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  • senkeldanny9 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am disappointed; there was no need for the movie.. The audience wasn't given anything new, basically the same movie it was based on "The Intouchables". What upsets me is the main actors weren't vibing, especially in the beginning; the set up was just unnatural. The movie continued but you didn't feel the characters, especially if you have seen the original. About the actors.. I really had my hopes up because of the good cast. I felt like there was so much potential.. they should have put Kevin Hart in the chair. That would have made it twice as interesting. The audience was told by the director personally that this is going to be a more serious role by Kevin Hart, but that he is still hilarious. In an interview regarding the movie Bryan Cranston mentioned something like.. that the movie could change the perception of Kevin Hart as an actor. I am sorry, but that is not going to happen. His "more" serious side had no suspense. You haven't felt like this person been through stuff. After a couple of jokes you just thought:" Oh, it's Kevin Hart.." There were funny moments but that is it. Well done Hollywood, you ruined a perfectly good movie and there was so much potential. I could go on, but what for..
  • Yes, the concept has obviously been taken from The Intouchables, which is an amazing film, and, yes, Hollywood loves to take "foreign films" and re-make them, sometimes with horrific results, sometimes with amazing results.

    None of that means that this movie will be a complete rip-off, nor that it will be terrible movie.

    I actually think movies which are based (potentially) off of the same writing, in different cultures, can give great comparissons and insight.

    Giving the movie a bad rating before it has even premiered is simply moronic. Post on a forum if you want to discuss it, not here, and attempt to lower your opinion of yourself by a few degrees.
  • yogagalCO3 November 2018
    Just saw this at the DENVER Film Festival. Ignore the critics. The leads had excellent chemistry and the film was well paced. Hey folks- this is based on a true story forget the PC police and their BS comments.. I enjoyed the original French film but this one stands on its own. Very enjoyable film.
  • Acting performances were great. Awesome feel good story. Almost perfect blend of funny and serious.
  • I've seen the original (french version) 2 times at the theater. It was an amazing movie. Sceptical for that version.. don't get me wrong I love brian Cranston and Kevin Hart.. but I feel like some movies don't need a remake and are perfect the way they are. Just watch the original with subtitles
  • shndunne6 October 2018
    Watch the original ...please Why try spoil a great film ? Is it because it's french ? And not made in Hollywood .....
  • In a weekend where I had to watch two depressing films about disability this film was a welcome surprise. It was funny, it was charming. It was almost like watching 'me before you' without the depressing ending. Heard this is a remake of the French film so I intend to seek that out and watch it now. Was really great to see a film about disability where it wasn't all doom and gloom.
  • Atleast let the movie release before judging it lol. I really liked the trailer and I definitely think the movie would be great too.
  • tommyhibben2 October 2018
    Leave it to Hollywood to destroy a perfect movie This gets 1 star on principal.
  • Come on Hollywood, don't destroy a perfect picture. Shouldn't use a comedian for this dramatic role.
  • Just watch the original.

    You won't regret it.

    Even if you have to wacht it with subtitles. It's worth the reading.

    Kevin Hart is by far not the right actor for this movie. Indeed and in my opinion, he is not a real actor after all.

    The original is just perfect as it is, so there had no reason to do and make this remake.
  • The original film (les intouchables) is my favourite film and never needed a remake. Don't bother watching this, watch the original instead! You will enjoy it 10 times more!!
  • gangara9 October 2018
    Intouchables is greatest french movie in 21th century. It's very ridiculously make the copy of this masterpiece. Bryan Cranston is great actor but Cluset made role which nobody can not repeat.

    I'm afraid this movie will ruin a fantastic story.
  • I've seen the Original movie with Fran├žois Cluzet and Omar Sy which are in my opinion superior acters in this particular movie. If you are interested in this movie watch the French original "The Intouchables" first and come back to it later. After that make up your mind.

    I personally find it such a big Rip-off from a great movie.

    On its own its a decent movie but if you take the same script same story same scenes from a movie and give it different acters it doesn't make a different movie.

    I wish I could give it 0 stars just for the fact its a pure rip off from The Intouchables.
  • arturalexandercrowley10 October 2018
    Please, I get the premise and the whole nature of heartfelt story, but can it be a lttle bit more original. There is a french movie with an almost identical plot!
  • owjan6 October 2018
    Kevin, little man...what U doing??? Stick to stand up comedy man. U R no actor bro. Leave it.
  • I really don't get why Bryan Cranston has let himself down to make a copy of a brilliant french film, which is just only 7 years old.

    To everyone, just watch the intouchables, great movie, great story, great acting and it comes in english .. so no excuses!
  • Mr.White why you do that !!!!!!!! must watch the original movie
  • fl-eggink30 October 2018
    Watch the original not this hollywood bullcrap. Bla bla bla
  • They should make this different version of the movie not the duplication of the movie.... Feel pity with the cast.... Maybe the sequel will work with them better than this movie.... Good luck....
  • Just imagine the bests of Hollywood(Cranston, Hart,Kidman, Farahani) all acting together in such a fabulous Movie with fantastic story. although we have experienced the movie The Intouchables but a mixture of Hollywood stars will make a new experience for each of us
  • This is another version of my everytime favorite movie the great ( the intouchable ) i really enjoyed watching that movie and touched me in so many ways and absolutely loved the touch of comedy which makes it even more excting to watch its really TOUCHING
  • murphylogan16 October 2018
    Absolutely no desire to watch a rip off film that doesn't even try to capture the most important aspects of the original. This story should never be made in to a comedy, the original deserves better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Actors and storyline can't make a great movie suck, or can they?
  • materazitalia6 October 2018
    So happy to see this remake. I hope that it will be as good as the original. I love the casting.
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