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  • Girlsway stories are often lame, but producer Bree Mills has the good sense to bring top talent to bear in this VOD.

    Riley Reid, mainly mired in gonzo crap in recent years following her ascent to Numero Uno position in porn popularity, is as fresh as ever in "Brother's Best Woman".

    She's been chosen to be best woman at her brother's wedding as well as supervising his bachelor party. She confers with the bride, lovely Alina Lopez, and of course the two of them have lesbian sex together as a bonus. Alina, who's evidenced a sudden AC/DC personality, goes so far as to add Maid of Honor to RIley's duties.

    Title scene has blonde Ginger Banks complaining about a bad date (with a guy) to her busty pal Ashley Adams, reporting he even claimed she was a bad kisser. Of course Ashley offers to give her a kissing lesson, which soon blossoms into all-out Sapphic sex.

    A refreshing novelty scene presents a brief film noir, its first reel in black & white (before turning to color when the sex action begins). Casey Calvert (who also directed) plays a private eye, meeting her informant in a dingy location, that turns out to be an illegal chop shop for stolen cars. Kristen Scott is a snitch who is finking on the criminals, and the two of them have lust at first sight.

    This scene had plenty of potential, but the crummy setting severely detracts from the eroticism of the love scene.