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  • At time of writing Telltale are closing their doors for the final time, one of the greatest video game creators has ceased to be and it breaks my heart.

    This Jurassic Park title is one of their early efforts and certainly doesn't compare to recent titles.

    You know the drill, people go to one of the Jurassic Park islands hell breaks loose and they hide from dinosaurs while enroute to a method of escape.

    Full of optional dialogue, simple puzzles and lots of quick time events they hadn't quite got the formula right at this stage. The decision making factor hadn't really come into play quite yet so you didn't have to think carefully about how you proceeded.

    With a generic story, few likeable characters and no real surprises this though not great was an important step in the companies evolution. It wasn't long after this that they began hitting us with the powerful gut wrenching epic stories we came to love.

    For fans of Telltale you can do worse than taking this trip down memory lane.

    The Good:

    Has some of the Telltale charm

    Tells a passable story

    The Bad:

    Too many quick time events

    Feels clunky by comparison to later titles

    Ultimately cliched plot

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Kids are liabilities, horror, sci-fi, doesn't matter the genre they just suck!
  • Jurassic Park is one of my favorite films and now we get a new game based off the film and novel.

    Jurassic Park The Game centers around the first film where it takes place during and after the events of Jurassic Park.

    Unlike other games these days Jurassic Park The Game is more like a interactive movie where you have to point and click along with response to quick time events which at times can be challenging if you're not careful.

    The game has only one character from the novel and film Dr.Gerry Harding as the protagonist and features a different set of characters that are created only for the game.

    The music in the game features original music created for the game along with using samples of the music from the movie which is nice for those who love the film. The voice acting in the game make the game story interesting and no big name actors were feature in the game.

    The game also features fan favorite dinosaurs from the film like T- Rex and Raptors which is a good plus for those who enjoy them in the series.

    Graphic wise the character designs are far to say the least but the level designs has a lot of reference to the first film.

    The game does have some problems mostly some of the response action in the game are not quick enough even if you push the button right and if not done right it's game over.

    But it is a interesting take on the series almost as if this game was meant to be the sequel to the first film. So this game is more for fans of Jurassic Park. Also most of the Dinosaurs don't look like they did in the film which makes it uneasy for most.

    Then again I'm not the kind of gamer who puts graphics first I prefer game play and story first.

    With a interesting story and game play Jurassic Park The Game maybe worth your while, it's on Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3.

    If you're a fan of Jurassic Park and video games you might want to give it a try. I give Jurassic Park The Game an 8 out of 10
  • "Jurassic Park: The Game" is a very unique type of game. It does not involve the players controlling the characters the same way as most video games, but instead puts the player in the situation of the character.

    The game follows the story of Dr. Gerry Harding and his daughter, Jess, as they have to team up with other survivors of the events in the first Jurassic Park movie.

    Most people have been calling this game "an interactive cut-scene" instead of a game, and in a way it is true, the game is probably 50% video. BUT the thing I think makes it most enjoyable is the story. Video games based off movies are notoriously bad at telling good stories, but this one stays very faithful to movies as well as to the books. It mentions several ideas that were from the book but left out of the film, and builds upon ideas introduced in Jurassic Park III (dinos on the island that weren't on InGen's list, implying they were breeding unknown dinosaurs without telling anyone).

    While the graphics aren't the greatest by today's standards, the dinosaurs shown in the game look and behave exactly like the dinosaurs in the films. The characters are well developed and the story is compelling, with several jump-moments. All in all, I'd say if you're a big Jurassic Park fan, this game is a must-play.
  • i just bought this game for the xbox 360, as i am a Jurassic park fan and i loved the movies as a kid, but was sad they never got to make a next gen console game based on the movies. well, low and behold, alongside the anticipated release of the film series on bluray, they have a game to go along with it. i was at first excited, but when i found out the game is from a lesser known company and that its more of a "budget" game, i was turned off. however, i still plunked down the cash just to see if it was any good. i guess i am just too big of a JP fan to pass this up.

    OK, so here it is. the game takes you through a separate story that is happening during the same time frame of the first Jurassic park film. a park vet Gerry Harding and his daughter jess spending time together, and of course when the park shuts down and all hell breaks loose is when the story picks up. there is also a subplot that deals with the shaving cream can with the DNA that was seen in the first film, and how a few different mercenary characters are all trying to obtain it to get the big bucks its worth. its basically the "macguffin" of the story. during the first few levels, at first i thought, oh the graphics (in comparison to many other games) are REALLY bad, and the story/dialogue seems pretty cheesy, but i soon realized that the game actually puts a lot of effort into the story telling and dialogue. its not your stereotypical action "shooting up dinosaurs" type of game. this is more about the story, which is surprisingly good. i think this was the big strength of the game, despite the not quite polished graphics (could have taken another few months to perfect, at least). it reminded me of the "enter the matrix" game for the matrix movies. could have been muuch better graphics wise if more time was given. also, in scenes involving lots of fast moving and action, the game tends to get all glitchy and freeze or slow down. reminded me of an old PC game or something. its definitely a budget game, no question. but the story and characters are the strength. there is no shooting, but a lot of action choosing, like you choose what your character will say to another, or solving some puzzles, or making movements by pressing RB or LB and things like that. very easy game, that is done in 4 "episodes". i assume this game was online somewhere that was then released as a console game for the bluray movie release.

    all in all, i actually enjoyed it, but the replay value is very minimal, but if your a Jurassic park fan like i am, you will defiently get some enjoyment out of this effort. its definitely more of a one time play so i would rent this.
  • ralo22919 March 2014
    I wanted to like this game. I really did. But I'm sorry. I hated this game. It wasn't engaging, the cast was just a bunch of idiotic stereotypes, and it had little to no storyline.

    It had great setup. I liked the idea that the plot was set up to revolve around the embryos in the shaving cream can. But they don't take advantage of it. Other than that, there really isn't much of a story.

    And you can literally list off all the characters by their stereotypes.

    Gerry: The Neglective Father.

    Jess: The Teenage Girl

    Nima: The Hot Mercenary

    Dr. Sorkin: The Animal Rights Activist

    Oscar: The Tough Guy

    Yoder: The "Ladies Man"

    The writing is terrible, the characters are forgettable, and luckily, is the only bad Telltale game that I've ever played. I suggest that you leave this game behind in the prehistoric era and find something different.