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  • KineticSeoul29 November 2012
    This is a poorly integrated movie that tries to bring in a bunch of characters and side stories but isn't put together in a cohesive manner. Movies about characters crossing paths and destiny has been done countless times but like I said it's just poorly integrated and it's difficult to care about any of the characters. Some of the side stories is so small it just seems pointless. I know it tried to go in a emotion dramatic direction that pulls on the heartstrings but the execution is just so darn poor. The movie is 2 hours long but felt longer and it was kinda difficult to sit through the whole thing in one sitting because nothing seemed to have that hook to keep watching. Some of the elements and direction just didn't seem to make much sense either and can get annoying. Even when it comes to the ending it just didn't seem complete. There just wasn't anything special that stood out about this movie besides it's idea of how heaven would be like.