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  • 13Funbags27 April 2020
    Not funny at all. They back up the unfunny with way too much applause. Garbage
  • ilgoldst31 December 2017
    I wish they were still making these. I love stand up and seeing new and up and coming talent. Some of the comics appearing are simply brilliant, others, unfortunately, not so much, but there have been vehicles for new comics on television for as long as I can remember. I can watch these episodes over and over, and I still laugh at routines I've seen several times. If you take offense to racial jokes performed by people making fun of their own race, you just don't appreciate comedy.
  • bucklau5 April 2015
    Comedy.TV is one of the worst TV show i have ever seen. I honestly have to say that this is not funny and you should NOT watch it. It is very racist and discriminatory of all races. So DO NOT watch it. Ps. If you are very concerned about your race, do not watch it it will make you crazy mad. I got really bored watching it and I had to write this review to let everybody know not to watch it. They just hire people to tell laugh less jokes that are not even funny. It also is really racist. For example, this guy said that Chinese eye vision was really bad because their eyes are really wide. That really got me fired up!( in a mad way)