge it by the reviews!
  • lusjack12 January 2019
    To the idiots who got on this site and rated this movie with 1s because it's not the original......shame on you. As a man who works hard in this industry to make these movies, people like you make me sick. I work 14 hour days to help bring you entertainment, and you grade it like a 2nd grader. Time to grow up. Quit holding dumb grudges. As for the's funny, charming, and the cast works great together. It's a couple hours well spent at the theater. Enjoy!
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